Busted: FBI Agents Arrest Second Cincinnati Democrat On Federal Corruption Charges

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Liberal strongholds across the country seem to be cesspools of corruption and fraud. Despite the fact that Ohio went easily to President Trump, that didn’t stop Democrats in the state’s liberal cities from taking their best shot at stealing the election for Biden.

Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld (pictured above with Joe Biden) became the third member of city council to be arrested. Sittenfeld was arrested Thursday on federal corruption charges FOX19 NOW reports.

A 20-page indictment revealed the charges against Sittenfeld include an alleged scheme to funnel money from developers into a political action committee (PAC) that he actually secretly controlled, according to court records.

What Sittenfeld didn’t know was that the “developers” he was scamming were actually undercover FBI agents. The undercover agents gave him a total of $40,000 in checks to Sittenfeld on three separate occasions.

Sittenfeld is running for Cincinnati Mayor and with a track record like this he might just have a shot in such a progressive city. Democrats have an affinity for corruption and fraud.

Sittenfeld joins the ranks of arrested and disgraced city councilmembers to be arrested this year and the second one to be arrested this month alone.

In court records, federal authorities also revealed that they are investigating corruption and bribery related to votes and “development projects” and said that more prosecution is on the way.

At a news conference last week, US Attorney David DeVillers said that accepting campaign donations in exchange for favors is a violation of federal law. I think we’re all familiar with the concept of “quid pro quo” at this point.

City Councilmember Jeff Pastor was arrested Nov. 4 on felony charges of bribery, extortion, wire fraud, money laundering and other crimes, FOX19 reports. The other councilmember arrested this year was Tamaya Dennard who was arrested in February on charges she accepted bribes for her vote.

Dennard resigned in March and then pleaded guilty to wire fraud and is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 24.

Pastor’s council colleagues and others throughout the state have called on him to also resign but so far he has not. Sittenfeld is also being called on to resign.

“Obviously anyone who is facing such serious allegations owes it to the community to resign,” Councilman David Mann told FOX19 NOW Thursday.

On Monday, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost requested that the state’s top court begin the process to suspend Pastor.

Pastor, the only Republican of the three, is insisting that he has evidence of entrapment but a group of Republicans including State Rep. Tom Brinkman and four other Cincinnati voters sued in Hamilton County Probate Court to force Pastor to resign.

Councilwoman Betsy Sundermann humorously posted a Twitter poll on Wednesday asking if followers thought any other council members would be indicted. She has since deleted the tweet.

Sounds like it’s time for the City of Cincinnati to clean house which is ironically what Democrat Mayor John Cranley is calling for. Maybe the mayor is just worried one of these arrests might implicate him too.

Video: Federal officials outline public corruption charges facing Cincinnati Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld

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  1. No arrest will be made there are two rule of laws in this Republic, one for the democrats and their cronies ” they are above the law” the FBI and CIA can we trust them. Every check and balance have become political and Trump didn’t have the chance to drain the swamp. This election was so rigged I cannot see us coming back from this or have any confidence in the integrity of the voting machinery in this country. The next rule of law is for conservative and republicans and you will go to prison if you do anything that democrats get away with.

    We all know Washington was corrupt but we found out how corrupt in the last 4 years that Washington is corrupt to the core and at times goes to the top of these departments. This is the result of big government, lobbyists and globalist, big tech, liberal media outlets. We are in for another pandemic and it’s not Covid -19, it’s more deadly big government control, draconian rule, tyranny and the absent of the rule of law.

    Democrats run states, I have no empathy for their plight they get who they put in office so they have to deal with it and enjoy. Stop complaining about how horrible your govenor is, you pick him or her so shut up and give the rest of us a break.

  2. The democrats table of organization starts with expendables up through the untouchables. The latter are swamp dwellers and their families. With all the leftist boards, Foundation and charities there’s plenty of ways to take care of those few who are sacrificed for their greater good.

  3. Where have you been hiding ???? No report on the corrupt Biden family ,Clinton family ,Kerry family nor Obuttfk family why not???? We have been waiting for YEARS and YEARS for some JUSTICE !!! Get your heads out of the arses of the Demon rats and do your jobs !!!!

  4. See folks, if we’d just get of law enforcement, these people wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught. But I guess with the right corrupt judge, he’ll be alright and can get elected anyway.

  5. These arrests are perfectly normal for the democratic party which has no respect for the law, the Constitution or the People . The scriptures tell us clearly that the reverential respect for the Lord is THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM, but the democrats have eliminated God from their platform, party and behavior. Jesus also said to his disciples that if you love me, you will follow the words and make them the guidance of your live.

    To fight in an effort to kill the unborn even up to the full term of the baby is is following the words of Jesus, the Son of God.

  6. Has Hunter Biden been arrested for money laundering and tax evasion yet? I find it interesting that Joe Biden confessed on camera for his part in extorting money from parties in the Ukraine for his son and declares that Obama had set up a country wide voter fraud organization prior to election day, and everyone says the President is just sour grapes and being unwilling to accept the results of an election that has been, as Obama stated, “a done deal”.

  7. So when are they going to arrest everyone in the Obama/Biden administration- including Biden himself? He has definitely put the country at risk with his less than honest dealings with Ukraine, Russia, Iran and most of all China.

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