Breaking: Wisconsin Announces Major Resolution That Could Turn Election Around For President Trump

( Exclusive) – We all know the 2020 election was fraudulent and there are mountains of evidence to support that assertion, despite what the leftwing mob has to say.

If you watched on Election Night, you probably went to bed feeling pretty good. It looked like President Trump had it in the bag and by all rights he did, that is, until the fraud and corruption kicked in.

Magically, Trump began losing votes in some states, like Pennsylvania where data analysts discovered over 400,000 votes were taken from him during the night, while Joe Biden miraculously racked them up at astronomical rates.

It’s been an uphill fight for President trump’s legal team, and Republicans willing to stand up for what’s right, ever since.

Now, there’s big news out of Wisconsin as the state has announced they plan to introduce a resolution on Thursday morning which would result in the decertifying of the state’s electoral college votes and end up awarding them to President Trump.

This is huge and President Trump’s most likely pathway to victory, which is rightfully his. The power lies with the state legislatures and they have the power now to decertify the fraudulent election results and electoral votes that had been certified by corrupt state executives.

While six states have sent in competing slates of electors, there is still more the state legislatures can do to fight this corruption.

In the resolution introduced in Wisconsin, it says that if election issues are left unaddressed and unresolved “our government will devolve into a system of coercion and bribery that seeks to use the guise of elections to hold a degree of credibility.”

It also asserts that Wisconsin residents are “demanding” the legislature “address questions of legitimacy.” Something you would think would be a bipartisan effort. The fact that it isn’t only adds credibility to fraud and corruption accusations.

The resolution states that the most function of the government is to oversee and conduct “fair and honest” elections that are in line with the “duly enacted law.”

It further says that the legislature is compelled to take action when there is a significant portion of the population that have questions about the integrity of the election which came as a result of officials not following the “letter of the law.”

It states that the legislature plans to “take up legislation crafted to ensure civil officers follow the laws as written.”

As you know by now, one of the biggest and most significant problems in the contested states is that state executives like the governors and secretaries of state, as well as state courts, took it upon themselves to amend or otherwise change already established election laws.

The authority over election laws lies solely with the elected body of state legislators, not state executives and not the judicial branch.

Therefore, it is right and constitutional for the election results in these states to be challenged and rejected if it is found that the law was not followed.

We can only hope that the effort in Wisconsin ends up righting the wrong results that were fraudulently certified.

Copyright 2020.

Object To The Electoral Vote


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  2. By the way I forget to say they want our “GUNS” can’t defend yourselves without Guns. If you have money saved it won’t matter they will have that too. There will be a one world money. This is all about ‘WORLD ORDER”. and this will bring around the THIRD WORLD WAR. We are on our way to seeing JESUS CHRIST and his ANGELS cleansing the earth of sinners and anew “WORLD GOVERNMENT with JESUS at the HELM. What a wonderful thing.

  3. you talk like a “big man” but like the rest of your cult you have nothing to offer proof wise other than childish insults right from the cult playbook 101

  4. not angry Chopper you seem to have anger issues along with many more racism homophobia no IQ daddy issues SO 1 MORE TIME WHERE IS THE PROOF IM DARING YOU YOU TO SHOW SOME INSTEAD OF FLAPPING YOUR GUMS PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As always, the left is expert at exploiting ignorance, as it best suits their Marxist view of We The People as nothing more than “ignorance masses” to be manipulated and controlled however they see fit. This Marxist elitist thinking is evident in everything their leadership does.

    Example: In any struggling little 3rd world country where the UN would send in “election observers” to try to reign in corruption, ANY situations where any one political party kicked out all of the polling observers from all the other parties, and proceeded to unlawfully “count ballots” unobserved and thus unverified, the UN would rule that entire election uncertifiable and refuse to lend any credibility to such obvious unlawful actions and corruption.

    There are countless videos all over the internet right now, and most of you have seen at least some of them, showing democrats kicking out election observers, refusing observers entry, blocking windows so observers cannot see in, and so forth. This is undeniable. If this had happened in any struggling foreign country the UN would easily consider this to be more than enough evidence on it’s own to render the entire election unlawful. This is also undeniable.

    But the foreign and domestic powers currently exploiting the American left, as usual, can safely count on the emotionally driven ignorance of the leftist base to see them through. As long as ChiCom loving U.S. corporate media keeps repeating the Big Lie that there is “no evidence” of any election fraud, even when there are mountains of it all over the internet in plain sight where anyone can see it, their dependably hostile anti-American voter base will happily ignore reality, and even proceed to be truly shocked and outraged when their political opposition insists on seeing the world so very differently than they do, and ascribe all of the worst possible motives for it.

    It must feel very alien for a leftist to leave the carefully manufactured artificial reality so carefully maintained by their propaganda media and censorship heavy social media platforms, when they occasionally step out into the real world where so much of reality is so very different from what they have been conditioned to believe. Some few even come to websites like this one, and are emotionally overwhelmed at how very different reality itself seems to be here, exactly as their clever hidden masters have conditioned them to be.

