Busted! Biden Press Secretary Deflects – Won’t Answer If Joe Biden Is Using TelePrompter During Q-And-A Sessions With Reporters (Video)

They can’t answer because everyone knows it’s true!

(Gateway Pundit) – Joe Biden is in such a depleted mental state that his campaign is loading questions and answers on his TelePrompter during his interviews with liberal media reporters.

It’s happened over and over and over again.

Bret Baier asked Biden Press Secretary TJ Ducklo to answer if it is true what everyone was seeing with their own eyes.

TJ Ducklo ducked and weaved but would not answer the question.

They can’t deny it.



  1. It is obvious that OLE JOE does not have the mental capacity to serve as President his condition is nothing unique for someone his age and it could happen to any of us but hopefully, none of us will be seeking the highest office in the land
    America needs reliable competent leadership and OLE JOE just does not have what it will take. OLE JOE will be President in name only if elected he will be dictated to by Harris,Sanders, Cortez and the rest of the radical progressive socialist members of his part. Once we go down the path they want to take us there will be no return, I am convinced there is no other nation in the world that will destroy America but it seems we want to destroy ourselves by embracing the lunatic policies of the far left and OLE JOE will be their useful idiot.

  2. Not surprising. However I don’t know why he just won’t admit it; anyone who has ever seen any clips of Biden knows he is. I just hope they won’t allow him to use a teleprompter(or an ear piece) during the debates


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