BREAKING: Trump Issues New Order to DESTROY Obama’s Legacy. Do You Support?

May 18, 2017 7:01 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Obama’s legacy was built on a foundation of lies and corruption. President Trump is removing the “hope and change” veneer and revealing its rotten core.

Former president Obama wielded the IRS like a scalpel to attack his political enemies and the American people. Taking after Communist dictators, Obama used the IRS to force his will on us. Now, President Trump is defanging the IRS and freeing Americans from government control.

In an executive order, President Trump has ordered the IRS to stop enforcing the “individual mandate” included in Obamacare which forces citizens to purchase health insurance.

The individual mandate was a Communist-like scheme where Americans were forced to purchase health insurance — if they didn’t, they would be fined the cost of the product. This created a tightly-controlled market.

The individual mandate was essential to the success of Obamacare, and it was quickly dismantled by President Trump. Officials in the Obama administration refused to admit that it was a tax, but the Supreme Court ruled otherwise.

While arguing that the individual mandate was not a tax, the Obama administration revealed their true intentions. Democrats argued that compelling Americans to purchase a product was permitted under the commerce clause of the Constitution.

The commerce clause allows Congress to regulate markets between states. Democrats argued that this clause also applied to individuals who are a major component of state commerce. Essentially, the Democrats were arguing for constitutionally-backed Communism.

According to the Democrats’ logic, any commercial activity can be forced onto American people by the federal government, ending the free market. Luckily, the Supreme Court rejected this interpretation, preserving our ability to use capitalism and preserving American freedoms. Unfortunately, this also allowed Obamacare to remain law, as the Justices interpreted the individual mandate as a tax.

In either interpretation, however, the individual mandate is anti-consumer and anti-American. Our country was founded on rugged individualism and free-market trade. It is the choice of an individual — not the government — to determine if they want health insurance or not. This should be true of any other product or purchase.

Obama relied on the IRS as the police to force his Marxist schemes. However, President Trump has taken away much of the power of these unelected lawyers and their tax department. GOOD.

President Trump is siding with the American people over government. He reversed a ruling where individuals were forced to pay for a product they did not want — restoring the free market. Thank you, Mr. President!

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