Bull Schiff! Adam Schiff Tells Reporters, “I Don’t Even Know Who The Whistleblower Is” (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Serial liar Adam Schiff laughably claimed on Saturday that he doesn’t even know who the whistleblower is.

President Trump’s defense team completely destroyed 3 days’ of Adam Schiff’s lies in just two hours.

GOP Senator John Barrasso said Schiff was so freaked out when Trump’s lawyers confronted him about his fake call and transcript that “the blood drained from Schiff’s face.“

The lashing was so bad that even CNN admitted President Trump is winning in the impeachment trial.

Schiff, Nadler and other House impeachment managers looked defeated as they gathered around the lectern to respond to Trump’s lawyers and take questions from reporters.

One reporter asked Schiff about Trump’s lead impeachment lawyer Pat Cipollone alleging Schiff coordinated with the whistleblower before the impeachment process began.

“It’s nonsense. I don’t even know who the whistleblower is,” Schiff said.

Interestingly, Schiff referred to the whistleblower as a “he” then quickly corrected himself and said “he or she.”


Recall, Adam Schiff hired his top aide Sean Misko (pictured below) just one day after Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Eric Ciaramella filed a whistleblower complaint against President Trump in August over his call to Zelensky alleging Trump threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless they agreed to investigate the Biden crime family.

Mr. Ciaramella, however, ran to a Schiff staffer, who we now know to be Sean Misko, before he filled out the whistleblower complaint, a violation of House rules.

The only reason why Schiff is allowed to blatantly lie about not knowing the identity of the whistleblower is because the corrupt media allows him to lie with impunity.



  1. WE THE PEOPLE are the ones that are stuck with this Litter Box called DC. It is We that mustscrape the shit outta it. We allowed these crooks to turn it into what it is. No. More.

  2. Schiff is a pathological lier he has no credibility. He acts like he is hiding something with his feverish ongoing attack on the President!
    I wonder what it is he is hiding? Possibly his own ties to corruption?
    He looks like a beady eyed cokehead jonezing out for a hit

  3. Even in the remote possibility that Trump were to be convicted in the impeachment trial, it will not prevent him from running again if the Senate doesn’t also vote to prevent him from running again according to Article I of the Constitution. This whole thing is a waste of time and tax payer money and a Hail Mary effort by the democrats to eliminate an opponent for 2020 that won’t happen. With all that Trump endures by the Democrats and media, do you really think he will lose sleep if impeached and then runs again in 2020 anyway? And he will win. Just look at the number of people at every rally he holds. All the Democrat candidates combined can’t even come close to the number. The silent majority is still alive.
    Article II of the Constitution states that the president, vice president and all civil officers “shall be removed from office” if they are impeached and convicted. While the plain language of Article II says officers “shall” be removed upon a conviction, Article I provides latitude for additional sanction from the Senate.
    A final verdict in impeachment cannot “extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold” office. This language from Article I enables the Senate to bar officials from holding government office after conviction. But because of its discretionary nature, the Senate would not be required to prevent a convicted individual from ever holding office again.

  4. Serial and habitual liar Adam Schiff claimed on Saturday that he doesn’t know that he and the whistleblower are one and the same.

  5. Adam Schiff should be dragging Quid Pro Joe in front of his House Intelligence Committee because when he was describing what Quid Pro Quo is, he was describing exactly what Quid Pro Joe was bragging about doing in Ukraine.

  6. The great thing abut watching these proceedings online, you can play it back at a faster speed, so a 2 hour video can be played back in as little as 1 hour!!

    Saves a heck of a lot of time! If you miss anything, you can play it back at a slower speed.

    YouTube allows you playback speeds of normal, 125%, 150%, 175% or 200% of normal speed. I like (on these hearings) of 150% for starters.

  7. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer all are strangers to the truth! They all should resign from office. If they don’t the voters should REMOVE THEM!!!. It would be unreasonable to expect Republicans to take over ALL of those top dem seats in California but maybe some fresh blood even Democrats would be an improvement.

  8. This guy lies so much he as bad as congressman vasolini from Rhode Island. They lie so much how do they keep track of their lies? Schiff is going to jail along with corrupt Nadler. When they get out they will be able to play wide receiver.

  9. You have not only united the Republicans but even some of your own Democratic’s are seeing the truth now you have cut your own throat.

  10. How in the WORLD can Dog Pile Schiff KNOW that there is a “whistleblower” when he SAYS he doesn’t know who he is? Then, there is no WHISTLEBLOWER, and he is a liar. Or there IS a whistleblower and he is LYING. Otherwise this is nothing but hearsay. Either way he is LYING, like he always does and needs to be locked up for PERJURY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. He is so dang deceptive. We the public know he is a chronic liar and the good Lord knows what he is and the gates of hell will be waiting for him when his time comes,

  12. Watched video and two minutes of blablabla I dozed off for five minutes woke up and heard blablablablablabla started to get a headache and dozing off again so I stopped video. What a bunch of crap from these democrooks no respect for the American people’s vote. I feel sorry for them when they come up for election and they only have themselves to blame. Millions of American tax dollars wasted and we payed for it

  13. Nancy, please do the good people of
    the United States a favor and put
    Adam Shittless back in his cage. We
    are tired of his moronic ranting and
    psychotic lying. Also, please use some
    of the money that you have stolen from
    us and get yourself a makeover. You
    look like a fuc-ing dinosaur.
    Just saying,

  14. come on even your lies are lies and getting so dumb that i hope the demoncrap voters finally realize how stupid and corrupt the people they vote are


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