Breaking: What Second Presidential Debate Moderator Was Just Busted Doing Should Disqualify Him Immediately

( Exclusive) – The moderator for a presidential debate is supposed to be someone who is impartial and objective, seeking to allow each individual, regardless of policy position or party affiliation equal opportunity to share with the American people what they hope to accomplish if they are elected and the solutions they have for the problems we face as a nation.

A moderator is most definitely not supposed to inject themselves and their personal opinions into the debate — looking at you Chris Wallace — and are not supposed to be individuals who might favor one particular candidate over the other.

So why in the world is Steve Scully of C-SPAN, who worked as an intern for Joe Biden when he was in the Senate, moderating the second debate? That’s a good question. However, it seems this man has now done something else that should leave him disqualified from the debate.

He contacted Anthony Scaramucci via Twitter, asking, “Should I respond to Trump?”

Via Gateway Pundit:

Steve Scully, the moderator of the second scheduled presidential debate that was set for October 15 in Miami. That was until the debate commission changed it from an in person to virtual town hall Thursday morning which prompted President Trump to cancel in protest of the unannounced change.

On Thursday night Steve Scully tweeted publicly a question to Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci, asking, “Should I respond to Trump?”

Scully served as an intern to Biden years ago but still maintains a relationship with him. Scully also worked for Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA).

@Scaramucci should I respond to trump.

— Steve Scully (@SteveScully) October 9, 2020

Scaramucci, who turned on Trump after a disastrous ten day stint at the White House in 2017, replied saying, “Ignore. He is having a hard enough time. Some more bad stuff about to go down.”

Scully was seeking advice after Trump called him a “Never Trumper.”

Scully has not commented further, raising the question of if he meant the tweet to be a private direct message.

In 2016, Scully posted family photos from an event with Biden at the Vice President’s residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

Well, C-SPAN is now claiming that Scully’s Twitter account was hacked:

Color me skeptical, but I don’t really believe C-SPAN is being honest here. I don’t think Scully was hacked at all. He said something stupid, got caught and called out for it, and C-SPAN is attempting to do damage control and prevent Scully from being booted from the debate.

If this really did happen, they need to provide proof. A statement on Twitter isn’t going to cut it. We’re talking about a presidential debate here, something that could impact who becomes the next president. Every precaution needs to be taken to preserve our current election system.

Scully should be replaced as moderator immediately.

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  3. If the ‘debates’ are supposed to be bi-partisan, then why is every ‘moderator’ an obvious Trump hater or demoncrat? Why not let someone like Tucker Carlson, or Hannity be a real moderator. Even an old democrat like Joe Rogan would at least try to be fair as a moderator because he actually cares about his reputation, unlike the hacks that have been so far called to be ‘moderator’, who have a secure Soros paid position in the mainstream media puppet arena. The answer is: they don’t want it to be fair because it would hurt them tremendously!

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  7. Hey scully we know rapist joe likes to sniff people,have children rub his leg hair, but did he get to your wife and kids. So how was the biden beach bash? Take your head out of joes ass. If you don’t condemn the things he’s done, then you condone it.

  8. Sad statement on the state of the Democrat Party. It’s way beyond time they changed their name to the American Socialist Party. Control the press is only the first step in their take over of society. There is no fairness on their part. They are worse than a bunch of nursery school children throwing a tantrum. I pray America wakes up before it’s to late.

    • Same party of derelicts that propped up their hero Hussein Obama too . Nothing more to be said about today’s democrat progressive party is it ?

      There’s a reason Trump beat the snot out of Hillary and her criminal enterprise..The derelicts haven’t a clue why ..

  9. Hacking is one thing…if it really happened, but the pic tells the story better than anything else. A personal friend of one candidate should not be moderating the debate. Where in hell has off the chart ignorance vs common sense gone? Dems and liberals are obviously wired differently than their common sense opponents…

  10. It would be hard to find any moderator that is on the fence. Each candidate should choose a moderator and have the 2 ask questions. That would really be fair.
    But then, many have no common sense.
    Thank God our President does!

  11. The fact that the left always has to have their way with these one sided debates tells me all I need to know. Their twisted rational regarding everything they seem to be trying to do makes it clear that nothing they do can stand on it’s own merits. They cry about racism when in fact they have done everything they can to revive the racism of the 1950’s. It’s all about keeping the blacks on the plantation but many are too smart for that and their voices are finally being heard.

    • The facts are today’s progressive liberal trash are not be negotiated with . They’ve become the dredge of society since their hero Hussein obama was appointed head Negro .


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