BREAKING: Heartbreaking Announcement About Donald Trump. Please Pray.

March 21, 2017 1:30 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Today represents the most significant attack on President Trump’s presidency so far.

FBI Director James Comey confirmed to the House Intelligence Committee that the FBI is formally investigating President Trump’s connections to Russia, via Politico.

Even though Republicans control the elected branches of government, the corruption runs extremely deep, and they are going to continue to try to oust Trump from office.

FBI Director James Comey has clearly aligned himself with the Democrat party during the election and beyond. This should be all Trump needs to REMOVE the traitor James Comey from his position.

The fact that he said he found NOTHING worth prosecuting on Hillary is a complete disgrace.

Compound that with the fact that after immense public outrage over his initial decision and the opening of the Weiner investigation, Comey took only days to say there was still nothing on Clinton.

It was clear the Justice Department and every extending arm of it were completely corrupt when Bill Clinton met with then Attorney General Lynch, and only days later Hillary was found to be innocent.

Now, Democrats in our government have one of their own shadow operatives taking the stand to belittle our president to try to make him look foolish in front the entire country.

Their endgame here is to have Comey say there was no surveillance at all on Trump, something we already know to be untrue. Then, they will come at Trump with both barrels and demand that Trump issue an apology to Obama.

Representative Adam Schiff stated, “If he [Comey] publicly refutes it, I think that it sends a message to the president that he can’t make baseless accusations without being called on it.”

Dems will tee this one up and guide Comey down a very specific path to have the questions answered the way they want them answered, as will RINOs like McCain.

It is going to be up to Republicans who support Trump to unveil the truth and make sure they ask questions in a manner that will not allow Comey to wiggle out and skirt around the fact that there was in fact some type of surveillance going on even if it was not actually wiretapping.

We know the government was monitoring his finances as well as those of his close associates and employees. What our representatives need to uncover today is to what extent the government took to monitor Trump so the American people finally know the truth.

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