Breaking: Peter Navarro, Member Of Trump’s Team, Just Dropped A Massive Report On Election Fraud That Proves Trump Won

( Exclusive) – Peter Navarro, a member of President Donald Trump’s team, has just released a third report from the 2020 presidential election, and this one proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he won the presidency in 2020.

According to Gateway Pundit, the Populist Press published a piece on this report from Navarro explaining that Trump was the rightful winner and has had the election stolen from him by Democrats and activists perpetrating voter fraud on a massive scale all across the country.

Of course, those of us with fully functioning brain cells already knew this was the case just by looking at the evidence that existed. This is something judges in the key battleground states have seemingly refused to do, opting to throw out lawsuits concerning fraud as soon as they were filed. Guess they don’t care too much about election integrity.

Volume 3 of the Navarro Report is designed to serve as a capstone to what has been a comprehensive analysis of the question: Was the 2020 presidential election stolen from Donald J. Trump? In this report, we provide the most up-to-date statistical “receipts” with respect to the potential number of illegal votes in each battleground state,” The Populist Press report said.

“The broader goal of this final installment of the Navarro Report is to provide investigators with a well-documented tally of potentially illegal votes on a state-by-state and category-by-category basis. This tally is presented in Figure One on the next page of this report. Note that each number in this figure has a corresponding endnote identifying the source of the number. Note further that we have taken a conservative approach to the count of potentially illegal ballots,” the report continues.

“In considering these truths, let us never forget two things: (1) The Democrat Party and its operatives stole the 1960 Presidential Election – it happened then and it can happen again; and (2) it took decades for historians to finally acknowledge the 1960 version of the Immaculate Deception in the face of the same kind of virtue-signaling and cancel culture pressures we are witnessing today,” it said.

Here is an image that displays all of the irregularities and illegalities according to states that were provided in Navarro’s report:

The report goes on to call for a complete and total investigation into this particular matter, even with the impending transition of power — which it issues a call for a “peaceful transition” — so that we can get to the bottom of who perpetrated this voter fraud.

As a matter of fact, the DOJ needs to immediately appoint someone as Special Counsel before the Biden administration starts. State legislators and Attorneys General in the battleground states, especially GOP states, need similar investigations to get to the truth.

If we don’t take these steps right now, our election system might be permanently compromised. This means we will never, ever be able to trust the outcome of an election ever again. The chances it will be rigged will be super high. Americans already struggle to have faith in the system. Let’s now allow it to get any worse.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. As Orn Eagle stated there’s a volcano erupting all around us. We running out of time. Leaders want to hopelessly repair the Republican Party, may be by late 2022. 75% Conservatives, 25% Others. What a way to start our new republic. SCOTUS may take Sidney Powell’s cases but won’t act on it until October. Leader are coming up with these ‘great ‘ plans as if we have all the time in the world. Others want to investigate this or that while our freedom and liberty is disappearing before our very eyes. Don’t they realize
    we are being hoodwinked? The game is over unless we are now, not later.
    I pray someone is listening.

  2. This section of law came to my attention when it was reported that the FBL had arrested a man, journalist Douglas Mackey, for tweeting about the election.
    “Title 18, US Code Section 241 states unequivocally that it’s “unlawful for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States.” They silenced our legal vote, our constitutional right.

    Under this law the people in Georgia who pulled fake ballots out from under the table should be prosecuted along with all the other people who counted illegal mail in Ballots in VA and other states.

  3. Thanks AG Barr, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnel, Mitt DeElecto, Liz Cheney, SCOTUS John Roberts and all the POS RINO’s in the House and Senate as well as some of the Federal Judges that Trump assigned! Your Legacies will show your cowardice and Treason!

  4. I agree. Thank you.. I am printing all of this n all the other eveidence that was dropped on this matter.. American report. Go to duckduckgo n type it in. Won’t come up on Google (of course) click on HAMMER SCROLL DKWN FIRST HIGHLIGHT LINE CLICK ON THAT N IT TELLS U ALL where data went what time the I.P. then click on scorecard. After videos it shows u how many in each of the 6 states. But I’m printing this all n I am sending it to all of the SUPREME COURT JUDGES WITH A PETITION FOE REVIEW OF FRAUD. THIA IS OUR LAND. BIDEN IS A TERRORISTS, RACISTS, SEX TRAFFICKER , TRAITOR, HE US DESTROYING US!!! N I HAVE HAD IT!!!

    • DO NOT CONCEDE. DO NOT SURRENDER. The corruption and fraud is obvious and no matter what these traitors do to make the election seem legit; it is NOT. It must be overturned any way possible! What we all need to realize, is what the hypocritical racists, and aspiring totalitarians, are what Democrats have become. The only moral principle they are guided by is the old Bolshevik saw, “the ends justify the means.” They will say anything however false and condone anything, however criminal, which advances their goal of maximum power!

  5. Looks like you whiny fucks needed to concentrate less on flags, rallies, boat parades, and truck parades; and more on getting votes. This bullshit about voter fraud is all that POS chump could come up with, and there’s so much booze and meth in your brains that you couldn’t see what was really gong on. I bet I could pick 10 of you, put a round each into your brainpans, and I’d hit less brain cells total than the number of rounds I fire.

    If he did such a great job, why was his legal team thrown out of court on their asses for every single case they filed? Surely out of all those conservative judges he appointed, at least 1 would have sided with him if he had a leg to stand on?

    I’ll bet you all had an excuse why you couldn’t go fight your civil war at the Capitol, though. Bunch of keyboard warriors pumping urine through your veins. Hmph.

    • Uhmmm pretty sure it was your team whining every day for the last 4 years. What you fail to realize is that you will never cheat, riot, loot, or burn your way to victory. If you have to cheat to win, you’re still a loser. Be sure to leave your Biden signs in your front yard so we know where to siphon gas when it’s $8/gallon.

      Ohhh the cost of your epipen just tripled? Well, at least there’s no more mean tweets and we’re now banned from saying ‘China virus’

      You morons will cut off your nose to spite your ugly faces and be none the wiser.

      If you expect us to believe a guy who couldn’t get 1000 people to watch his live stream, couldn’t poll higher than 2% in his first 2 runs for president, couldn’t get 50 people to a rally, suddenly got more votes than any candidate in the history of voting, I’ve got some swamp land for sale in Florida. Real cheap too.

      I can’t wait to watch the pendulum swing back your way. Gonna be awesome to see all the pussy hats and ugly crying faces of the people dumb enough to think this man is going to do anything to fix a system he spent 50 years building. God damn y’all are dumb.

    • You wouldn’t last one day in China Bob because they require work from their servants unlike your party of democrats and derelicts .

    • You’ll be the first one I seek out to skull fuck the minute the shooting starts you cock sucking maggot. You communist motherfuckers stole an election you fucking Marxist piece of shit!

    • You’ll be the first one I seek out to skull fuck the minute the shooting starts you cock sucking communist piece of shit

  6. It is not the responsibility of the people to prove fraud ; it is the responsibility of state government to insure election integrity, and in the critical battleground states, THEY CAN’T !
    By the way gang, have you ever heard of sarcasm? Rocket surgeon is a combo of rocket scientist and brain surgeon. Anyway, you don’t have to be either one to smell the fraud. And the Left is laden with skunks !!!

