BREAKING: Trump Makes Massive Move To Destroy Illegal Immigration Forever

July 15, 2017 12:08 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Immigration is arguably the most animating principle of “Trumpism.” Millions of people elected President Trump to do something about our illegal immigration policy.

Now, it looks the administration is finally getting down to the nitty-gritty. A 13-page internal memo from the Department of Homeland Security has been released by the media that states that the federal government may begin deporting illegal immigrants without a court hearing, via Dennis Michael Lynch.

This would completely reverse the current rule that states that only immigrants who have been in the country less than two weeks and were caught within one hundred miles of the border can be turned away without any sort of due process.

It is highly likely that judicial activist groups will protest these changes by saying that the immigrants rights are being denied. This of course is nonsense. Illegal immigrants are not U.S. citizens and therefore are not entitled to enjoy our rights and protections.

The one addendum to the possible expanded powers of Homeland Security is that the rapid deportation of illegal immigrants can happen anywhere in the country so long as they have been in the country less than ninety days, via New York Daily News.

Groups like the ACLU have already come forward to protest this policy change, which has yet to be implemented.

The great problem facing federal law enforcement these days is the fact that certain municipalities and counties are not obligated to inform ICE and other agencies about the release of criminal aliens.

This means that federal enforcement agents have to perform possibly dangerous house calls, many of which are useless because the illegal immigrant in question has already been tipped off about an upcoming visit from federal agents.

The state of California has already made a decisive move to flout federal law by calling itself a “sanctuary state.” If implemented, this new law would bar state and local agencies from cooperating with their federal counterparts when it comes to immigration, via LA Times.

Republicans have counter-punched against such nonsense by threatening to halt federal spending to sanctuary states and cities, while Congress recently passed Kate’s Law. This law, named after Kate Steinle, the victim of an illegal alien who had already been deported numerous times, would increase penalties for illegal immigrants who commit certain crimes, via The Hill.

The time is long overdue for America to take its borders back. Immigration should be completely decimated with order and true justice.

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