Breaking: Milwaukee Trump Supporter Arrested For Brandishing A Gun At Black Lives Matter Mob That Was Surrounding His Home (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – A Milwaukee man has reportedly been arrested after pulling a gun on a mob of Black Lives Matter supporters who were surrounding his home for several hours.

It is currently unclear who the man is or why the mob was at his house, but he did have a “Trump Train” flag hanging outside.

Members of the mob claimed on social media that their actions were justified because he is a “racist” and has a confederate flag. The flag was not seen in the videos, but an American and Trump flag were hanging prominently on the front of his home.

In livestream footage of the incident, the mob is clearly seen stepping on to the man’s property.

“They went specifically to his house to protest him for ‘being a racist.’ The homeowner was arrested, and the crowd remains outside. They seem to have gone on his property. WTF Milwaukee?” Kitty Shackleford, a Twitter user that archives riot footage, tweeted along with videos.

After the mob was outside his home for more than two hours, police arrived. As they entered the man’s property, the rioters cheered for police and called for the man’s arrest, yelling about how he had a weapon.

When the man was taken outside, seemingly in cuffs, the crowd went wild.

The militant leftists were threatening the man saying that he was going to have big problems if he dared to step outside.

As they threatened him, shined lights into his home, and pranced all over his property, he pointed a shotgun out the window.

The person who called for the “protest” livestreamed the mob outside the man’s home for several hours.

It does not appear that any members of the mob have been arrested.

Both livestreams can be viewed here in full. The arrest begins around the 33 minute mark in the second video:

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to the Milwaukee Police Department to ask about charges and find out if any of the militants who trespassed and threatened the homeowner were arrested.


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  4. This man should sue for false arrest and go after those who arrested him and those who support his arrest. He should sue them for Trillions and DEMAND that they be removed from and barred from any and all aspects of law and all levels of Government office for LIFE and that includes appointed or elected office be it local(city), County, State or Federal.

  5. I suspect the home values in that neighborhood just went down quite a bit. I would never move there, even if the house was free. If this is Milwaukee’s best, I would avoid the entire city!!!

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  7. Well, this is just another sign-up poster for your nearest friendly neighborhood White Supremacist organization. The negro is digging himself a very deep hole that he thinks he will bury ‘Whitey’ in. He forgets one little fact: There are a lot more Whites than black.
    I have go on line and read some of the ‘White’ stuff, and I believe that [what they say about] the negro’s antics and motives for same are starting to look right, bad as I hate to say it. As a young man, I had believed that we are all the same; but that first day in boot camp started to open my eyes. I feel badly for the decent, hard-working, law abiding Black man or woman, or anyone else decent, because they will get caught up in this whole manure storm, and will probably be the ones to bear the brunt of this sordid chapter.
    If hind-sight is 20-20, then I believe that as soon as the first slave arrived on this soil, he would have been hustled right back to Africa. The plantation owners would have hired White people-and would have been better off for it. Ayyup!!

  8. Notice a lot of jail house tattoos on the “Organizer”.. As well as a lot of the women he had with him with the tats. Also had a great had a great dialog. These are some very articulate
    individuals. My only problem is I didn’t get Ebonics as an elective in school. It is hard to believe in this country this group of people can put together such a blatant display of ignorance. The pathetic part is they think they are improving the situation.

  9. the democrats batl these sickos out jail a voe for biden is a vote foe harris to be president is this what we want for america i hope not along with open borders this is a disgrace and the democrats promote and support it

  10. The only “racists” still around are members of the KKK … oops, misspoke I meant members of the BLM. There’s really no difference between the two. Both were created by Democrats as a military arm to keep their party members in line. Both wear hoods, the former white hoods, the latter black hoods. Both are violent and will kill if your have a different skin color than they do. The only REAL difference is BLM is a bunch of Karl Marxist Communists that want to turn the United States into Venezuela where we the people have nothing and a couple of thugs running the government have everything. Yep, that’s what I want for my grandchildren! How about you? Sound good for the people in your family too?

    • Absolutely true!
      The democratic party has been the root cause of social injustice for many years in this country. They can hide their corruption and fabricate stories all they want, but as hard as they try, they can’t change history. Their track record will always be damning to them.
      What confuses me is the fact that many people who have suffered as a direct result of their failed policies still continue to support them. I guess its the “dangling carrot” syndrome.

  11. All of the facts aren’t in yet, but apparently, Mayes, of the Black Communist Movement, has been identified as a member of a mob who set fire to another residence, burning most of it.

    Mayes, based upon information I saw (Timcast on YouTube) was the leader. The mob believed two missing children were in the house, and based upon this, “probable cause,” set fire to what appeared to be an occupied home. This, after the requisite hours of screaming and noise assaults with a bullhorn.

