California Police To Use Chinese-Made Drones To Monitor Citizens During COVID-19 Lockdown

Chinese company provides authoritarian surveillance devices

(Infowars) – The Chula Vista Police Department in southern California has announced it’s doubling its fleet of drones, purchasing two Chinese-made drones equipped with cameras and loudspeakers for possible use during the COVID-19 lockdown.

As the state’s governor recently declared a “stay at home” order and is considering announcing Martial Law, police departments are preparing for potential unrest.

“We have not traditionally mounted speakers to our drones, but … if we need to cover a large area to get an announcement out, or if there were a crowd somewhere that we needed to disperse, we could do it without getting police officers involved,” said Chula Vista Police Capt. Vern Sallee.

Sallee added, “We have not traditionally mounted speakers to our drones, but … if we need to cover a large area to get an announcement out, or if there were a crowd somewhere that we needed to disperse, we could do it without getting police officers involved.”

“The outbreak has changed my view of expanding the program as rapidly as I can,” Sallee explained.

The police captain also explained how the flying devices could be used to conduct operations that could put officers in harm’s way.

For example, Sallee said homeless people could be contacted via the drone’s microphone, noting, “We need to tell them we actually have resources for them — they are vulnerable right now. It might be impractical or unsafe for our officers to be put into those areas.”

The drones were purchased from a Chinese company called DJI, the world’s largest civilian drone manufacturer.

Spencer Gore, chief executive of U.S.-based drone company Impossible Aerospace, says his company is “working like crazy” to provide drones for police departments around the country who are suddenly in the market to buy.

“What we saw in China, and what we’re probably going to see around the world, is using drones with cameras and loudspeakers to fly around to see if people are gathering where they shouldn’t be, and telling them to go home,” Gore said, admitting, “It seems a little Orwellian, but this could save lives.”

China even used drones to enforce the country’s mandatory protective face mask order, as The Washington Examiner reported, a human rights activist named Jennifer Zeng tweeted out a video of drones operating in China, saying, “Traffic police in Muyang, China, using a drone to check on passengers and then giving orders remotely via loudspeaker. Traffic officers blasted, ‘Where is your mask? Wear your mask!,’ in Chinese through the drones that had audio capabilities.”

Drones were used for COVID-19 regulation enforcement in Brussels as well.


  1. That’s rich! The Chinese Government creates the Wuhan coronavirus, ALLOWS ITS SPREAD Throughout the entire world, Sickens, KILLS and Terrifies the population entire Countries, DECIMATES World Economies and then CA buys drones from them to police US citizens?!

    This is the WORST Twilight Zone episode ever!

  2. A least we have one person in the house that cares about the American people Devin Nunes unlike the speaker of the house Nancy and her posse They call Trump a Races talk about her and her cohort they are the ones who are racist Why don’t she give her pay check like Trump Lord know she doesn’t need it she says she cares about the homeless than why when they were out side her house she call the police on them talk about being Racist have a heart Nancy

  3. Words of Warning —-
    I would suggest citizens take notice on this fast approaching Orwellian, ‘police state’ tactics and measures, local, & state government policing agencies are planning and involved in, which is clearly akin to George Orwells vision of an Orwellian Society…but, instead of occurring in looks like George Orwells vision of the future, was 36yrs premature, from this side of the aisle. In casting jaundiced eyes towards the horizon, it appears more and more, the STATE and its hop-along, reptilian minions..are accruing & siphoning power, through their subterfuge and subversion of Rights from and against the American people. The so-called ‘Thin Blue Line’ turning the color RED, and that means trouble is not far behind…in the opinion of many, from all quarters of society, I’ve discussed the subject with.
    While cameras can be used for the betterment of society, with strict guidelines…
    cameras can also, be used irresponsibly, to the detriment of peoples privacy and freedoms. No One wants an ‘All seeing eye’ looking over the shoulder, and watching their every move or even listening to their private conversations. I would suggest the ‘powers that be’ to think VERY carefully, on this dirt road, their apparently taking. The American People, Don’t like BIG BROTHER, spying on them, unlike many societies, that have little or no freedoms, or think they do.. but, in fact, don’t ! unless, their politburo says otherwise.

  4. Chinese made drowns in California!!! Just shows how un-american the governor, senate and assembly are. The virus is fron China and you support that? Vern you disgust us in the USA


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