BREAKING: Ivanka Just Made HISTORY at the White House. Media SILENT.

March 22, 2017 10:41 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – For months and months the Democrats have been calling President Trump and his family every insulting name under the sun — and once again the First Family have proven that they are FAR from being the racist bigoted sexists the left claims them to be.

Ivanka Trump held a dinner event for female entrepreneurs, and it was the first time Hispanic women have been invited to an event such as this. (via Daily Mail). The mainstream media didn’t feel the need to report this as they are still focused on calling the family racist and sexist.

These liberal lies are reported despite the fact that both Donald Trump and his family have always been open to helping people from all walks of life. The president has received numerous accolades for how much he has helped women and gays in the world of business.

Of course, the mainstream media does not report on the great things the Trump family is doing because their good deeds don’t fit into their narrative.

Ivanka rushed back to the capitol after she had attended the opening of “Come From Away” on Broadway with Canadian Prime Minster Trudeau. She barely had time to stand up and applaud the show before she came back to the United States to help her father, and her country!

She is clearly putting her life and soul into helping this country become great again. She is the First Daughter we’ve been seeking for years.

Her round-table discussion with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was a huge success. Later, an attendee posted on Facebook about the “inspiring” meeting, and she went on to say that it was an “honor” to share the table with Ivanka Trump. Clearly, these women understood that the Trump administration is NOT against immigrants — they only oppose illegals and those people coming from countries with massive links to terrorism.

They want to ensure that this country is united — and that means bringing ALL communities together, no matter what their race or skin color may be. This is why the administration is actively having discussions with groups from all different communities.

With the Trump family working so hard for us, it is about time that the mainstream media cut them some slack and let them do their jobs. Currently they are obstructing them at every turn, which is slowing down the process of uniting us as a country.

If they keep up these positive meetings, more and more Democrats will realize that President Trump has all of our best interests at heart.

Perhaps this backwards and bigoted thinking from the left is why they performed so poorly in the recent election. If they focused on the FACTS instead of their precious “narrative,” we could all start working together, and be inspired by the First Family.

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