Breaking! Trump Was Right!… Head Of Burisma Holdings Indicted In Ukraine! …Claims Hunter Biden And Partners Paid $16.5 Million


(Gateway Pundit) – The head of Burisma Holdings was indicted today in Ukraine!

Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky.

The claim alleges that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their ‘services’.

Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden took a lucrative post on the Burisma Board in 2014.

Hunter Biden was making millions from the corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company.

New memos released earlier this month reveal Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian natural gas company, pressured the Obama State Department to help end the corruption investigation during the 2016 election cycle just one month before then-Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor probing his son Hunter.

Joe Biden bragged about getting Viktor Shokin fired during a 2018 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The media immediately covered for Biden and said his targeting of Mr. Shokin was totally unrelated to the prosecutor’s corruption investigation into Hunter and Burisma Holdings.

Burisma Holdings actually name-dropped Hunter Biden when requesting help from the State Department.

According to CD Media last week former Ukrainian official Oleksandr Onyshchenko said Hunter Biden was receiving “off the books” payments from Burisma in the millions.

On Wednesday the chief of Burisma Holdings was indicted in Ukraine.


  1. The Democrats are stinkingly bent on taking down America in exchange for a couple of immoral dollars and their phobia for decency

  2. To Sterling Chisolm – Biden may have done something immoral – but not illegal. There is a bill in Congress now to prevent this from occurring again, but I doubt it will pass as it prevents Congress from enriching its members. The money had been earmarked by Congress for Ukraine. Trump couldn’t care less about Ukraine; he wanted dirt on Biden even though (as I said before) there was immoral behavior but not illegal. Holding back the money to get his “investigation” into Biden (after we already know about the immoral, but not illegal shenanigans) is extortion, plain and simple.

  3. Build the wall; voting with photo ID only; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; english language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas; revert to back our $ with gold; cancel the security clearance of all former Obama hold overs…. This is what we must do next !!!;

  4. The US Constitution is the most important document penned ever by human hands (except for the Bible).
    Our founding fathers and their wives spent years of praying; arguing and debating until they came to this document
    They knew that it was not perfect so the they included article five. Now we have 27 amendments to date. It is a shame that so many people do not know what the constitution means to us, the right it gives to us and what the government can not do.
    That is why I am handing out a pocket version of it to all the people I come in contact with. I also took from Hillsdale Constitution101 and 102 so I can talk to people that are interested and want to know more.

  5. Kind of interesting in all of this impeachment inquiries that it is O.K. to impeach a sitting president for wanting to know about corruption in another country before we blindly give them our tax payer money. Second, does the fact that Biden is running for president in an upcoming election give him immunity from investigation,…when he and his kid stepped over the line when he was Vice-president under Obama? Kind of what the Progressive Left tried to do to shield Hildabeast. After paying close attention to the bogus impeachment hearings all Trump has to do is ask the American public are these the kind of people you want to have a hand in running our country? Welcome Barr. I rest my case.

  6. That’s a heck of a lot more then $50,000.00 a month for a place on the Board.
    Hmmm, how much went to Creepy Joe???
    Perhaps we should be sure to have President Trump get reelected in 2020 and Just
    Perhaps more Swamp Creatures will go down.


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