    • I agree. The burden of proof should be on the election board to prove that results are correct not the other way around. No proof then no certification!

  7. My thoughts on the hand recount 3 times. Can you change a $100 for me. Sure! Teller hands me 5 bills. These are all ones? Can you recount that again. Nope still only $5 dollars. I want my money. Well you need to recount. ME…
    WHERE IS MY $95.00 I counted it three times!

    • The paper ballots are not what people think. If people used a voting machine to cast their vote, a sheet of paper with a barcode is printed. So unless you speak barcode, you don’t really even know what the paper receipt says. Once the machine spits out the barcode, that isn’t going to change. The issue is – what does the barcode actually say? You need another machine to interpret the barcode. It’s a horrible system that can easily be hacked.

    • But you were given counterfeit money from dead people, and added money that had been also recounted with no checking of the names or signatures from the money you received or if they were even legal or from out of state…re-added each time with out checking if it was real money. Any honest person knows this was Election fraud or there would be forensic tests done, hiding something?

    • You do realize that there was not any hand counts in the contested counties, correct? Holy shit, do these leftist people read?

  8. My friends, I have read every post here tonight. I want to say this to you. Read Psalms 37. Trust the Lord. Are hope is not in man, but in God. God’s schedule, His timing is not the same as man’s. There are things going on that we cannot see. Not only is this a physical battle, but it is a GREAT SPIRITUAL BATTLE. Those of you who truly know and serve God, please pray. Those of you who don’t know the Lord, I would suggest you might want to get to know Him. God, has shown me that He is in control, and there are things that must come to past first. God loves this country, but remember this country as a whole turned it’s back on God. So we are now having to pay a very costly price. But God is still in control. Repent and pray for this nation, and be still and see the Salvation of the Lord.
    God bless this nation.

    • While I do believe in God and Jesus, most of us don’t have a couple of thousand years to wait for justice that is needed today.


    • If your wife is being raped in front of you, merely praying for her is not the loving thing to do.
      These evil democrats could not take Trump from America so they took America from us.
      Not too distant history should alarm us to the bad intentions of those who hate freedom and God-given unalienable rights and what they would do to us if we let them.
      Pray for sure but back your prayers with action.
      Cancel ALL your accounts with those who have exhibited their anti-American willingness to silence dissent.
      Prepare. Do all you can now to defend yourself and be an asset to others.
      Support those who are taking a stand.

  9. I always found it interesting that in the county I live there were 136,812 votes for Biden and 26,142 votes for Trump. The problem with that is we only have 41,324 total people that live here. Even a news channel reported this and it was taken down from their FB site. But I’m not on either side, I’m just telling you that something in this election got completely messed up. How this wasn’t headline news and there was not a recount is absolutely beyond me. Again, these are the statistics that current stand. I knew it was pointless to vote!

    • The news stations were in it. They wanted Biden. Anything against him wasn’t reported it’s hard to believe that many people were in on it. Trump messed up their plan when he won Hilary was suppose to bring all this in 4 years ago

    • What county? When I do a duckduckgo search for “41,324 people in county 136,812 biden”, I get some weird results with those exact numbers, causing my BS detector to ramp up:
      “As of December 20 there have been 136,812 people tested for COVID-19 in St. Lawrence County”
      “Wednesday, San Diego County reported 247 new coronavirus cases, bringing the region’s total to 41,324.”

      I always find it interesting, if not oddly coincidental, when specific numbers like that pop up and I assume that a bot operation or other misinformation/distraction campaign is in progress.

    • “If the Senate moves forward with an impeachment trial it violates both the Constitution and the historical precedent which would turn into an even bigger debacle for Schumer.”

      Now the democrats are the violators of the law and Constitution THEY AND THEY ONLY SHOULD BE IMPEACHED. The evidence is mounting that they are lawless and serve the god of self.

    • Data does not lie. In Ariz. 56 thousand under age people voted because the dems stole via the DMV application information and voted in the names of the unknowing young people between 16 and 18 who applied for a drivers license, 6 thousand people voted multiple times.

      In Wisconsin 36 thousand illegals voted, 2 thousand people who voted live in vacant lots, all with an over 90% turn out.

      In North Muskogee, Michigan, they had a 782% of the registered voters participation . In Leland 461% participation and in Detroit 141 % participation and the rest of the state had between 90 to 100 % participation.

      In Georgia the Dominion machines weighted Biden’s votes giving Biden 28 % of President Trumps votes and an audit showed a 68% mistake record. There were enough ballots processed for EVERY voter to vote 2.5 times.

      This is just the tip of the data. There are film footage of the violations and thousands of witnesses, and the democrats say it was a fair and valid election, and if we say different we are domestic terrorists.

  10. What good is having all the evidence in the world? Our court system, including the supreme court, has failed miserably to do anything about it. Yeah we as patriots are asked to remain calm, and not to incite any angry protests. My question to you is this…What recourse do we the people have? Calm does not seem to be working.

    • Have you heard the fat lady sing yet??? If you only knew what was coming..Hang on ..The ride gets really good soon

    • We are in control I mean the Military in control give them time they have to get this right and they will get it right

    • Where was God when Cuba and Venezuela turned into the miserable countries they are today? Lenin and Russia, the czar and his whole family executed when they could have let them go. Trump and his family are lucky because this bunch act like they’re ready to do the same to them. Are we in the USA more important than other peoples around the world that are suffering under all these crazy leaders and their thugs that kill people on the streets?
      We should have stopped them years ago before they indoctrinated two generations.

  11. As far as wondering when QCumbers will wake up, when the universe experiences a heat death billions of years from now, there will still be at least some of these turds who insist that this is the real “storm.”

  12. “Those who believe in this often declare themselves sovereign citizens who are not part of the U.S. and therefore not subject to its legal system.” This would mean they all committed voter fraud since they’re not U.S. citizens, no?

    • They are State Citizens. it was a State Election Citizens voted within a County of the State. For example State of California puts the Ballot out, they do not come from Washington DC. they are not FEDERAL printed ballots, they are not US printed ballots.

      confusing matters like this tend to witchhunt sovergn citizens (Which you don’t define) and other innocent people.
      Do you DENY there are three constitutions? Republic, Teritorial and Municipal

      The fraud then is on ALL OF US, and thus the bad law is in fault not the voter.

  13. These people are seriously disturbed and need mental health interventions. I seriously worry for the rest of our safety from this. They all need some sort of help.
    Yeah, and on March 5th, when Trump again didn’t become president, they will say it will be the 4th of July, and after that some other random date…
    It’s like with Christians. Jesus is coming back. Anyday now….

    • Investigate and try to disprove that Jesus was who he said he was, I think if you commit to it you will be surprised. It most likely is Grace preventing His return!

    • Why does Christianity bother you people? Jesus teaches to love, to be kind, to forgive and more things quite opposite of hate and violence. If I wanted to start worshipping a hermit crab or something off the wall everyone like you would be supportive, but being a Christian threatens you? Must be some truth to what we Christians believe or there wouldn’t be so many evil spirited people going against us and our freedom of religion.

