BREAKING: Trump Makes Shock Russia Announcement. The Truth is Finally Revealed.

March 20, 2017 1:06 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – America deserve to know the truth and since the media has proven it will push it’s own agenda at all costs, Trump took matters into his own hands to ensure the FACTS are getting out, not fake news.

Early this morning, President Trump released a series of tweets taking the Democrats to task for pushing the fake news story that his campaign was working with Russia. No proof of any collusion has been presented by the Democrats.

James Clapper was appointed to be the director of national intelligence by Obama, and he resigned at the end of Obama’s term. If he admits there is no evidence, then there is no evidence.

The allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia never made any sense, and the Democrats were never clear about the relationship they thought existed. They were intentionally vague because there was no evidence of any relationship.

It is not even clear what President Trump is being accused of. Was he a Russian agent? That is clearly preposterous and would be far-fetched even in a spy novel. Was he bought off by Russia? Why would Trump agree to this since he took a huge pay cut by becoming president?

Instead, the Democrats left the allegations vague so that the American people would assume the worst. President Trump has absolutely no reason to work with Russia. There is nothing he could gain from that relationship.

President Trump claims that the real purpose of the fake allegations was to sway members of the Electoral College not to vote for him. The Democrats knew the only way they could get away with a subversion of the will of We the People was if it was implied they had to protect America from foreign influence.

The narrative of a Russian connection continued to be pushed so that the Democrats did not have to take responsibility for their defeat. How weak do they think our system is that a foreign power would be able to completely subvert the process and elect one of its agents president?

It may be that Democrats have a hard time believing a politician can be genuine. The corruption in the Democrat party runs so deep that they cannot fathom a politician just wanting to help the American people. He must be bought and paid for since all the Democrats are, but, in the case of Donald Trump, this is just more FAKE NEWS coming out of the mouths of liberal liars.

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