Brilliant! Another Woman Goes Into Store And Licks Ice Cream Container… Video Goes Viral – Now Woman Says It Was A Prank

(Gateway Pundit) – A woman is facing up to 20 years in prison for “tampering with a consumer product” after a video of her opening a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream, licking it, then putting it back into the grocery store freezer went viral on social media.

According to Blue Bell, staff recognized where the “malicious act of food tampering took place.”

Blue Bell said they removed all the “Tin Roof” gallons of ice cream from the freezer of the San Antonio Walmart “out of abundance of caution.”

But now it happened again…

This time the woman licks the ice cream and then posts it on her Instagram account.

Via Rose on Twitter:

The woman said it was a staged prank on her Instagram account.


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