    • Jesus is coming again! He himself doesnot know the date. Nor do the Angel’s or the saints in Heaven. Only our Heavenly Father knows!

    • So very sorry, Mark; I will pray that you will soon be able to put away your mockery and your obvious pain and hatred for a faith and a steadfast conviction of right and wrong. For I see your pain Mark; I see it as a longing, a wish to belong and be able to stand steadfast in the face of ridicule and mockery.
      Jesus’ arms are wide open to you, Mark; He invites you to join us at His table: There’s always room for one more.

  14. How could they have let the election slip away like fucking noobs when they knew from a thousand fucking miles this was coming.

  15. This report proves massive election fraud, but does not prove Trump won. This report is written in the scenario that every illegal vote is for Biden. Likely, yes. Proven, no. Do I believe Trump won by a landslide? 100% yes. I live in Southern California, and I believe the state flipped for Trump, but no one is questioning CA results. I also believe there are many in the house and senate who are not legitimately elected. But proof, is not a tally of the illegal votes in swing states, but an ACCURATE TALLY of the LEGAL votes! For every race, in every jurisdiction, in every state in the country.

    • Each election fraud report had a note that the falsification was in favor of Biden. There were thousands of hundreds of fake ballots with just his name on them.

    • I agree Trump won by a landslide and Biden won by massive fraud. As Americans we have accepted fraud in some form or another, but a landslide FRAUD is a bit much to accept.
      Always good to hear from a Californian on the “ right “ side you know ?

    • Look at Election Integrity Project Ca……we’ve already filed a lawsuit on Constitutional grounds which should be the best way to win against our lawless representatives… taped for the Biden administration and the other appointed to a Senate seat that should have been by a vote.

    • What you describe leads to the situtation that the results can not be certified in these states and therefor Trump wins as most of them were Republican states.

    • 100% agree with EVERYTHING in this post.
      Lots of vote manipulation during the PA & CA distraction.

      Why is it so politically incorrect to ask someone to explain away some of these abnormalities.???

    • The democrat party has history of criminal behavior much more so than republican. This corruption cannot stand the China tampering to control the democrat party and the country is beyond imagination. I to live in the Communist controlled state of California and believe they will do anything to keep control. The well known vote harvesting and illegal votes.This party should be considered a criminal racket and the RICO act must be used.

    • I would ask you to look at this differently. If you were to remove all the illegal votes and just count the votes which are legal, it shows you that Trump was the winner. Every statistical bench mark for the lasts 50 years overwhelmingly went Trump. We haven’t even started discussing all the unconstitutional changes in voting laws in the battleground states. That alone should have called for a new vote. Dominion Voting systems, straight up created to manipulate the vote. It was in the manual. We also know they were connected to the internet, unlawful again. It goes on and on.

    • This election has exposed to us serious issues.
      The country has been controlled by the Deep States power; they can install anybody to be POTUS.
      Three branches of government have been compromised to the point that they need to be overhauled.
      Foreign interferences and influences overcome our national security.
      Intelligence agencies all have been compromised, no longer protecting our country.
      The military is also no longer keeping its Oath Allegiance to defend Constitutions.
      People are so widely divided that the chasm is impossible to bridge!
      Communism has taken roots and spreading in our country!
      China has openly invaded the US on all fronts but military!
      Do you think the Biden administration will be able to fix all these issues? or let it be the way it is?

    • Our Courts have been purchased by the likes of George Soros as well as the politicians who conspired with FB’s Zuckerberg. The Judges, Politicians, Law Enforcement, and Poll Workers –who actually have to take an Oath when they are hired or volunteer to work– are all guilty of KNOWINGLY committing Treason. Zuckerberg is guilty of suborning perjury and conspiracy to commit Federal Fraud. They will all be judged and they will ALL be hung or shot. There is no clemency for this level of calumny.

    • I too live in California and BELIEVE it flipped from to RED ♥️ When they called CA just after the polls closed that day I was FURIOUS!! We ALL know that Trump voters didn’t trust the mail in votes so we’re voting in person, but MANY Were in fear of germs so elderly voted by mail which takes longer to count. My parents voted by mail and that’s (2) for Trump, I voted in person LATE to avoid the crowds. Trump Won and is still MY President.

  16. looks like 6 days or 3 more months. Only living into dictatorships will people find the will to change. The world is now awake, millions protest, but here in America it’s typical treatment of events taking every freedom along with the thought that this election counted. This theft of freedoms, false propaganda while news cycle subjects die in days.

    • Trump is in charge Joe Biden is the illegitimate president of the foreign country known as Washington DC. If you aren’t on telegram yet that’s where everyone has moved to. Trump is in charge of the United States of America Republic it has been newly restored by Trump he is truly a brilliant human being

  17. What good is it? We can have a video with Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Soro’s, ect., admitting the steal, including paper trail with their signatures – – yet absolutely NOTHING will become of it…. No matter what evidence is accumulated, the judicial system refuses to take a long hard look…. We’re on a 2 system tier apparently… Those names up there, or anyone in association with the Democrat elite ALWAYS come out without a scratch…

  18. There truly is only one question to ask at this point, because everyone in the U.S. knows there was massive voter fraud:

    “Why did the proper government authorities not expose this voter fraud???????”

    • No, only brainwashed Nazis believe the lie the election was stolen. Those of use who use our brain cells know it wasn’t and that Biden won fair and square. But if you’re going to investigate changes made in election rules before the election…better include Texas and North Carolina, cause they did the same thing the battleground states did…

    • The government has become a fraud , the brainwashed progressive liberal filth in our country will claim otherwise.. they might just call you a Nazi which translates to American patriot with skin the game .

    • My guess would be, either they were paid or threatened. Maybe too much trouble I dont know. I know this is awful and no way in hell did that lazy basement dweller win.

    • I think every last one are corrupt and have each other on notice, tell and you are toast, nobody has the balls to be the first to make the break because it would surely be sabotage and no guarantee any would listen. I haven’t heard from Amy Comey Barrett, I thought she would speak up, but she is very new and probably feels like her observation of it all is more productive at this point.

  19. Where’s our military.? If they have the evidence of the fraud they have to take control of the government and reseat a new one. By the constitution right?

    • Yes correct.. I believe it’s going to happen in a matter of time. Righteousness will prevail! Reset about to happen be patient and hold on, and pray, pray, pray!

    • They have more evidence than just the voter fraud. And the military DID take control after the signing of the Insurrection Act on 1/14/2021. This is why the Pentagon refused to allow Biden/Harris or their “administration” entrance or access to any classified info. Biden was also denied the use of AF1 to bring him to the Inauguration, which is traditionally done. Many other discrepancies during the event. The plan was full arrests on the 20th but they had to stand down. Threats were made against the American people and time was needed to weed out the threats and disarm. We’re being told that the military have everything they need but have to follow a certain procedure to ensure all legalities are followed. Too many Americans are still not “woke” and if the military reveals what’s going on behind the scenes we would see the onset of civil war, again. It’s important for Biden supporters to see the truth first before the military makes their final move. Don’t worry; they WILL reveal all when the time is right. Not one EO has entered into the Federal Register so it’s all just actors and show. Have faith.