    This forces leftist “true believers” to violate one of the oldest rules of any competition: “Never underestimate your opponents.” For them to remain comfortably ensconced within their carefully manufactured artificial reality, they MUST believe that all who think differently from they must be stupid / hateful / racist / bigoted and so forth, leaving them wide open to shock and dismay when their real world opponents turn out to be so very different from what they have been led to believe… and the resulting cognitive dissonance really does seem to drive some of them to become more than a little emotionally unbalanced and subject to frequent fits of rage… the stereotypical leftist!


    • Look man stop using logic. No one wants it. We live by toddler rules here. If I don’t admit it, it didnt happen.

    • Have any of you ever heard of George Soros ? Maybe you should check this TREASONIST and his 2 sons out. Check Soros’s Biography out, don’t be afraid to really check it out you might get a real clue as to what is going on in the real world. I also agree TERM LIMITS would get rid of “CORRUPTION”. Judges legislating from the bench should be made to step down and never again aloud to work as Judges or Lawyers. We have the “CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF RIGHTS”. that we as a free people live by. We have a wonderful country we are a Free people, love of Family, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press. These people you are voting into office right now will take all your Freedoms away, Your money you work so hard for is now going to be their money, Share the Wealth, they will be coming into your homes and take anything they want including your last morsel of food. Your children are their children just listen to them. They will only want the highest IQ individuals, Why do they want Abortions, because the world is over crowded and they are all about a one World Government who are the Brightest and of course don’t forget the “ELITE” The privileged people like Bankers, Unions, Big Business, Big Tech Companies why do you think “TRUMP wanted get rid of a Bill that was passed called 230 that gave big Tech the right to shut down your free speech and the free press this was why he didn’t want to sign the big bill where the stimulus bill was included, because of the bill that gave big Tech to much power. As of right now Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, are taking away your freedom of speech, the honest press the truth don’t matter anymore. They all hate ‘GOD and ‘JESUS. Evil is winning. GOD HELP US ALL.

    • The courts did not rule on any of the lawsuits. They just dismissed them without hearing any of the evidence. Hardly what I call honest and fair and legal.

  7. 2022 won’t matter now that the dumbocrats know how to rig an election. The next 4 years they will be taking their revenge out on us for 2016. Bejing Joe and heels up Harris will rubber stamp whatever their handlers want. If want to see what America used to be like, look in your rear view mirror

    • Yes. Cash for clunkers was Obama rewarding counties that voted for him. Boden will reward His pal Xi.

  8. No arrests no fraud committed. Everything else is just whining and BS. I want to see arrests 10 year’s solitary confinement no bail, no parole, no pardon. The entire US government all levels are corrupt and complicit with fraud and corruption. China has gotten to them all. Term limits NOW Go Trump MAGA 2020

  9. Wisconsin is going to decertify on Thursday? Which Thursday, tomorrow, 1/07/21 or last Thursday, 12/31/20? I am confused. Can Electoral votes which have been accepted in Congress giving the election to Biden be decertified after the fact? Is this a new story or is if from last week? I thought once the VP accepts the certified votes from the states, that’s it. This seems to be a misleading story if it is from last week.

  10. It is so amazing that so few actually know what the Constitution of this USA actually says about the elections and the 17th Amendment is quite clear saying the state legislatures would have no say except to set up how elections were run, that is what the 17th Amendment was all about taking the power from the State legislatures and putting into the hands of the actual voters.

    • It’s more amazing today’s progressive liberal filth in our country actually think they understand out Constitution.

  11. Again We praise God for raising up a state legislature member in PA. who refuses to seat a newly supposedly elected member whose win is clouded with fraud and violation of state and federal law, thus the LT governor was escorted out of the chambers.

    We would be thrilled and Praise God if the members of the House grew a back bone and reclaimed their integrity that they sold so very cheap, to have the Speaker of the House, Pelosi, escorted out of the chambers as she attempted to block the People’s voice again and refuse to acknowledge the reality of the theft of our votes, and her support for a criminally run election.

  12. We praise God for raising up a state legislature member who refuses to seat a newly supposedly elected member whose win is clouded with fraud and violation of state and federal law.

    We also praise God for the Blessing of having a president for the past 4 years who chose to adhere to our laws and Constitution putting the American People FIRST . We rejoice in having had this “A Real President”. Now we anticipate having a false and wicked administration that has and intends to continue to do evil in God’s eyes.

  13. ” On Tuesday, White House officials told Fox News correspondent John Roberts that Pence “will follow the law” and “act tomorrow with fidelity to the law and the Constitution.”

    BUT the democrats DO NOT follow the law. They cheat and steal and lie to win! Does that pass the stink test and are allowed to take the country as their prize?

  14. “Report: Vice President Mike Pence Does ‘Not Believe’ He Has ‘Power to Block Congressional Certification’

    BUT the democrats believe they have the power to steal and election? AND HAVE DONE IT!

  15. The cheeseheads don’t appreciate their elections being stolen by today’s democrat progressive party of criminals and derelicts folks .

    Can’t imagine anyone actually appreciating Obiden and Wheels-up Harris as leaders much less as president and vp of the greatest country known to man .

    More votes doesn’t imply more VOTERS in this election folks .. we know that !


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