    I realize things may be different in, “Milwaukistan,” but those acts constitute Felony Arson in most places in the free world. Lest we forget, the current definition of “racism” now encompasses, “those whose opinions or beliefs differ from yours.”

    We don’t know what transpired inside the home when police arrived, therefore we aren’t privileged, as of yet, to the totality of the circumstances. I’m neither prepared, nor willing to criticize an already beleaguered police department.

    With that said, if the officer simply caved to the mob, and knowingly enacted a baseless arrest, “following orders” (of the police administration or City Clowncil) didn’t work in 1945, probably won’t fly in 2020 either.

    My principles won’t allow me to hide my support for the president and the true democracy. Being a “gray person” (invisible) is probably the smart move. For me, it’s the two, prominently displayed Trump/Pence signs in our yard. No mob will trespass onto my property, particularly one lead by an avowed Marxist arsonist, and threaten me or my wife.

    Get out there and VOTE! And vote IN PERSON! Not just for President, sweep aside those willing to do ANYTHING to prevent serious, positive change and progress in our country.

    Tap…tap…tap. Waiting for, “The rest of the story. ”

    TRUMP 2020!

  12. Wisconsin has a “stand you ground” law, so I don’t understand why the homeowner, and/or renter was arrested. He didn’t discharge the weapon just pointed it at the crowd. See how they always spin things around so it looks like the one who was trying to defend him/herself is almost always in the wrong? This BLM is garbage and everyone (in general) is getting sucked into the rhetoric.

  13. This crap CAN be stopped right now. Pelosi said do whatever it takes. The democrats are so corrupt that violence is all they have left. BLM is NOT about black people – it is a political movement. BLM is no longer a peaceful organization. Democratic states are allowing the violence (promoting it?) because it suits their agenda. In 2016 they wanted to take your guns. Now not only do they want to take your guns but they want to force socialism on the American people. Soros has bought so many democratic DAs and local politicians that now the laws are distorted. The democrats control the media. Now the democrats are saying if Trump wins there will be violence. Democrats want the power back so they can continue their corrupt ways. Pelosi is plotting to walk into the oval office. The democrats have done nothing to help the people. Citizens are getting hurt and you bring children to a protest that could turn violent. That goes to show how stupid the protesters are. Instead of breaking up an illegal protest the police arrest the homeowner. Welcome to socialism.

  14. It does seem like everyone wants law and order, but only when it agree with their opinion of what the law should be. Now the law in most states says you have no right to brandish a gun in response to a protest if it is down town or in front of your house. Now it does seem that so many persons are afraid of black persons or their supporters, now I would call that border line racism in every respect. The big question is would the person do the sme thing if it was a Conservative group protesting in or around their home.

  15. Milwaukee? Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to NEVER spend one minute or one dime in that hell hole. Hey BLM, come on down South and try that crap in front of our homes. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  16. Those rioters should be rounded up & shipped out of the country. The Milwaukee police have violated their oath in protecting the homeowners right of property and gun use. The Milwaukee government should be shipped out of this country. If you don’t like it – LEAVE IT.

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  20. It is hard to accept how far we as a people have fallen. Our children via the school system which we have paid for have been trained to disrespect the value of others. Our government have stepped out side the lines of the guaranteed freedoms and rights of citizens giving our rights to people who have stolen into our country while negating ours. The personal political values have greater power, over those of the law, and they make us criminal to own arms to defend ourselves, our family and our property. Then prosecuted when we defend ourselves against those that by force intend to dismiss those “unalienable rights”. Yes we have fallen, and the left wants us to fall further and will push us over the edge.

    • If all of that is so, then why have you and every other White person done nothing about it? The scumbag politicians are only people; they were hired help, hired to do a job. I had people working for me. You did what was expected out of you and took your money; if you did not do your job, you got fired. Simple, isn’t it? So… Just get up off of your whiney, lazy derrieres and take a pro-active part in the electoral process. Hey Miller; you get what you pay for, dig? I have paid for EVERY one of my rights as an AMERICAN-the hard way! What branch have you served in? You want something worth having? Fight for it-and WIN!!

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  22. Getting very tired of these blm stooges instagating havoc and violence. And the Milwaukee police department arrests the victim!!! What in hell is wrong with these “peace officers” ???

    • It’s not the police officers…it’s those above them, many of whom have an “agenda”, who do not support them calling the shots…namely the Mayor, Gov. and Democrats. When a political party can influence the media to the extent it now has, the general public only has access to biased “news”. This, and the civil unrest is a tactic used to unseat a present form of government….unfortunately, the public may not like what replaces it….

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    • It is indeed – and that is exactly why I don’t let anyone in my neighborhood know that I am a Trump supporter. Thank goodness our state legislature is still mostly Republican. They have been able to stop much of the radical propositions that Governor endorses.

  24. they don’t do this in Idaho cause they know the laws here say, anyone threatening your property, your person, your family, your pets or farm animals can be taken out by Idaho law

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