    • Why do you think they will be staying in DC until mid march? Big things will be happening before then…

  20. Hy!! I am italian. Here are so many groups of Trump supporters!! We cry every day and we are asking why our Potus can made nothing!!!! Where are the soldiers??? Why Trump, Pompeo, Wood and Flynn wroten every day so many drops????? Whats happens??? Is All a fraud????

    • It has taken a little extra time but it’s happening trust me. People must be awake and aware first. You know what happens if you pour a glass of cold water on someone that’s sleeping? It’s just not good. You must gently wake people up even though how bad we want it now.

    • The election was stolen , it wasn’t a fair election. It’s amazing how willfully ignorant the progressive trash have become . They speak of cunts and cults while actually performing disgusting acts with other men like Felix and Low iq .

  21. The election wasn’t stolen. It was a fair election. It’s amazing you cunts will believe anything the cheeto puts out there. He doesn’t care about you, hell he doesn’t even know you exist. You are all being played. Seriously seek help before it’s too late.


    • I’ve got some bad news for you…. The way you talk, sounds like you will need a therapist to get you through once the truth comes out.

    • Not taking the meds Felix?
      The proof is irrefutable for anyone with the intellect to read & understand it. I am yet to see Biden deny the fraud with just a modicum of evidence.
      As a measure of Joe’s reliability on facts, he thinks “Hunter is the finest man that I have met”

    • we watch on all the news outlets the numbers flip to biden and taken from trump..we all saw it..tens of thousands were fraud to biden..

    • We ARE seeking help.

      Seems that “military is the only way” though, all civilian avenues have been corrupted.

    • felix un plug yourself from your daily diet of drip feed shit from cnn and the rest,comments like that show your a simple hater and insignificant mind controlled plank your thoughts and opinions are not your own lil cuntface!

    • The one who needs to see a specialist is u bro. If u think biden likes u look at his first 50 hours. At least Trp put policies in to help Americans. If u were America u wouldn’t be against him. Seek help before u become antifa and have to buy a new unused dildo for the parade.

    • The election was stolen.. which is why there have been 81 court cases launched and none of the lefty judges will hear the cases. None of the evidence has been allowed to be shown in a court of law. If it’s on the record, they have to do something about it. And they’re not going to allow evidence on the public record.

    • The lack of cognitive ability demonstrated by Felix-The-Troll proves well enough that criminals committed ballot fraud and idiots believed the deception. Not a good reccomendation for you Felix. You’re on “the list” now. You’ve been burned and are no good to your masters anymore. LOL!

    • Nice language Mr “Righteous One”. I’m sure I’ll consider anything you have to say. Not. YOU WERE THE PROBLEM.

    • Would you feel the same way if Trump had won and YOU were in the position Trump voters are today? I think not.

      And the use of gutter language, I.e., “cunt” should be beneath you. It only serves to make ppl discount anything of value you might say. Grow up pls?

    • I saw actual video in Fulton Co, GA of election official saying to find votes. Another official hurried up and told him he was being recorded and could be heard. They quickly scurried off. MSM will never show this.

    • All you are capable of is foul language you are definitely not a person to be listened to! You are also stupid!

    • I didn’t think election fraud deniers were still a thing. You are a complete moron. STFU, GFY, and then GTFO…

    • Save your breath. Most of these people are barely literate.
      I even have difficulty understanding their ranting.

    • Wow why do you have to be so ugly? We The People JUST WANT THE TRUTH! Are you afraid of the truth? Have you searched for the truth..are you seeking the truth! My freedom MATTERS to ME! Let the evidence that is there be shown/presented in court! What’s it gonna hurt if there’s “no fraud”! It’s not about Trump! It’s about our freedom PERIOD! God WILL PREVAIL in the end. I sincerely pray for those that are not “woke” and I pray they can handle the real truth about what the propaganda ain’t telling!

    • You need to quit drinking the blue punch and wake up to the truth. Biden is a Trojan horse, a figure head. Many are having buyers remorse and wish they’d voted for President Trump. God bless America and save us from the demons in power!!

    • Voter and Election Fraud is a well-established fact. Anyone who is a Voter-Fraud denier is either retarded, mentally ill, incredibly stupid, brain-washed and/or just plain old evil useful idiot moron of the Marxist kind…

    • Dont be a discusting puke .considering its people like yourself that are the biggest problem we have. You liberal morons are devoid of Intelect but the first to mouth off every chance you get. You live in a great country but have a narssisist brat attitude. You defile the bed you sleep in the clothes and the country you live. I bet you dont even vote.

    • Felix , either youve been duped by msm – and they are a controlled group of imbiciles by powerful money mongres or youre bisiting from Mars

    • you are deeply stupid if you believe that biden got 80 million legal votes from just winning 400 districts and in all of the other districts he underperformed both obama and hillary clinton, and obama had 68 million votes from 1800 won districts and trump won more than 2000 districts and the counted votes for trump are 74 million votes, more than any president in history! do you still believe biden won? it is statistically impossible for biden getting the number of legal votes he supposedly got!

  22. They are trying to pass a bill to steal any future elections. Check and look up “for the people”. This is not this side versus that side it’s about our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as AMERICANS. There is no DEMOCRACY left if our rights are taken away.

    • it is suppose to be a Republic anyway…it has never been a democracy. When we took money from England they started calling it a democracy. We are trying to get back our Republic that is the problem. They are trying to turn it into socialism then communism. They will take away our constitution and bill of rights and our country will be gone.

    • Pass a bill to steal future elections? What does that even mean? Does the bill say, “The Democrats hereby have the right to steal all future elections from the Republicans.”? Im a Republican, but that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • posting this to you so maybe queen can see it…..if Nancy Pelosi gets her Vote by Mail passed, you can kiss any Republican win goodbye. That is the easiest way to cheat.

  23. Why is there no date on this release? Lots of old information is being spread around and all it does is cause confusion.

  24. Poor brainwashed gravy seals. Your Cheeto Dusted Dingleberry lost and you still think the election was stolen. It’s sad
    You all need mental health help.

    • It does not matter what party you belong to you should care about corruption in our elections. If people are so sure that it was a fair election then why not let the proof be shown unless there is something to hide? I want to know either way and you should too.

    • Who do you think is brainwashed? The one doesn’t need to investigate accurately about the D machine and ballots printed in China or the one who wants to investigate. Common Sense.

    • you apparently aren’t literate or smart enough to read the article with the appended evidence before you made your brainwashed comment. As far as mental health assistance goes I would suggest that one would be better served to mind their own mental health before commenting on that of others. Trolls gonna Troll and haters gonna hate, and the liars gonna keep on lying. Peace Out!

    • Most people who need mental help will swear they don’t and someone else does. I think you into that category.

    • Not hardly, you learn your truth from CIA Operation Mockingbird media. You could do some actual research and learn that truth for yourself, but we know folks like you are too damn lazy to think for yourselves. Just be proud to know that while you’re driving around and living your life wearing a face shield, mask, and gloves to survive an illness with a 99.97 survival rate, all because the talking heads on television told you to, that we’re the cultist, not you.

    • Hillary lost yet you losers went on a 4 year Resistance Movement screaming like idiots in the streets. None of you accepted that election so why should it be different for the other side. Get a grip.

    • Why are you so hateful? A piece of tape over your mouth and a good shot of Valium would help you. Besides it would give our ears a rest.

