Breaking: Roger Stone’s Legal Team Releases Statement On Anti-Trump Lead Juror Tomeka Hart – They Are “Determining Appropriate Next Steps”

(Gateway Pundit) – Corrupt Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson last week denied Roger Stone’s sealed motion for a new trial.

As reported earlier by Cristina Laila — according to the February 5th order issued by Judge Jackson, Roger Stone cited a problem with a juror, however his motion was denied.

The details of the juror are unknown because the order released Wednesday was redacted, however, Roger Stone’s defense team in November tried to strike down several potential jurors who were overt Trump-hating leftists.

Several potential jurors in Stone’s case ended up being Trump-hating, Obama-era officials who admittedly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 so Stone’s lawyer’s tried to strike them as potential jurors. But Amy Berman Jackson wouldn’t let that happen.

One of the potential jurors actually had a husband who worked in the DOJ and played a role in the Russian collusion hoax that ultimately took down Roger Stone — and Judge Jackson allowed her to remain as a potential juror!

One juror is a far left Beto O’Rourke donor who wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post following the verdict against Trump with his jury of far left peers.

And another juror was a Democrat candidate for office in Tennessee.

Lead Juror Tomeka Hart has a history of anti-Trump rhetoric and her social media is littered with Trump-hating conspiracies.

This same juror is a Trump-hating conspiracy nut.

Above: Roger Stone, Tomeka Hart

Here are a couple of her tweets.

This juror is a complete far left nut.

Via Mike Cernovich.

FOX News reported on Thursday morning that the Roger Stone legal team put out a new statement this morning referencing the fact that Tomeka Hart, a key juror, I believe the foreperson of the jury overseeing the stone case posted about William Barr on her Facebook page,has attacked the president.

President Trump even tweeted about this obvious political scandal.

Ed Henry, “Stone’s camp just put out a statement to Griff Jenkins are diligently reviewing the new information to determine any appropriate next steps.”


  1. WTG Judge Amy! You can’t dismiss jurors based on who they vote for, you f***ing idiots! Read the Constitution, although you illiterates probably can’t read it!

  2. Amy Berman Jackson should step down immediately!! People like her should not even be judges!! Mr. President, please PARDON Roger Stone! This is ridiculous, when someone like Andrew McCabe, who lied like a rug, gets away with LYING, and he’s supposed to be protecting Americans, but they want to lock up Roger Stone and throw away the key??!!
    When are people going to wake the hell up and see what’s happening? The hypocrites, liars and cheats will get what’s coming to them. God will see to that, if not our court system here on earth.

  3. Not only does a new trial need to be ordered, the acknowledged far leftest judge should not only be removed from hearing this case, she should be removed from the judiciary for her well recognized highly partial decisions in this and other high profile cases. She is an embarrassment to the bench.

  4. with this kind of evidence they should get the judge thrown off the case. She is obviously prejudiced against Stone and Trump. She has no business trying this case.

  5. This fed judge seems to allow her bias to show at all times. Apparently the Roger Stone case isn’t the first time this glaring problem has shown itself. She has a history. From day one in THIS trial she appeared to be part of the prosecution team! The examination of potential jurors in Federal Court is the responsibility of the presiding judge. Either several of these jurors lied to her or possibly her questioning was inadequate or…she was just plain bias against any thing to do with this president. In all probability at least one or more of these “prosecutors” were involved in the bogus Mueller investigation. They knew that this whole thing was/is a sham and still they try to hang this guy. Then they misled their own bosses on the sentencing request. There is enough blame to go around for everyone involved in this!

  6. It ALL MAKES SENSE NOW- You are a sorry ass ,crooked, lying P.O.S. !!!!! I hope you Lying sacks of sht BURN IN HELL !!! Tomeka do you not have ANY MORALS ?? YOU ARE SCUM ….. YOU DON’T PLAY WITH PEOPLES LIVES LIKE THAT . I pray that God shows you some REAL KARMA – because SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD YOU W I L L PAY . It’s SCUM LIKE YOU that are dividing this country .

  7. A juror who has served on ANY criminal trial that went to a verdict SHOULD support that verdict. Since criminal verdicts MUST be unanimous and beyond a reasonable doubt, what would be wrong is a juror who DIDN’T feel strongly in support of the verdict they voted for, whether it was “guilty” or “innocent”. All the juror’s quotes here are after the trial, so that isn’t bias, it is knowledge from the facts presented at the trial. Biased statements would be determining guilt or innocence BEFORE hearing the facts at the trial.

  8. Judges, prosecutors and juries can be as bias as they want provided the judge exerts their control over the process and no one calls them on it. I, personally caught a prosecutor pulling illegal and unethical tricks and the judge refused to do anything. From that, the prosecutor is now a disbarred lawyer along with the defense attorney who sad on his hands during the whole process. The judge retired before a complaint was filed.

  9. This is classic grounds for a reversal of any conviction. But as pointed out the “Progressives” (i.e. Democrats) do not care about integrity.

  10. As long as the traitorous democrats are allowed to get away with the corruption there will be problems. They All need jail time or worse.


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