British police PAY Muslim migrants to RAPE young white girls … This will make you sick

August 11, 2017 6:30 pm  

( Exclusive) – All thanks to the mass importation of immigrants from the third world, the UK is now plagued by hordes of Muslim “grooming gangs,” groups of men — and even some women — who target native white, underage girls for sexual predation. And British police are literally paying migrants to do it.

WND just revealed a disturbing case of gang rape in the UK. According to the report, British police collaborated with a notorious sexual offender in order to obtain information to detectives on the Muslim rape gangs. The man had previously drugged an underage girl before inviting his friend to rape her.

Yeah, you heard me: Law enforcement just paid a known child rapist an amount equal to $13,000 and literally planted him in the midst of more young white girls. And they knew he would rape again.

While this man was an informant, he was arrested for raping another white girl. Instead of prosecuting the informant for the criminal he is, the police let him go without any punishment.

Peter McLaughlin, author of “Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal,” has observed that Muslims are about 5 percent of the population in the UK, and yet they’re responsible for 90 percent of all gang-rape convictions.

Why haven’t the British authorities gotten it through their heads yet? Rape is rampant through the streets, and the British people know who is doing it. Yet they do nothing about it, and continue to herald their oppressors as saviors from their white colonial sins.

According to the article, “Many in British law enforcement refuse to investigate claims of Muslim rape to avoid being accused of racism.”

… So enabling and being an accomplice the raping and trafficking of white girls is easier on their conscience? Refusing to protect white girls from predation is even more racist than letting brown Muslim barbarians have their way like wild dogs.

This is why the British people voted for the Brexit. Because they want their sisters and daughters to be able to walk safely through their own streets. But the British bureaucrats have delayed the departure of Britain from the EU for another five years.

That means five more years of allowing strange, brown Muslim men to wage gang-grooming war against the British populace.

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