  25. This isn’t GOP vs. Democrat and if you are still thinking like that then you need to catch up. This is Globalist vs. The Rest Of Us. Always has been and always will be, until we destroy the devils minions once and for all. There are more RINO’s than real “Republicans”…therefore most of the GOP is controlled opposition..they are on the same side. Ever notice throughout history that things like BLM and Pink Hats come out around elections…then disappear for the next four years? Campaign against wars, win the election, then expand wars. This is a very long puppet show and most people don’t study enough history to understand it and most people are so busy chasing shiny things that they just don’t care. Do you honestly think that all those “Republicans” who supported Trump impeachment without any kind of evidence, crime, or ability to defend yourselves are actually on the side of Freedom? Of course not. Do you truly think that Romney and McStain are/were republicans? Of course not. They are all globalist and they know that the United States and the second amendment is the ONLY thing standing in the way of their “Great Reset” which promises mega city sized concentration camps where you will never own anything and will always rent what you need from those who do own everything. If you haven’t already, read up on the World Economic Forum Great Reset, then REMEMBER that Tulsi Gabbard and the one eyed RINO Snake known as Crenshaw are major supporters. Crenshaw is simply the McCain replacement in this puppet show. Facts are our friends..and facts depend on truth, not feelings or wishes.

    • True. It’s Americans vs the New World Order A.K.A. socialist communism. And anyone who is for this progressive NWO is for communism in America. They have zero clue. I do wish more people would do some actual research on history.

    • You are absolutely right. Unfortunately, half of the Americans are already used to the Dems way of thinking. That’s why number one rule of communism is to manipulate their thinking. They are successful. The more intellectual you are, the more you would agree with what their so called politically correct agenda. This is very sad.

    • BS – the people won’t have any of that. That’s like saying they’re coming for your guns. BS the people won’t allow it. You are spending too much time following the Q’s, short for quacks!

  26. Last Sentence: Let’s now allow it to get any worse.

    How about, Let’s NOT allow it to get any worse.

    Fixed it for you.. are you hiring for an editor?

  27. In the Long Term view, Trump can easily win the Court of Public Opinion if this meme were a billboard.

    NOTE: There is an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF version at the link below that you can print out, and hang somewhere. and even send to your local and state representatives and senators. And print a few out and drop off at your local coffee shop and hangouts. Grass root, boots on the ground effort.

    Blue Democratic Cities – Nobody wants to live there, Hence, why trust votes from there?

    e.g. Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, D.C. and New Orleans.

  28. For your Liberal Friends and Family who say there is no Voter Fraud…

    NOTE: There is an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF version at the link below that you can print out, and hang somewhere. and even send to your local and state representatives and senators. And print a few out and drop off at your local coffee shop and hangouts. Grass root, boots on the ground effort.

    That is, before we look at voter fraud, why not look at the “general fraud of day-to-day city gov’t operations in a Blue City”?
    After which, we will get to voter fraud.

    e.g. Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, and New Orleans.


  29. be strong
    keep faith
    and pray
    it have millions of people around the world,like me from Austria, what pray for you.
    And in our hearts we are with you.
    It is not just about America, this is for the whole world. (my believing)
    And outside of America it have to much sleeping sheep`s.
    They don`t know how great your President Trump is.
    the just hear bullsh…t from our media about him for more than 4 years!!!
    I am sure he will be back very soon. Have trust and be patient.
    if i don`t believe it is over (and i be far away)
    how you could????

  30. Weak ass GOP needs to be replaced with actual patriots. Our founding fathers would be ashamed at what this once great nation has become. Career politicians on both sides are the biggest threat to this country.

  31. It’s hypocritical to think our guns are only for hunting or stopping burglars. To me, a polirical organization that conspires against me from afar is a direct threat to my survival. Just as much as a burglary. In the old days, when settlers found out the railroad was going to run through their living room, many formed groups, left home, and sought out the sob that ordered such a thing. This isn’t about revenge. It’s about duty and responsibility. The military helped bring tyranny to America. And history suggests we’re on our own. Better wake up and take action. Else you’re kids will be in the next holocaust.

  32. They are causing divide that will eventually lead to violence they have to let a non-Pardison evaluation of the election to expect the country to move on in a Honorable position

  33. If this was true, why didn’t the Republicans wage a major battle against these disgusting criminals? Biden is already destroying the country and Kamala will make it even worse. Neither one belongs in the White House and both need to be instantly removed.

    • Because we are finding out that most Republican elected officials are just as crooked as the Dems. They couldn’t stand behind Trump because it would expose them, so they threw him under the bus. They ALL need to go to jail!!

    • They did. The DOJ, fbi and The Left basically are all in on it. Money talks and bullshit walks.

    • Because people in this country need to see what the Biden administration is going to do to this country first and the country need to be unified before they lay the fraud evidence

    • They did but the courts are so corrupt that they refused to hear it all the way up to the supreme court. It’s not over NOT BY A LONGSHOT. keep shouting about your buyers remorse with Biden! GET LOUD! It’s needed to save the Republic. It’s not about Trump it’s about basic freedom and it’s not just about USA it’s GLOBAL! If the US falls the whole world follows. Biden is owned by China and Ukraine.

    • They hated Trump more than this nation. This is why we must never support these traitors again, but wholly support President Trump should he decide to run under the Republican party again.

    • The Republicans are corrupted and in the pocket of big corporations via PAC $$$ They need to be like Mat Gaetz of Florida. He accepts No PAC $$$

    • Because there were very few Trump supporters inside the Trump Admin. He had to deal with the Swamp while at the same time trying to drain it.

    • They’ve already tried. But unfortunately it showed us that the Republicans are corrupt too. Paid by chyyyyyna. Each of them who turned on Trump has pics surfaced with them.

    • They tried, state hearings bringing evidence just like this before the state legislative branches, they had the power to oversee the election and electoral votes. 80 court cases, 50 dismissed by judges who refused to even allow any evidence. 30 still pending. Supremely court, Chief Justice Roberts refusing to hear the cases or pushing them off part Jan 21.

      Plus MSM refused to even cover any possibility of fraud.

    • Because Trump needed to see who the traitors were- he needed to let this happen its all part of his plan- trust the plan

    • They did!! Nobody would look at it because the Courts, Judges, Governors, Sec. Of States in these battleground States plus the FBI, CIA, AND DOJ are ALL CORRUPT!!

    • It is true. The establishment Republicans wanted any establishment politician in the White House. McConnell, McCarthy, and their ilk crave power and use their positions to enrich themselves — President Trump was not good for their corruption. That is why House and Senate Republicans, as a whole, are not fighting with everything they have. We don’t need a new party. We need patriotic Americans to primary the corrupt people in our party. Joe Biden will continue to destroy our country everyday and all we will see are a few “strong statements” from our “leaders”.

    • We did try and the corrupt courts at all levels blocked us. Plus the media would not allow this news to be released and we were constantly vilified. Plus 100% of big tech erased us and the evidence each and every time it was presented. I was deleted in minutes after posting the simple “stop the steal”, meaning I was banned permanently. They called it a suspension but never allowed me a way out and would not respond to me.

