BREAKING: House Votes 344 To 81 To Pass Incredible Bill, Conservatives Are Cheering

July 17, 2017 10:54 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – President Trump asked for an increase in defense spending, and the House came back with this stunning offer.

The House passed a massive defense policy bill on Friday increasing defense spending to $696 billion, exceeding President Trump’s request for $603 billion. (via Politico)

The defense policy contains many new spending items including a $6 billion increase to Navy spending allowing them to build five new ships.

Most importantly, the budget includes a 2.4 percent raise for troops, exceeding the 2.1 percent pay increase requested by service members.

The new defense policy is the first major effort to rebuild our crumbling military infrastructure. Republicans in Congress explained that this bill was essential to solve our readiness crisis.

In order for the full budget to come into effect, congress will be required to repeal Obama-era budget caps preventing increases in military spending.

The 2011 Budget Control Act blocked congress from allocating more than $549 billion on defense. This was part of Obama’s coordinated effort to undermine our military and standing on the world stage.

Previous attempts to increase defense spending were vetoed by the Obama administration. President Trump did not veto the legislation, but instead, aired some grievances.

The bill allocates more spending than was asked for in the president’s budget blueprint, and Trump is calling on lawmakers to make up the difference by cutting domestic spending. President Trump is attempting to walk the fine line between necessary defense spending, and a balanced budget.

Democrats, on the other hand, are throwing caution to the wind. They’re calling for an increase in domestic spending to match the increase in defense spending. They assume taxpayers can be milked indefinitely so they can buy off voters relying on social assistance.

President Trump understands the importance of a balanced budget. He is hoping that the increase in military spending can be paid for by cutting waste from other departments.

An amendment to the budget specifically prohibits the Pentagon from funding the much needed border wall indicating an upcoming battle in congress over funding for the wall.

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