Byron York Calls Out Obama For Entrapping Michael Flynn With 218-Year-Old Law, Dems Are Desperate

December 5, 2017 5:23 am  

( – The Logan Act states that no private citizen has the right to negotiate in place of the president – and reporter Byron York of the Washington Examiner has reported on the circumstances leading up to the arrest of Michael Flynn, with Obama using the 280-year-old law as a pretense for illegally spying on Flynn. It’s just downright absurd.

The world was a different place in 1799 than it is today. For one, communications took a long time to go from Great Britain to the United States.

In the War of 1812, one of the biggest battles was fought over two weeks after the peace treaty was signed. That was the battle of New Orleans, where a general by the name of Andrew Jackson completely whipped the British. Today, you can pick up a phone and make contact within five seconds. You may also be aware that since the law was passed, no one has ever been charged with it.

York writes:

From today’s perspective, nearly a year later, it has become apparent that, farfetched as it might seem, the Logan Act made it possible for the Obama administration to go after Trump. The ancient law that no one has ever been prosecuted for violating was the Obama administration’s flimsy pretense for a criminal prosecution of the incoming Trump team.

And by the way, when it finally came time to charge Flynn with a crime, did prosecutors, armed with the transcripts of those Flynn-Kislyak conversations, choose to charge him with violating the Logan Act? Of course not. But for the Obama team, the law had already served its purpose, months earlier, to entangle the new administration in a criminal investigation as soon as it walked in the door of the White House.

It has been standard operating procedure for president-elects to reach out and make contact with foreign governments to lay the groundwork for communications between the countries. It has never been considered illegal – in fact, to not start the flow of communications could be considered as malfeasance on the part of an incoming president. As York noted, the FBI and the special persecutor (not a misspelling) had the complete transcript of the communications and yet no charges were filed. The only crime Mueller could come up with was that Flynn lied about communications that were perfectly legal.

The investigation into possible violations of the Logan Act began as a joke that GOP candidate Trump made at the Republican National Convention. The Democrats were accusing Russia of hacking the servers of the DNC and John Podesta with absolutely no proof. Donald Trump decided to mock them by asking Russia to turn over the 30,000 emails Hillary deleted.

The crowd broke out in laughter. The Obama administration then used that as a pretext to unmasking Flynn and opening an investigation based on the unconstitutional Logan Act. This is the same method used by Obama to unmask hundreds of Americans using the now debunked Trump dossier which was an opposition research paper paid for by Hillary Clinton.

Right after Trump’s joke, Democrats began lining up and accusing Trump of treason – based on an obvious joke mind you. Obama cabinet member Tom Vilsack got the ball rolling, followed by Claire McCaskill, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  After that a long series of Democrats joined the bandwagon. Democrats dropped the ploy in October and November but revived after Hillary got a royal shellacking on election day.

You have to wonder how the press would have reacted if a Republican administration had pulled the same dirty tricks Obama used. Surely, they would not ignore it like they did with Obama.

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