      Wake up, the system of the Dimm party apparatus is corrupt and satanic and all the big players are evil and pedos.

    • I think the military has a Constitutional duty to remove any administration deemed to be fraudulently placed in office. Let’s hope this is true and happens soon.

    • repubs are also part of the club. the individuals being attacked for questioning this are the better ines but we truly dont know how deep corruption goes. even Mitch is included with the den of vipers…

    • Because 90% of the republicans are in bed with China, and hate Trump because he exposed their sham of screwing the American people.

    • Simple, it’s not true.

      60 lawsuits were brought arguing most of these things and all of them were ruled against. Here in Wisconsin by our conservative dominated Supreme Court and a Trump appointed circuit court judge.

      Nothing there.

      AZ and GA have Republican election officials. WI, PA, GA, AZ all had Republican legislatures that set the rules.

      Sorry, Biden really won.

    • Mike Pence certified a fraudulent election. WH was aware of the irregularities and foreign involvement.

    • Because this isn’t GOP vs. Democrat and if you are still thinking like that then you need to catch up. This is Globalist vs. The Rest Of Us. Always has been and always will be, until we destroy the devils minions once and for all. There are more RINO’s than real “Republicans”…therefore most of the GOP is controlled opposition..they are on the same side. Ever notice throughout history that things like BLM and Pink Hats come out around elections…then disappear for the next four years? Campaign against wars, win the election, then expand wars. This is a very long puppet show and most people don’t study enough history to understand it and most people are so busy chasing shiny things that they just don’t care. Do you honestly think that all those “Republicans” who supported Trump impeachment without any kind of evidence, crime, or ability to defend yourselves are actually on the side of Freedom? Of course not. Do you truly think that Romney and McStain are/were republicans? Of course not. They are all globalist and they know that the United States and the second amendment is the ONLY thing standing in the way of their “Great Reset” which promises mega city sized concentration camps where you will never own anything and will always rent what you need from those who do own everything. If you haven’t already, read up on the World Economic Forum Great Reset, then REMEMBER that Tulsi Gabbard and the one eyed RINO Snake known as Crenshaw are major supporters. Crenshaw is simply the McCain replacement in this puppet show. Facts are our friends..and facts depend on truth, not feelings or wishes.

    • You didn’t wonder why none of the courts would hear any of the cases filed? You didn’t wonder why a man that hid in his basement and never campaign just miraculously won? Do you ever wonder why Republicans always seem to be so weak and never stand up to the Democrats. All of this was planned well in advance. 90% of Congress are in bed with China.

    • Wow. This report was released weeks ago.
      Stop the delusion.
      Many of the very false allegations made were never once argued in ANY of the more that 61 lawsuits filed on Trump’s behalf.

      My pillow man should stick to hawking his toxic styrofoam pillows to people dumb enough to pay him.

    • Because the “swamp” also includes skeleton Republicans that want Trump out. Our only hope was for these people to grow a spine and back him but now he’s out and everyone who voted for Biden is totally regretting their fatal choice. Welcome to Communism.

    • Because the majority of the republicans are blackmailed and bought into the cabal. Should they fight, they would lose their standing, their position and their fortunes

    • because there are plenty of black hat republicans. This is not a R v L issue, it is a good v evil issue. Party politics are meant to divide you and they have. Reread George Washington’s farewell address.

    • Le contestazioni sono state presentate con tutte le evidenze già a fine novembre ma la corte suprema non ha voluto prendere provvedimenti.

    • What do you mean “If this was true”??? It was so obvious it’s ridiculous ANYONE would challenge the election wasn’t rigged from the SECOND they stopped counting… and Husain’s gutter thugs jumped into action!!!!

    • There’s no more republican party or democratic party… They are all deep state ACTING like there’s a difference between them. You’ll se it soon. Did you not see the difference between the people at the inauguration and walking down the street waving at people… “Dr. Biden’s shows are different and even here dress/coat have different patterns wake up …. It’s all fake we are watching a movie and it will all be explained sooner than later.

    • We have been in case you did not notice. Soc. Media supresses and msm wont say anything that helps us all they do is lie to everyone. We have been trying to get people to look at our evidence and everyone who hates trump just make fun and its been 4 years of these bullies. Its disgusting what they do. They are lieing to the whole country! And thats hard to deffend against….its called the deepstate people.

    • The Republicans are crooked too. It went this far so everyone of them had to show what side they’re on. The election was null and void due to the fraud. The military is in control. They’re all going to be held accountable.

    • Republicans are trying to go by the constitution and we all know who the media will blame for anything that happens just like the capitol but noone seems to care that seattle and oregon are both burning again. We arent seeing that on msm.

    • It is my belief neither are ‘in the White House’ Our election conclusion is out of GOP and Dem hands at this point, the proof of fraud must be presented within ‘due process’ – why TX objections were discarded while being acknowledge as pertinent and important by two justices. Remember, President wished for a peaceful transition, but never formally conceded. There remain numerous writs outlining election fraud before the Supreme Court waiting to be heard. At this point, our military is the custodian of our Republic and Constitutional process.

    • Because they are part of the swamp as well Robert. Not that hard to digest really. Pretty much all compromised to certain degrees, some more than others.

    • It is true and is painstakingly obvious the GOP were in on it. Just because the GOP didnt fight it does not make it “not true.”

      That kind of thinking is the kind of thinking the uniparty, yes R’s and D’s, want us to think. Quit looking at it is R vs D and see corruption and crimes for what they are. Corruption and lawlessness has no place. The R and D are designed to keep us peasants fighting amongst ourselves while the criminals are taking and destroying everything around us including our livelihood.

      Remember when the left screamed Bush was a war criminal, a racist, and a bigot? Remember when Colin Powell swore there were wmd’s? How many Bush administration officials endorsed Biden? How come Haden and Brennan are friends? How come Colin Powell switches “parties” after there were no new wars in the Middle East the past four years? How come we are putting troops back in Syria?

      Its time to wake up, and admit our political system has been corrupted from top to bottom. Everything the msm has been “reporting” on for decades and decades has been lies.

    • they did battle it, for 2 months in the courts (the right way)
      80 court battles and not a single judge would hear the evidence

      news media wouldn’t cover it at all
      social media censored it on all platforms and then banned all conservatives talking about it.

      politicians didn’t stand up because they are not working for the people

      the only answer is the constitution section 11.3 which gives the military the responsibility to take power, arrest traitors, hold tribunals, and execute those found guilty.

      it is the only way, and what you will see transpire soon.

    • These reports took 8 weeks to produce….months of research, investigating, high tech searches…this could not be done in a couple of weeks. I’m saying this because I have read many many articles and researched how this was accomplished myself. A highly renowned Mathematician also got involved and did his own research….millions of numbers and probabilities…and his research found that Biden’s numbers were IMPOSSIBLE.

  34. now you will learn what the 2nd amendment is really for ,and this is why they want to disarm us its the only way to stop them. But we must all be together otherwise they will single you out and hang you .Remember they use your tax money to control you and enriched themselves

  35. It’s time to open Hunter’s lap top folks … and have a look at what a criminal, pedo , crackhead has to say and photograph. This Hunter is a very sick POS. Child porno on his hard drive with him in it!!!!!

