Breaking: Twitter Responds To CNN — Admits To Removing Pro-Trump Twitter Accounts After Trump Tweeted Them!

(Gateway Pundit) – Twitter was caught today hiding several of President Trump’s tweets on his timeline.

Twitter was also caught today deleteing THOUSANDS of likes from President Trump’s tweets on Pelosi.

And Twitter was also caught removing accounts after President Trump tweeted them!

Twitter user “The Right Melissa” caught Twitter shaving thousands of likes from one of his Pelosi tweets.

CNN was TRIGGERED that President Trump would retweet #QAnon accounts!

Soon after this Twitter began removing the accounts retweeted by President Trump.

CNN’s Brian Stelter posted an update this afternoon.

Twitter confirmed they took the accounts down… After CNN and others complained.


  • @trumpgirlonfire
  • @sjpfish

Trump retweeted these accounts so Twitter removed them.

UPDATE: Brian Stelter had a problem with our report.

ALX set him straight.

In fact — ALX called it LAST NIGHT!


  1. WAKE the HELL UP America, these social media CENSORS are NOT your friends at ALL! Get RID of the twit, facebook, google, and utube, they ALL are leftist PROPAGANDA, PERIOD!

  2. A free country HA! a real truth seeking media HA! Liberals who haven’t had their way because Trump was elected have lied, made up, fabricated news and a list of other situations BUT we the people are not stupid as they would think us to be, in fact we are some of the smartest folks around and because of their lies and false news we will over come their vengeance and re-elect TRUMP because of it and what he has done for this country. The can hid the real facts of what he has done but we see it and FOR ONCE it shows in all our jobs, communities and country.

  3. Gotta figure FB, Twitter, ABC News and other comment sites are saying to everyone ‘Hey it’s our sandbox if you dont like it you can go pound sand we do what we want’. After all how can anyone realistically fight them when they can simply delete whoever and whatever they want. What does it matter to them if anyone complains. Kind of like Rowan & Martins Laugh In where Lilly Tomlin playing Ernestine says “We don’t care. We’re the phone company. We don’t have to.

  4. understand this people,these moves are directed at YOU. president trump wont be there more than one more term. the people these pieces of scum are after is the oeople that put him in.

  5. It eerily feels like Communism here. ANTIFA has accounts and there are many people that have documented their violence and police reports to back that up. Censorship puts our Democracy at risk, all should be very concerned.

  6. when will someone come up w/ similar service that actually allows freedom of speech ?

    Recently our “masters” at youtube took down the full video of Yuri Bezmenov ( a Soviet defector and propaganda expert ) as he detailed the “formula” Marxists use to de-stabilize a country so it can be taken down – mainly because it explains what is happening here in the US right now.

  7. Twitter along with Facebook claim that their mantra is to support the right to free speech and all of our first amendment rights. But they do exactly the opposite and break the law. Liberal/progresses, socialist/communist Democrats are never censored by Twitter and Facebook irregardless of all the anti-American treasonous things they say and support. Twitter bias along with Facebook in their censorship and removing all Patriots, Conservatives, President Trump and his supporters has reached a new low and certainly there should be an investigation of Twitter and Facebook to explain where they think they have the right to censor and remove any one or anything from Twitter and Facebook that they don’t politically agree with And yet they give carte blanche to every left-wing socialist/communist comments and opinions

  8. How about the fact if your a TRUMP supporter, you say ANYTHING negative about the Democrats your account gets suspended for a week or more. But Democrats can say anything they want about TRUMP, even threaten him and TWITTER does NOTHING!!!

    • You can thank today’s liberal filth and the media for America’s woes . Something tells me president Trump will after office start a twitter like format for real Americans without the discrimination Fakebook and Twitter are so well known for.


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