BREAKING: Liberals Launch HEARTBREAKING Father’s Day Attack On Entire Trump Family

June 21, 2017 9:55 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Nothing is too low for liberals. President Trump cannot even celebrate Father’s Day without being subjected to vicious attacks.

The left continued their assault on the First Family by attacking President Trump’s children after they wished him a happy Father’s Day. Bitter liberals refuse to leave Trump alone, even on a special day (via Dennis Michael Lynch). Despicable.

Donald Trump Jr. wrote a celebratory tweet reading, “Happy Father’s Day dad. Thanks for everything you’ve taught us and for fighting everyday to #maga. We love you. #fathersday.”

The president’s namesake attached a picture of a young Donald Trump playing with his first born son alongside a recent picture celebrating how close the two have remained over the decades.

However, even this good-natured message received considerable scorn from jealous liberals upset that the president’s son appreciates his father.

Liberal trolls resorted to baseless insults insinuating the president does not care about his children. Liberals have been convinced that President Trump is evil so they attack his character instead of his policy.

Nothing is off limits for deranged liberals who have whipped themselves into a frenzy in opposing President Trump. They now believe their own lies which are spread ad nauseam.

Supporters of President Trump reassured Donald Jr., informing him that the liberal haters were just jealous of his relationship with his father.

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka also received intense scrutiny for wishing her husband Jared Kushner a happy Fathers Day. “Happy Father’s Day! Thank you, Jared, for loving, encouraging and teaching our kids (and me!) everyday. We love you very much!” Ivanka wrote in a heartfelt tweet with a picture of her family at the beach.

Again, anti-Trump liberals dog-piled the young mother and began taunting her. The deranged Twitter users told Ivanka to prepare for her husband’s inevitable arrest. One user even questioned if this was the photo Jared would hang from his prison cell.

Liberals have gone insane. Losing an election revealed the hatred for America liberals always held deep in their heart.

The mainstream media encourages this barbaric behavior by constantly spreading lies about the President and encouraging hate.

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