Breaking: Wisconsin Group Files Emergency Petition After Making Shocking Fraud Discovery

( Exclusive) – The 2020 presidential election is far from over. President Trump’s legal team has ongoing investigations and legal proceedings in several key states including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Not to mention the Dominion scandal that powerhouse attorney Sidney Powell is working on.

Despite this being an uphill battle for President Trump, the fight continues and progress is being made, even though we can’t necessarily see it.

On Tuesday in Wisconsin, the Amistad Project, a national conservative group, filed an emergency petition with the state Supreme Court that challenges the state’s unofficial election results. The petition claims that the group has identified over 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots.

If true, this would be a game-changer. Joe Biden currently has around 20,000 more votes than President Trump in the state. President Trump squeaked by with the state in 2016 by around the same number of votes.

The director of the Amistad Project, Phill Kline, said the number of potentially fraudulent ballots found are “more than enough to call into question the validity of the state’s reported election results.”

He also blasted Wisconsin election officials saying that these latest discrepancies were a result of their “willful violation of state law.”

Despite the fact that there are numerous indications of voter fraud and massive corruption across these key states, the crooked mainstream media has definitively declared Joe Biden the winner.

This is obviously not how elections are decided but it’s all political theater, a show of sorts, to convince millions of Americans that President Trump’s claims are invalid.

They’ve beat us all over the head with their assertions that the President has “no evidence” and that this election was the “most secure” in history. The sad part is, all the media has to do is put it out there one time for their lockstop viewer base to believe it and subsequently echo it on social media.

The misinformation spewed by the mainstream media is a cancer on our society. It has infected the minds of millions of Americans and is threatening our very democracy.

If Joe Biden is allowed to get away with stealing this election and manages to get himself inaugurated in January, America will no longer be the home of the free. If we no longer have fair and free elections we no longer have freedom at all.

Our elections have been the cornerstone of American freedom and liberties. If we can’t trust our elections what are we to do?

It is vitally important that every single American stand up and fight against this corruption now before it’s too late. If Biden gets into the White House we will become a socialist country ruled by a tyrannical ruling-class of elites.

If we don’t fight now we may never get the chance to reverse course.

In each of these key states the battle is so crucial. President Trump is not only up against the actual fraud in the election but the corrupt establishment that is vehemently working against him.

The Democrats are corrupt and they’re willing to do anything to stop President Trump once and for all.

Copyright 2020.

Stop The Coup


  1. How pathetic is the opportunity to exercise free speech on this forum, being reduced by some to shill for work at home business, likely in financial desperation.
    These are the new vassels of the technocratic oligarchy.

  2. What defense are the democrats and left offering in their defense for massive witness list of eye witnesses growing across the country of consistent patterns of voter fraud, the disenfranchisement of our votes with manufactured votes shipped across the country in tractor trailers from postal facilities in NY and PA on October 20 and other multiple shipments to be delivered in the early hours of the morning without verifying validity of the ballots. What defense does the democrats have for the application on the Dominion machines being programmed to statistically weigh the ballots unless the intention to cheat is real. The manual describes the process, so why would it even exist if they were to count one person one vote or are they in favor of the Dred Scott scenario which STOLE 30% of President’s votes.

    The only defense the treasonous left has in defense of the treasonous open coup attempt is name calling and rhetoric. The witnesses, poll watchers ,poll workers, postal delivery employees that unknowingly shipped the fraudulent ballots ,also with Dominion employees witnessing the corrupt actions taking place in their presence are DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE THAT IS A CONSISTENT PATTERN FROM ONE VOTING CENTER TO ANOTHER vs name calling .

    Dishonorable people are forcing a dishonorable corrupt administration acquired via cheating and theft is being force on America. Joe Biden who committed extortion and apparently money laundering during the time he was VP will be in charge with all the other bad actors from the corrupt and full of scandal Obama administration.

  3. Can you people who claim to make your fortune from Home please do so quietly elsewhere, that’s are problem now is too many wealthy 1% ‘ers

  4. To those YA says of fraud let us go to the voter registration and tabulate the non -registered and deceased voters whose votes were processed. The law states that if a party has not voted in 2 consecutive elections they must re register.As for the absentee ballots the proper method is to provide valid identification (picture ID ) in Wi. anyways. Which raises another question what is wrong with validating identification at polls?

  5. Only arrests will deter criminals from committing crimes. Anything else is all talk and whining about nothing. Americans need to lock and load and take our country back. Go Trump MAGA 2020

  6. UPFRONT im a TRUMP supporter, But i must say if there is evidence then please put it out there and stop saying it without evidence to back it up. I believe there was voter fraud but i dont know if there was enough to change the outcome
    if there is then please present it we the people would like to know who our next president is. PANTS SUIT HARRIS AND CREEPY JOE, WHAT A DUO THESE TWO WILL MAKE.

  7. over 150 thoussand absentee voters due to disability. In no year previous has there been over 2 thousand. Wisconsin law was not changed by legislature to allow such voters and the legislature rules–no one else. Read the US Constitution.

  8. This time these lying liberals have
    dicked with the wrong man. They
    have tried every lowlife trick in the
    book to discredit, dishonor, destroy and vilify President Trump.
    However hard as they try they have failed miserably and will continue to do so because
    Trump is right and his supporters
    will follow him into hell to carry
    on the fight for freedom.
    Liberals you are finished !!!!!
    Trump 4 EVER

  9. What Biden is doing is usurping the position of president.

    Usurp: verb
    take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force.

    Or as we would say out west he is a squatter!

  10. The election committee in Wisconsin has been ignoring the laws for as long as I can remember. They have never purged the files and keep making excuses for not doing it. I hope this group has indeed found provable evidence of fraud. I am certain it is there.

  11. “ The democrat are corrupt “ , I couldn’t have said better myself after Obama folks .
    Here we are again battling rampant corruption by today’s democrats with the media assistance.


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