Breaking: Major Error In Arizona Elections System Cuts Biden Lead

( Exclusive) – Every day it seems as though new errors and glitches are being discovered from the 2020 presidential election. In several states that have been highly contested, like Arizona and Pennsylvania, reports of irregularities and voter fraud have been flowing in daily.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden lost ground in Arizona after a machine error was discovered that took his lead from 10,377 to 4,202 in the state. The error, as a data analyst from ABC 15 reports, was a faulty upload from Greenlee County in which 22,110 votes were shown but the actual number was only 3,723.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs says the error has been corrected. ABC analyst Garrett Archer tried to downplay the mistake on Twitter saying that “it happens from time to time” and insisted that the results have not changed.

Somehow Biden’s lead in the state is back to being listed as 10,377. Is it any wonder why Americans have lost faith in the election process?

Arizona, like several other states have been hotbeds of fraud and corruption. Last week Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward told Newsmax of the wide range of issues being discovered to have impacted the election in the state.

She said that Arizona has seen a variety of issues including dead people voting, votes not being tabulated, and those from other states “being thanked for voting.” Things are most certainly not on the up-and-up in Arizona.

Fortunately, Ward has vowed to “turn over every election rock looking for slime that is infecting our election integrity.” Something that you would think would be a bipartisan effort but that has solely fallen onto Republicans to investigate.

Even if Joe Biden’s lead remains at just over 10,000 there is clear evidence that fraud has occurred and every single vote should be investigated no matter how much time and money that takes.

Our democracy is literally on the line right now and while Democrats are denying that there could have even been any fraud or corruption, Republicans are fighting to preserve America.

If Joe Biden finds himself in the White House come January, there will be a long list of problems facing the United States then that will eclipse that of the stolen election, if you can believe it.

Biden will be a puppet for China and the radical left. China has already issued instructions for Biden and Black Lives Matter is now apparently a legislative body that draws up bill proposals that they expect Biden to implement.

America is going to hell in a handbasket faster than it seems Republicans are able to fight against it. It would help if Republicans in Congress actually unified behind President Trump and stood in emphatic solidarity with him and the American people until this election mess is sorted out.

Nothing should be getting done on Capitol Hill until the American people can be sure that our elections can be trusted and still have integrity.

Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of democracy.

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  1. The democrats are supporting a Biden administration and announcing his picks for positions with confidence in getting by with the voter fraud that Biden stated himself was organized and managed by Obama. They say they are confident, BUT we watch as Biden selects the past associates that have open and proven track records of corruption and crime and abuse of their office for personal gain including this VP we can only whisper “God help us. The complicit corrupt media cover the corrupt history of these political criminals as they take a pious stance.
    The only confidence the American people can have is that the Biden’s administration if allowed to gain control, will be the most unabashedly corrupt and criminal ridden administration without embarrassment shame or restraint ever handed the power of our government. This political “Mafia” , established by Soros as well as Obama runs so deep, that they have NO fear of accountability.

  2. It is frightening how many people would sidestep honesty to support a ‘party’ pushing a senile, incompetent, compromised, anti American fool for POTUS.

  3. Our elections have been corrupt since F.D.R. take a close look at the Nixon/Kennedy election of 1960 the dead people voted along with underaged voters. Daddy daily said it was election day so come out vote and vote often. the bankers, and wall-street lawyer control who wins the elections along with big pharma and media like face fornication google titwiter

    • MrJ … Someone should tell you that your trite assessment of the election at this point is not over. The ass whoopin coming is going down on you, and the other fools, and stooges supporting a compromised, 40+year do-nothing, lying, incompetent loser.

  4. Not only have Americans lost faith and confidence in the electoral system in this country, they also have lost complete faith in the Main Stream Media, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and NBC.

  5. no error they just got caught and like always they are back peddling buy bringing down his numbers, its like when they get caught having dinner with a bunch of people in a restaurant with no masks or social distancing right after they say ” NO THANKSGIVING FOR YOU PEEONS ” and they are smirking saying i made a mistake im sorry which is code for : I DONT CARE AND WILL TRY HARDER NEXT TIME NOT TO GET CAUGHT

  6. “A 2012 study by Pew Center on the States’ Election Initiatives revealed that there are 24 million ineligible or inaccurate voter registrations on state voter rolls. This means 1-in-8 voter registrations are either no longer valid or invalid.”

    Now do we really want to enable the democrats to continue this kind of corruption ?

  7. “If Joe Biden finds himself in the White House come January, there will be a long list of problems facing the United States then that will eclipse that of the stolen election, if you can believe it.”

    Biden function would not be to resolve the Nations needs, or secure the Nations sovereignty.

  8. When there is clear evidence of fraud, how can the state even consider certifying the election results? If these faults have been identified, how can we be certain there are not more? How can anyone guarantee the elections were fair and accurate?

    Just some things to think about – which of course the Democrats never will because they don’t care if the elections are fair and accurate!

  9. watching the hearings of Pennsylvania voter fraud and right in the middle they cut to TMZ the most anti American tv show thats not a news network with out a single word about they were gonna do it so yes fox has gone down the outhouse sh!thole

    • The media along with Obama’s criminal enterprise are worried ,very worried . So they should be . Pray they don’t flee the country to avoid prosecution, you know democrats?


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