Brennan Shaking In His Boots Over What President Trump May Reveal By Declassifying Documents

( Exclusive) – One of the biggest political scandals that has been revealed during the Trump administration’s first term in office did not have anything to do with the president being caught doing something unsavory or illegal.

Instead, it had to do with him being a victim of said scandal. We now know there is a deep state element working inside the government to undermine the president and his agenda for our country. Countless documents, emails, and text messages have proven this to be true.

There is tons of evidence to support the fact that Trump was spied on during his first presidential campaign and information gleaned from the Steele dossier was supposed to be used to sink his presidential campaign and allow Hillary Clinton to coast to victory.

And now, according to WND, many Republicans are calling for President Trump to go ahead and declassify documents that are related to the Obama administration investigation into the now debunked Trump-Russia collusion ordeal, and this has former Obama CIA Director John Brennan very nervous.

How nervous? Well, he made an appearance on Chris Cuomo’s show on CNN, criticizing the president’s choice to fire Defense Secretary Mark Esper and calling on Vice President Pence to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of Trump.

“It’s clear that Mark Esper was removed as secretary of defense because he rebuffed Donald Trump’s efforts to politicize the U.S. military,” the former CIA director said. “And I think it’s quite apparent from reporting that Mark Esper has stood up to Donald Trump repeatedly. Who knows what else he has refused to do?”

Brennan went on to say that he thinks Trump can still do “a lot of damage” before he leaves office — assuming the election is verified for Joe Biden — that he might seek revenge on people for certain actions.

But what really seems to be making Brennan fired up is that he’s worried about what kind of information Trump might release. He’s likely worried that information will reveal the truth about his actions during the Obama administration to spy on Trump during the 2016 election.

“If Vice President Pence and the Cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriotism, I think they would seriously consider invoking the 25th Amendment and pushing Donald Trump out, because he is just very unpredictable now,” Brennan stated.

The real question to ask is what John Brennan is afraid of? Is there something incriminating in the documents the president might declassify? Has the former CIA director been involved in an abuse of power? It’s very, very possible that he doesn’t want these documents to see the light of day because it means he will be held accountable for illegal actions taken against the president.

The deep state is eager to protect their own and hide themselves from the general public. We must take every measure to ensure they are brought out into the light and held accountable for their actions.

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  1. Shaking In His Boots and filling his depends no doubt. What a communist this bum turned out to be. We need people like this about as much as we need screen doors on submarines.

  2. RELEASE IT! Take that bastard Brennan down….and then his Deep State buddies can start quaking too….LOVE the thought of this!

  3. Brennan is as corrupt as obuma, biden and hillery are. They should all be hung. They not only spried on president Trump but on american citizens.what they did to general flynn, they did to american citizens. Declassify everything on them, let them suffer.

    • The truth is democrats are criminals and derelicts, they don’t want to be exposed for the filth that they are . Trump has interrupted their gravy train of corruption .

  4. Give me a break. The evidence is already out there and nothing has been done. If anything new is released it will just be swept under the rug like everything else. Just getting peoples hopes up.

  5. This former power freak is running around spewing bs, Biden thinks BHO’s and Soros’ rigged election worked. Now Obama wants on the SC and Hillary wants to be an ambassador to LaLaLand somewhere. Can you believe all this crap we have to hear everyday because gutless Wray Durham Barr and republication won’t throw them in Gitmo or execute ‘em?

  6. It is interesting how the democrats keep costing Americans their resources but put on the suit of piety pretending the citizens see them through their own corrupted eyes.
    The illegals the dems want to harbor even if they commit crimes that cost lives. The dems cost America millions with their attempts to remove the President with their false investigations that proved only one thing . . . that the dems lied and abused the government agencies causing violations of our laws with out have to experience any consequences. The burning and looting of cities and communities. Lives of police lost or destroyed because the police had the audacity to enforce our laws. now the nation is turned upside down by what is recognized as an illegitimate election as a result of their continuing track record of theft and deceit just because they are incompetent and lack truthful integrity which the majority of Americans recognize. they are a den of thieves.

  7. BRENNAN, You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. It is ludicrous to deny what is being shouted from the house tops the damage and deceit you have done as you have your feeble attempts to throw your guilt on others.

  8. You know Obama’s former administration thugs like Brennan are worried and cautious having their phones tapped , investigators following them and their family members .
    Hussein thugs illegally spied on Trump and his new administration with immunity.
    Hopefully they’ll suffer the same fate ten fold .

  9. I love how all these people think that one person is going to be held accountable. Trump could declassify documents from the beginning of time, without the Republicans and the alphabet departments having any balls to go after these criminals not one person would be put in prison. It will take ALL Americans standing up and taking over. We will have to show Antifa and BLM who can start the biggest fire. Go Trump MAGA 2020.

  10. Obama’s former CIA director John Brennan, a converted Muslim should be in prison instead of spewing lies for income for a corrupt media outlet such as CNN .

    Today’s progressive liberal trash have been duped in believing Hussein is honest and forthright, that is farthest from the truth and Brennan knows it .

  11. Lins Roberts and John, you are absolutely correct. I might also add; Brennan shouldn’t be shaking in his boots – he should be in jail!

  12. Like all things pointed at the Democrats, nothing will be done about it. Only a “AH HAH”, will come of it and everyone will walk around free. Sorry, I have no faith in the Repiblican party.

    • Hanging this scum till death in the public square should send the signal the Americans have had enough or this two tier justice system.
      Or his former boss Hussein…

  13. IF TRUMP dont declassify these documents its for sure JOE BIDEN will never do it, Why because Biden is part of the Washington swamp and they will protect one another and since CREEPY JOE is now the presumed President we the people will never know the truth.

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