  36. Already on his first day in office Biden has granted illegals citizenship. He will also raise our gas prices soon. Sounds to me like a president really putting American people first. High gas prices and competing with others are things many Americans care about.

    • Biden and the other dems have never created wealth but they’ll more than willing to use yours and mine to promote their misguided policies.

    • Es indecente que el pueblo más admirado del mundo se haya dejado quitar la libertad, la estatua deberían de quitarla, los estadounidenses tienen que reaccionar ya.

    • Gas prices are already going crazy. Stopping the pipeline will keep them going upwards. It’s pretty clear Buffet and Gates had a ton of money in this election.

    • Well, there may be a few options, but I will introduce one. Remember POTUS talking about the crimes of Obama, Hillary and the Bidens, adding “We have it all” and stating he will “Drain the SWAMP”? Remember the year ago Senate impeachment trails about his Ukrainian “so-called” Quid pro quo phone call which in the process revealed some of the Biden family illegal activities with Ukraine and J Biden’s actual, on video Quid pro quo? Well, this up-coming Senate impeachment trial is about Trump’s “so-called” inciting an insurrection. Would that be a good time to reveal the ‘SWAMP’s” coup/insurrection attempts? Is that what persecutor John Durham has been waiting for? Would that be an opportune time to present some REAL insurrection evidence? I know, wishful thinking. But, perhaps…maybe? I guess we’ll soon find out. Hope it is.

    • The path forward is draining the swamp. Any politician who accepted the results without question, doesn’t have the American People’s best interests in mind. Democrats or Republicans if Election fraud is okay with them and are willing to just ignore it and carry on, need to resign or be primaried, they have broken their oath to the Constitution and the People. We The People will not EVER accept an illegal fraudulent election, our vote is sacred. We The People deserve to be represented, We demand voting machines be outlawed, we demand full independent audit, impartial commission, and ALL evidence publicly reviewed.
      Every single person involved scrutinized and appropriately charges laid, including the Judges. Big tech and mainstream media should be charged with election interference for their egregious behaviour. The people should call, email and write everyday demanding action, let them know we are not allowing this travesty to go unanswered. If that doesn’t work, call in the Military to uphold the Constitution and remove the illegitimate, belligerent, fraudulent government and redo the election, as the Law states they are obligated to do.

    • That is what I want to know, Wendy! Just posting here about our disgust is getting us nowhere. Let’s organize red states–secede?. That could get attention and put us at least on equal footing with the tyranny hoisted on us.

  37. Of course the election was fraudulent in the battleground states. ” If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…” You don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to figure this out…..The sad and ironic thing is, we must hope for his health…..The idea of Kackling Kamala sitting in The Oval Office should terrify everybody !!!!! But then from what he’s done just in his first three days, could it get any worse ?

    • I believe they have had a plan all along to oust Biden after a month. He is not cognitively there and they know this!! He’s on video signing EO’s saying I don’t know what I’m signing. And obviously has an earpiece in telling him what to do. When walking past some Marines he was told in his ear to salute the Marines and instead he said out loud “Salute the Marines” bc he couldn’t decipher whether he was supposed to say it or do it.

    • Kackling Kamala, perfect description. Your question,,,”could it get any worse”? answer…
      sadly, YES! ESPECIALLY when all the illegal immigrants arrive bringing their massive problems of trafficking,drugs, diseases, including COVID-19 and more! THE WORST IS YET TO COME! #IMPEACHBIDENNOW

    • Fraud didn’t only happen in the battleground states, fraud happened in all the states. The Democrats have done this for decades. There not for the people, there the party for themselves!

  38. The democrats and liberal news media is suppressing anybody that is against their win. Look at the news media already trying to stop the impeachment of Biden . Look at the language they use to minimize any threat. They are charging any republican with treason that had anything to do with the supposed insurrection. And this is not the end of it. No republican is strong enough to stand up against this oppression of facts. They have already bullied the supreme court into submission. Trump was the only one that could solve this problem and he was on his way ,but had no help from the lazy republican party members. The lazy republicans let him do all the work and take all the heat. Not one of them sorry souls did anything to help this country get rid of the corruption, instead they turned on him at the end in betrayal of him and this country. It is now proven that no one wanted Trump to clean up the corruption in this country and now they elected , thru cheating , the most corrupt president in history. With his executive orders pouring out every day, even people from foreign countries can see that he is trying to destroy this country both morally and financially.

    • I dont know anyone who claims cheating Biden as president. We have to write, call, email every rep in every state to right the wrongs done to this country by going ahead and certifying areas where there was clear cheating going on. It doesnt matter how big or how small a number of illegal votes. 1 illegal vote is enough to cancel your vote.

  39. If we have all this information why hasn’t it been given to someone that can do something about it before Wednesday. Rush Limbaugh would gladly blast it. I pray and hope that Biden won’t get in the White House

    • steven bannon on the war room is. he has the third largest podcast audience. i’ve been watching him every morning on real american voice network however the question is what do we do now?


  40. Not one court, or one Republican will stand behind any report or video evidence, not one has the balls to investigate the crimes that were committed, they are all spineless cowards and basically complicit with the criminals that stole the 2020 election. The Republicans will never win another meaningful election because they don’t fight and the Democrats will continue to commit fraud right in front of their face, and the Republicans are too stupid to fight for real Americans.

    • Biden did more than just sell America out to China! The deep state is very evil. Cabal mafia!!! Very dangerous and have been around 100/800AD. That’s what Trump all along has been talking about cleaning the swamp and stop human trafficking of children and woman. As you see Epstein got arrested, Maxwell and many other human trafficking rings under Trump for caught. The Democrats, a lot of Rhino Republicans, big tech and corporations, Hollywood and throughout the world is part of this sting. I pray the good guys stops this!

    • Ahh! Sadly I don’t think that is a feasible possibility anymore. Every one is against the President, he has been deserted, Christopher Miller has announced that he will announce his post, he was our last hope. If the President was planning on declaring Martial Law (which would be a great thing) his cover has been blown open by wapo and the demon-rats already thwarted that. The EBS message we were hoping for never came to pass. We are doomed, NY just passed the concentration camps law and it will be extended throughout the country. Our hope is in Our Lord Jesus Christ and we are ready to give our life for Our Glorious Catholic Faith just like thousands of martyrs of every century. We pray for supernatural courage and fortitude to remain faithful until the end. Our country was long overdue for a severe chastisement for all our cirmes, our time is up. Blessed be God forever!

  41. Not a dam thing will become of this mess. We the people have no say any more, and won’t have any in the future. Nothing but a bunch of crooks will be running thing’s. It’s a rotten shame the Country is in such shamble’s. Wouldn’t be surprised if anyone over a certain age would meet their dermise, voluntarily or forced. I just feel sorry for the younger generations future.

    • Anybody hear of a “Constitutional Convention” that would change everything and the Dems will not be able to stop it!

    • We must fight tyranny not surrender to it. Read the declaration of independence and see it isn’t a right it is a responsibility. Read the second amendment and see its purpose. We the people have the power if we stand together. Pray for peace. Prepare for war.

