BREAKING: Trump Fans Move To Take Down Shepard Smith – Let’s Support Them

July 19, 2017 9:22 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Fox News has remained a trusted source for news as other stations crumble. However, their reputation will start to suffer if they keep shifting left.

Fox News host, Shepard Smith, let loose an unintelligible anti-Trump rant on Friday’s broadcast, leading many supporters of President Trump to demand Shepard’s firing. The overly emotional anchor has no business at a legitimate news network. (via Truth Feed)

One thing is certain. Fans of the network want him to pack his bags and go somewhere else.

Shepard Smith would be much more comfortable over at CNN or MSNBC. These stations would be happy to air his emotionally driven and factually-devoid rants against President Trump.

During Friday’s broadcast, Smith crossed the line, and revealed that he cannot be trusted as a journalist. Without evidence, the Fox News reporter accused Donald Trump Jr. of lying about his meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Donald Trump Jr. claims he did not remember meeting the Russian lawyer — and without evidence, Smith accuses him of lying.

Smith makes this bold assertion insinuating that Trump Jr. is covering up a conspiracy because an interpreter was present in the meeting.

However, Donald Trump Jr. reminded us that he held the meeting with the Russian lawyer before the Russian conspiracy was in full swing. Russia was not being talked about everyday like it is now.

Meeting a Russian last year held very different implications than it does this year. Additionally, Trump Jr. held thousands of meetings during the course of the election campaign. It is unsurprising that he forgot a meeting that yielded no new information.

Yet, the closet liberal at Fox News thinks he is able to uncover the true motives of Donald Trump Jr. He thinks Trump Jr. lied, and not just forgot about the meeting. However, Smith has not offered any evidence to support his conspiracy theory.

This is not journalism. This is pure opinionated drivel that has no business at a respectable news agency.

If we wanted to watch idiots lying about President Trump we could head to our nearest airport and watch CNN.

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