Burial Service Set For 2,411 Aborted Baby Remains Found In Abortionist’s Garage

(Breitbart) – The Indiana attorney general has scheduled a burial service Wednesday for the 2,411 aborted babies whose remains were discovered in September in the Illinois garage of abortionist Ulrich Klopfer after he died.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis T. Hill Jr. announced the remains of the aborted babies would be memorialized at a graveside service at Southlawn Cemetery and Palmer Funeral Home in South Bend where Klopfer performed abortions.

During the service, Hill will deliver remarks on behalf of the state and will then discuss the status of the investigation into the discovery of the remains.

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, will be present at the funeral service and burial.

“I commend Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill for recognizing that these abortion victims are part of the human family and deserve the dignity of a proper burial,” Pavone said in a statement sent to Breitbart News. “The discovery of the babies brought Americans face to face with the reality of what abortion is and the humanity of these children. They deserved to live but were denied that most basic right. The least we can do is to give them names and to bury them.”

Klopfer, who died in September 2019, performed thousands of abortions in clinics in Indiana, including the Women’s Pavilion in South Bend, before his medical license was revoked in 2016. In 2015, his medical license was suspended after he allegedly failed to report an abortion performed on a 13-year-old girl.

After Klopfer’s death, the family’s attorney said he discovered the thousands of fetal remains while going through his property.

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg served as mayor of South Bend from 2012 to 2020. After the discovery of the fetal remains, Buttigieg said he found the news “extremely disturbing.”

“I also hope that it doesn’t get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to health care,” he added, however.

The South Bend Tribune reported in October 2017 that Liam Morley, an employee for several years at the Klopfer abortion clinic, was listed as the proposed administrator of the new Whole Woman’s Health Alliance clinic that had applied for a license to perform drug-induced abortions in South Bend.

In a series of online posts, U.S. Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) explained the history of Klopfer’s ties with the new clinic and Buttigieg’s support for it, even to the extent of touting his veto of a rezoning decision that would have allowed a pro-life pregnancy center to be situated next door to the abortion facility.

In April 2018, Buttigieg’s veto created a firestorm.

As the South Bend Tribune reported, Buttigieg said his veto decision was based on his beliefs of what was best for the neighborhood.

“Issues on the legality or morality of abortion are dramatically beyond my paygrade as a mayor,” he said. “I don’t think it would be responsible to situate two groups, literally right next to each other, in a neighborhood, that have diametrically opposed views on the most divisive social issue of our time.”

Last week, Buttigieg said during an appearance on ABC’s The View that late-term abortions “should be up to the woman.”

When host Meghan McCain raised the issue of partial-birth abortion, Buttigieg said, “My point is it shouldn’t be up to a government official to draw the line. It should be up to the woman.”

“So, if a woman wanted to invoke infanticide after a baby was born, you’d be comfortable with that?” McCain asked him.

Buttigieg replied, “Does anybody seriously think that’s what these cases are about?”

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie, a policy adviser for The Catholic Association, said the graveside service “offers an opportunity for closure to the thousands of women who have wondered and worried that it is the remains of their children that were found on the property of Indiana abortionist Ulrich Klopfer.”

“It also acknowledges a universal truth that cannot be extinguished, even by decades of aggressive attempts to normalize the procedure,” she added, “that abortion ends the life of an unborn human being whose only crime was that of being unwanted or inconvenient.”

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  1. Planned Parenthood named Hillary Clinton abortion advocate , not of the decade, but, of the century. My question is, Will Hillary be attending the services of these murdered children?

  2. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is more evil than Hitler and Stalin. The horrible holocaust that butchered millions doesn’t come close to the over sixty million that died in America holocaust alone of innocent babies. Todays World is more barbaric than anytime in world history. Ripping and tearing an innocent living baby apart, is the most horrific way to murder a human being. If this was done to animals their would be such an outcry.
    This has nothing to with women’s rights but should be about the babies. Men are just as accountable as the women. Today the progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat party is calling men and women are too dumb, stupid and self centered, selfish and lazy to use all the products on the market to prevent pregnancy. This should not even be an issue. In the name of humanity this evil practice should be abolished. The Supreme Court overstepped their authority by making laws and bypassing the Legislative branch of Government. Their responsibility is to make sure that any law passed by the legislative branch is constitutional…………………..

    • GRIN N BARRETT AND JO I have never been more touched by this terrible article
      i keep asking myself how long are we that are supposed to be a civil society and a compassionate society going to allow this to continue, I have not been able to get this story out of my thoughts, 1,412 innocent defenseless children that could not defend or speak for themselves there is no excuse for us as a nation when we allow this to continue, ive heard all the pros and cons about abortion but this crosses all lines of decency and morality, I admit up front that im pro-life and i support financially organizations that offer help to women facing an unwanted child but there are alternatives to abortion adoption comes to mind first helping them get through the pregnacy with what ever help they need, The MURDER of the unborn must stop. On the other side of the argument i hear those that say they are opposed to abortion yet they do nothing to stop it or offer help to the women needing help. Ive never believed that we can legislate morality, But we certainly should offer help and counseling to the women in need of help.Ive heard all the arguments about womens rights, That unborn child has rights as well, So where do we or how do we find the solution, Im not smart enough to answer that question, but until someone is i suggest we look at help for the women in need and considering adoption as a solution.

  3. AW C’mon, Tweety. You publish all kinds of things that diss Conservatives. You publish it—we deserve to answer. just like your darlin liberals do.

  4. but demoncraps say it’s ok to kill unborn babies by the 1000,s everyday, then say we need illegals cause not enough people for the jobs


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