Breaking: Ilhan Omar Supporters Caught Threatening, Attempting “To Dox A Somali WhistleBlower” Who Revealed Ilhan’s Crimes

(Gateway Pundit) – The Gateway Pundit was sent several updates last week on Ilhan Omar’s history of tax fraud and her marriage to her biological brother.

Our sources were hesitant to go public due to concerns of retribution from certain segments in the US Somali community.

What is interesting is that as Ilhan continues to deny her marriage to her brother there is clear evidence that she is lying.

Ilhan is pictured with her brother and husband in several previous social media photos.

The marriage certificate between Ilhan and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi has his birthdate as April 4, 1985.

This is the same birthdate used on his school documents.

David Steinberg reported at PJ Media on this outrageous corruption story for several years now.

It is also clear that her brother-husband Ahmed Nur Said Elmi has an almost identical name to her father Nur Said Elmi Mohamed.

Since this story started making the rounds again in the conservative media Ilhan Omar’s supporters and liberal reporters started stalking and threatening the whistle-blowers who broke this story on the corrupt Minnesota Democrat.

According to David Steinberg Ilhan Omar’s Somali supporters and liberal reporters from The Daily Beast and Mother Jones are trying to dox the Somali whistle-blowers.


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