Breaking: Ukrainian Official Reveals Six Criminal Cases Opened In Ukraine Involving The Bidens

(Gateway Pundit) – President Trump spoke to the press Saturday at the White House as he departed for Florida for speeches before the Israeli-American Council National Summit in Hollywood and a Republican fundraising dinner in Aventura.

Trump told the waiting reporters that his personal attorney former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani “found plenty” of “good information” during his recent trip to Ukraine and Europe.

Trump then added that he believes Giuliani wants to present a report to the Attorney General William Barr and to Congress. Trump added Giuliani has not told him what he found.

Above: Rudy Giuliani and Viktor Shokin

Giuliani reportedly traveled to Budapest and Ukraine this past week to meet with several Ukrainian officials about corruption.

OAN reporter Chanel Rion has been traveling with Rudy Giuliani and reporting on his investigations in Hungary and Kiev, Ukraine.

In her report released on Sunday night Chanel Rion mentioned that Ukrainian officials showed her six criminal cases involving the Bidens, Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.


  1. I want subpoenas issuedto All being investigated so they ALL will have to testify under oath ,that way if caught in lie criminal action can be brought against

  2. Most of the comments are ridiculous. They sound more like Russian trolls or bots than American citizens! If they’d been paying any attention at all, they would know there is nothing to investigate regarding the Biden’s. But if you insist, then it’s necessary to investigate all of the trump’s!

    • Did you hear the tape of joe saying he got the SOB fired. Put someone solid in his place. You really don’t think that needs investigated

  3. This is all garbage! Every person Rudy has ‘interviewed’ is more corrupt than the next! This entire thing has only one goal, to smear Biden. Disgusting.

    • …and yet this is where the dems turned to “destroy” Trump. It can’t work both ways if they did something wrong in Ukraine then man up, if not then let the process work itself out. That’s what they told Trump, actually they said if you’re not guilty prove it.

    • For leading as the top cop to investigate corruption. I don’t think Trump is worried about dimensioned Joe to be honest. Just saying

    • “bad president”…by what metric. No really give me something other than he’s just a bad guy. Nobody can debate “he’s a bad guy” we would like to see what perspective you are looking at this from so that way we can understand because from my perspective he has been the best president in my 59 years.

    • No Obama was a bad President…he is a good president…he keeps America safe and stand up for us…not put us down…

  4. WTG! Ukraine. Keep it coming… open as many cases as need be to finally catch this crook Biden and his son. It is just infuriating that this idiot congress will look the other way over blatant quid pro quo on Biden but try to invent it for Trump. Biden is as guilty as sin and everyone knows it.

    • There is more to this than Uncle Joe, & Hunter. Rudy will follow the money and I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds Obama’s name on an account as well as others. Let’s face it Sleepy Joe & Hunter couldn’t pull this off by themselves.

  5. Bidens the ignorant shit bag democraps need a good ass kicking when they were young they missed out on ass beating from hell, there pass due.

  6. It’s beginning to look a lot like treason, everywhere you go. Take a look at the Clinton lies and all of their paid for spies, to try and fool the people with such bribes. It’s beginning to look a lot like Biden used his power for gain. When reports of this prove his name gave son Hunter ties to same, does he not feel shame???
    This Christmas make God’s Son, not Biden’s son our focus for our country.

  7. Neither of the Biden’s has the knowledge required to be able to pour piss out of a boot, so it comes as no surprise that their game has been found out and exposed for all to see. Whether anything comes of it (whether or not justice is served) remains to be seen.

  8. the three stooges Pelosi witch Nadler penquin adam shit the they must be removed from office children are seeing their bullying and hate stop them now

  9. Now is it not amazing that no news media, including FOX, ever heard of these investigations and being Biden was Vice President, it would be impossible to keep it out of the news in the rest of the World and especially with the Republican’s in the Congress.
    Now there is another thing how reputable is the people who told this tale of woo.

  10. Rudy Giuliani is a distinguished anti-corruption prosecutor who got his start working (as a SDNY Assistant US Attorney back in the Early 1970s) on the police corruption investigations that grew out of the Knapp Commission (Serpico and all that). Rudy’s great work is featured in the movie Prince of the City about the drug cop corruption that crooked cop Bob Leuci revealed to the Anti-Corruption forces in the Knapp Commission and the US Attorney’s Office.

    He has not stopped since: rising to the 3rd highest level position in the US Department of Justice in the 1980s and thereafter to the SDNY US Attorney position itself. He fought corruption of all sorts and was elected to the position of Mayor of the largest city in the USA, where he became known as AMERICA’s Mayor due to his leadership during the Aftermath of 9/11. He knows whereof he speaks and should be listened to by the Swamp Dwellers sho need baths themselves.

  11. Keep in mind that a) the previous Ukrainian leadership was notoriously corrupt so much so that the present Prime Minister was actually a national comedian who ran
    agains the guy – won – and is like Trump a “Non-Professional Politician”
    b) there is evidence that there are many Democrats with ties to the old administration including Bella Pelosi c) that just yesterday Russia and Ukraine signed a cease fire in the disputed Crimea. FYI the Ukraine is to the “old Russia” what Silicon Valley is to the US. It is the “high-tech” part of the old Soviet Union with numbers of legitimate industries = however that “oil company” was already famous for it’s corruption even outside of the area. If you dealt with them – you knew who you were dealing with and couldn’t pretend to be stupid.

  12. The IG’s Report strikes me as reminiscent of (or rather smells similar to) Comey’s infamous “no reasonable prosecutor” on Hillary’s email scandal.

    One small bit of advice to President Trump: Replace Wray with Guiliani. Only then, is there any chance of cleaning that deep sewer.

    • At Chanel’s closing statement regarding whether or not the FBI decides to do anything, I thought, “Not if Wray isn’t removed.” I really like your idea!

    • I agree that will be the only way to clean up the FBI, an “outsider” needs to be brought in. I’d rather not see Rudy in that position though, President Trump needs him close.

  13. It’s beginning to look like “Treason.” How else can you define the actions of the FBI, CIA, NSA,DOJ, and certain Congressional only need 2 witnesses to convict. Now we know that there are multiple witnesses colluding and conspiring to overthrow a legally elected President. That’s a Coup if ever I saw one. These people have to face justice if our system of gov’t is to survive.



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