BREAKING: Shocking New Info Released About Michelle Obama. Does This Change Your Mind?

April 24, 2017 11:26 am  

(Angry Patriot) – The media would have you believe that the Obama family was the most transparent administration our great country has ever seen.

As usual, they are wrong. The media is unrelenting in their quest to bury the truth. A brave investigator has uncovered a startling string of evidence, and has concluded that Michelle Obama was born Michael Robinson. (via USA Info)

Patriots, this is just another brick in the wall of lies and deception. The mainstream media should be held accountable for their cherry-picking. We live in a culture where the truth is undervalued.

If our society doesn’t value the truth, then we will continuously be misled. It is so easy in our great country to be deceived, lied to, and manipulated. How do we fix this rampant problem?

We need to support President Donald Trump. Our president has done great justice by exposing the lies of the mainstream media. The odds were stacked against then-candidate Donald Trump, but he persevered, and he is proof that the mainstream media does not have the stranglehold over our country that they once had. However, the swamp is still thriving.

The establishment has buried the issues and defended the mainstream media. They have a symbiotic relationship where they both trade life-sustaining nutrients to stay healthy and alive. We should be outraged that the cards are stacked against us.

We cannot let the previous administration get away with the lies and the corruption. If we let them off the hook, then this will set a dangerous precedent for future politicians. We should demand that the mainstream media report all of the facts.

Patriots, do not forget. We should not have to demand the truth. The truth should be given to us like the air that we breathe. Why do we constantly have to confront lies and deception?

Where was the truth during the Fast and Furious scandal? Where was the truth during Benghazi? These scandals go unresolved, and every day that these crimes go unpunished, the country is harmed.

The American people have spoken, and we do not want any more scandals. We made this request when we chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. We make this request every day when we talk about the ignored issues and the scandals.

Patriots, the tides of change are coming. Donald Trump will hold the media accountable, and we will once again have a great country. We cannot forget the past, or else we will be doomed to repeat it. We must make sure we prevent the Democrats from gaining a majority in the Senate.

The Democrats will do their best to undermine us. The mainstream media will help them accomplish this task, and the establishment will remain complacent. We need to stay vigilant, and we need to be prepared for their lies and tricks.

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