  42. I am patiently waiting for everyone to stop whining and start running for office, committees and commissions in their towns, cities, counties and states. The only way to weed out corruption is through active participation.
    An election is pending in 2022
    (if the Ds don’t cancel it .. to keep from being ousted… by intorducing a NEW PANDEMIC supplied by their buddies in the CCP)
    Once an election as HUGE as out Presidential election is CORRUPTED – we need action NOT complaints – START INFILTRATING ! – lie if you have to – run as a Dummycrap – just get yourself elected and document their actions and bust them !

    • DL Perrin, I’m not whining but it is a fools activity to continue to go through elections as they did in Georgia with known corruption running the process.

    • I believe that the later is on the way & wedo not have to stoop to the dems level and lie. We are truthful!

  43. Can not some legal action be taken before Jan 20th to suspend the transfer of power to Biden? Our courts have abandoned us? Can Trump authorize a military tribunal to review and rule on all this evidence, including Dominion computer-counters?

  44. The Supreme Court needs to get off their lazy rear ends and get the job done that they’re paid to do or get out right now and let the people get someone who is not afraid of the power hungry Democrats .
    American people deserve better than Joe Biden and all of his crooked buddies in the
    White House.
    He doesn’t even have the ability to give a speech without using profanity some where
    in it Cheating never gets you anywhere !!!!!!. GODS people will prevail !!!!!!!!!!!.


    • Only thing I can tell you is don’t listen to the fake news. It’s hard to find anything because as you know the internet is being scrubbed. The inauguration is fake.! DJT will be inaugurated on March 4! Trust God and be patient. He hasn’t given up on us! I promise you! You just have to really search for anything and everything.

  46. Like I’ve stated before… I’m going to call the dimwit…. President Stolen! I will not give reverence to his real name. He is not a real president.

  47. All of the Court Systems need reviewed.

    When the Chief Justice of the US Suoreme Court started this, they couldn’t even hear it?? Lack of standing? Lack of Backbone.

    Forget Breyer, if we ge Dems want a seat, let them have Roberts Seat..


    • Ron, it’s not exactly as you stated: the legislative branch is supposed to legislate—pass the laws, and executive is supposed to enforce the laws. The problem is the largest “branch” of government isn’t in the constitution, and that is the bureaucratic branch—all of the agencies and commissions that really do most of the enforcing at a huge pricetag to “We the people.”

    • Ron, first thank you so very much for your service. So, the question is when does the time for words stop and the time for action begin? I don’t know but the time is fast approaching.

  49. Those 20,000 guardsmen are there for a reason. Now, which side is that reasoning on? Protect who from whom? Trump ordered that as I understand it. Is it to keep what the Left planned to disrupt & blame it on Trump like on the 6th? That’s a lot of Guardsmen. I’d doubt than the usual BLM/Antifa types working for the Dems could muster up enough to need all that. For me, there’s something way more than that. Just what is it? I hope we wake up happy in a few days. Trump is always a step or two ahead of them, now just what is it. Or, is it in his hands now? He always has a plan. Don’t give up, we’re in the majority & always will be….

  50. This illegal inauguration should be stopped and put on hold till all this fraud and who was involved is discovered and appropriately arrested and charged. If the absolute truth is that our President…President Trump…did actually win the election, and can be truthfully proved and documented, then we the people want our president, President Trump to be formally inaugurated…we voted, they are stealing and making our vote uncountable…this must have consequences for all who have perpetrated this hoax

  51. Fraudulent corrupted election:
    200 000 more votes than voters.
    Fradulent corrupted inauguration.
    Fraudulent corrupted executive orders, government.

  52. We have known all along that the Dems stole the election – so have the various courts that have either refused to take cases or found some really stupid reason for ruling against election fraud issues. What good has it done? You know what, everyone in the Totalitarian countries that have fake elections know their elections are fake also, but won’t do anything about it! That is exactly the place we are now.

    What can we the people do about it? I can think of a way, but it is a solution that would be absolutely horrible. But it may come to that!

    • We can be spectators or resisters… The line has been drawn, everyone ask yourself what side are you on?

  53. Amazing the aspect or department totally supposedly dedicated to the function of justice chooses to ignore the open for all to see the theft of our presidency. We are truly now the new Venezuela.
    Pelosi and the FBI knew of the BLM causing the turmoil in the capital, yet the information was not allowed on the congressional floor PRIOR to the so called impeachment.
    I cannot understand why Vice President Pence choose to ignore the requests from the states who recognized the fraudulent elector certification in light of the valid evidence of massive voter fraud in their state.
    I cannot understand why Biden’s declaration on the media that Obama had put together a massive “voter fraud organization” for this election.I cannot understand how people can out in the open reveal their corrupted character and enable this known corrupted mentally declining person in the WH. I also cannot understand how a defunct democratic candidate, who could not get funding or more that 1% of the democratic support in the primaries, is now will be maneuvered by many layers of corruption into the WH.

  54. Now we need the National Guard to install an illegitimate president . The dems better hope these troops are on their side of the fraud …

    • The troops have a divided loyalty. They swore an oath to defend the country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I took the same oath in 1970. Back then it was obvious who are enemies were. Today our enemies are everywhere. Everyone blames the Chinese, they have some of the blame, but the real blame lies with our elected royalty, who go to Washington to line their pockets. The troops are just pawns in their game of winner take all. If something were to happen, what choice do they make. The command structure is very rigid. Do you fire on your fellow Americans, or do show show restraint and compassion for people wanting their constitutional republic back. Prefers are orders. I would hate to be in this position. The D’s and the R’s care nothing for us and what we want. Th big question is, what side will our troops follow????

    • …this ‘Volcano’ is reaching a point of ‘eruption’ and the ‘prosecuters or the people’ know it . Otherwise why would they fill their bastions of ill-gotten fortifications with the ‘troops of the people?’ This is not what time has shown to be a permanent situation; they best realize that? …but they won’t. They’ll try to carry-on with ‘their real insurrection’ which is held together with nothing more than ‘words-on-air’ which time shall deteriortate, come Hell or highwater…and maybe a bit of both?!

    • You’re spot on my friend.. a Marine friend of mine for years summarize’s the same view. He served early 80’s , I missed the draft by months thanks to Nixon .

  55. It’s very clear that the democratic party is after our freedoms the first amendment and the second amendment.
    It’s all so very clear we don’t have a DOJ are FBI that’s not partial to one party. If justice was there mission we would have pleanty of politicians, traitors , and people that work in governments capacities in our jails.
    No person in our government can wright a law they can break. And that’s very clearly abused by our elected officials and the directors of our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
    I met people today that are moving out of the United States.

    • Why can’t we divide the country now, the dem’s have their Evil leaders, and We the people Christians, form another party lead by Donald J Trump with a different VP maybe Gen. Flynn. The Patriot Party. I’ve seen a little posted about it

  56. So what is going to be done about it?! If Trump won, and it is proven, then why is Biden’s inauguration being allowed to continue?! Isn’t there a way to stop it?! Crime should not prevail! We millions of legit Trump voters should get what WE voted for! Justice is suppose to prevail!

  57. 20,000 national guard in DC to make sure this illegitimate mentally declining person who is proven to be a thief is put into the WH as a illegal president against the voiced will of the people of this country, a complete violation of our laws and constitution, a foreshadowing of the level of corruption of this administration.


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