BREAKING: North Korea-Linked ‘Lazarus Group’ Possibly Behind Global Cyberattack

May 15, 2017 9:36 pm  

(Gateway Pundit) – A hacking group linked to North Korea is suspected to be behind the recent wave of global cyberattacks, based on statements from security experts.

Computer security firms Symantec and Kaspersky revealed that they are actively looking into clues that suggest the Lazarus Group built the virus.

Clues found in code from an earlier version of the WannaCry ransomware appeared in other software crafted by the hackers. The Lazarus Group is suspected to also have been behind the 2009 Bangladesh central bank heist of $81 million.

The Daily Mail reports:

A hacking group linked to North Korea is thought to be behind the cyber attack that wreaked havoc across the globe, according to security experts.

Analysts from security firms Symantec and Kaspersky revealed that they are looking into technical clues suggesting the Lazarus Group created the virus.

Researchers from Kaspersky said: ‘We believe this might hold the key to solve some of the mysteries around this attack.

‘We believe it’s important that other researchers around the world investigate these similarities and attempt to discover more facts about the origin of Wannacry.

‘Looking back to the Bangladesh attack, in the early days, there were very few facts linking them to the Lazarus group.

‘In time, more evidence appeared and allowed us, and others, to link them together with high confidence. Further research can be crucial to connecting the dots.’

TGP will give more information when more information is available.

Reuters also reporting on this:

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