Breaking: Hand Recount Of Votes In Windham, New Hampshire Reveals Dominion Machines Shorted Every Single GOP Candidate

( Exclusive) – Ever since the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election, conservatives have been calling for courts and other state officials and leaders across the country to take a look at the mounting pile of voter fraud allegations to ensure that the integrity of our voting system is preserved and that our president was elected in a free and fair election where every American voice was heard and accounted for.

Liberals have spent these last few months spinning false narratives to paint up anyone who dares to question the results of the election as extremists who are knee deep in conspiracy theories and are on the brink exploding into fits of rage and violence. In reality, that’s BLM and Antifa, but hey, we probably shouldn’t expect the Democratic Party to suddenly stop being riddled with hypocrisy should we? That’s unreasonable.

One thing that the left keeps screaming over and over again is there’s no proof any fraud took place. There is, of course, but they refuse to see it or pay it any attention.

Well, thanks to a new piece published by Gateway Pundit, there is now proof that Dominion Voting Machines were definitely rigged against not only the president, but other Republican candidates as well.

A recent hand recount from the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race that took place in Windham, New Hampshire, has revealed that the Dominion machines shorted every GOP candidate by 300 votes. Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this is actual proof that voter fraud played a role in determining the winner of our election.

The machines had the wrong totals for 4 Republicans by almost 300 votes. This lines up with a lot of other complaints about how the Dominion machines changed thousands, maybe millions, of Trump votes to votes for Biden.

By now you’d think that errors like this would be solved by Dominion or investigated by the secretary of state, or an election board. Somebody somewhere surely is doing something about this, right? Yeah, that’s wishful thinking.

It’s also been revealed that Dominion Voting Systems owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote machines that were used in New Hampshire.

Something smells fishy, doesn’t it? We’ve all been saying for months now that something about this election doesn’t add up. Voter fraud is a real thing. It happens in every election, though usually on a small scale that doesn’t really impact things. However, this time around, it happened on a massive scale that may have cheated Donald Trump, and by extension the American people, out of four more years of the Trump administration.

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  1. We all know we were cheated out of this Presidency! What is so bad is, we are going to be cheated out of the rest of them from now on, and there is nothing we can do about it.
    Our rino Republican (so called) leaders, have cost us our future.
    Thanks guys!

    • How? We just did turn it around, but voter fraud put an end to that…and will from now on unless the Supreme Court gets it right this Friday. Our whole future as a nation just might hang in the balance!

  2. In poker the Dems have shown their hand and they have five ace’s now they are trying to discredit the rules and say five is creditable !

    • Many of those same democrats actually believe their own lies , just like their hero Hussein Obama, one lying sumbitch !

    • Isnt there a lot of “democrat/communist/KKK slave owner party” members in the ownership of Dominion,and a couple of other election stealing machine companies??

  3. Tea party is in the scam on trump and the peoples right to hear the truth they only lies posted what they what you to hear all lies this site is a commie site

  4. We are all doomed the only persons who can get the country back to its rightful state of justice and fairness is for the military to take charge or a revolution and their are too many chicken shits to stand grand not enough Patriots god help us

  5. Recount votes in every precinct by hand. This is not that hard and it will uncover the fraud quickly. Demand this of your own election officials. Volunteer to assist in the recount. We know the official machine count, all we need is the real numbers.

    • Yes our Governor should demand a hand recount through out the state of NH. Then maybe other states will follow. Live Free or Die is the state motto not live under tyranny.

  6. It has been there all the time, but people could not contemplate the severity not the factual existence of the issue, but it is out in the open now for ALL to see if you are not blind and apparently we do have a lot of blindness impacting the programed minds.
    The democrats gain power and abuse it.
    1. The democrats have cognitive or moral dysfunctions and are unable to differentiate the massive difference between POWER and AUTHORITY.
    2. They steal an election enabling China to determine who our president will be than challenge or silence anyone who speaks the truth with indisputable evidence of their theft which is beyond proven, have used their power NOT AUTHORITY to cancel the constitution and any other LAWS that inhibit their political ambitions. They nix the impeachment guidance of our former constitution on multiple levels.
    3. They mangle the immigration laws to the point they again put Americans welfare and America’s sovereignty in danger.
    4.They use their power to continue a illness that could have been minimized, denyingAmerican journal of medicine and Hydroxychloriquine medications which have been used for 60 years.

    Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine
    Hydroxychloroquine: An old drug with new relevance
    “Hydroxychloroquine is an immunomodulatory drug that has been used for 60 years to treat malaria and autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and inflammatory arthritis, and potential new uses and benefits continue to emerge. Toxicity concerns have been addressed with updated prescribing recommendations.”The democrats site toxicity but EVERY MEDICATION HAS SIDE AFFECTS THAT HAVE TO BE MONITORED. This therapeutic treatment has been used for over 60 years.

    Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine

    Thus they have used their power to condemn lives, but do not have the authority.
    6. False witness has been rampant in this violation of the Constitution, but that is no concern of the democrats who, as stated via their actions and words, the Constitution is no longer relevant or the law of the land. They have substituted their political will for law. deceptive use of tampered film which is specific violation of house rules.
    7. Use tampered with statements as evidence. We observed this manipulation of fact in the Russian investigation and in the first impeachment. Remember Adam Schiff’s lame fiction writing supposedly quotes from President Trumps conversation with the newly elected president of the Ukraine.

    They democrats have impugned or have lost total credibility, have condemned their voracity, have cried foul where no foul was to be found. They are a pathetic clown show.

  7. I hope Trumps impeachment lawyers use all the time they need to explain why the SWAMP was attacked on Jan. 6. They need to have whoever was going to show all the Corruption on election night in The Deepest Part of the Swamp today the Senate Chamber and go point by point how this election was stolen. Then after that they can show how all the Corrupt POS Dummyrat’s said much worse about America and her Patriotic People than Trump ever said.

  8. The democratic motto, “Crime pays”, permeates every action and word that they are involved with, from Obama’s corruption riddled administration, to Biden’s sadistic EO’s that do nothing good and are intended to harm America and Americans thus the counties of the world. And this is what we have to look forward to for the next 4 years and beyond because their Crime has paid.

  9. When a pig is being handled they squeal. The demos are squealing a lot and attacking the words they do not like. Their viciousness of of vitriol is so irrational that we must be very close to the truth. In fact, it is the truth that they are attempting to silence. Biden is not the President and his administration is illegal. The evidence is open for all to see except the demos/thieves are intent on keeping what they have stolen, what does not belong to them.

  10. The question that is upmost is, now that we know what was stolen from the American People, will we have what was stolen returned to us? That is the normal path. The thief DOES NOT keep what they steal. The thief is NOT entitled to keep what they have taken because IT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM. That they sole IS to be returned to the People. President Trump IS the president.

  11. We have to get rid of Dominion! We just can’t let this cheating continue. We have a right to have an honest election. But I fear the only way we are ever going to have it again is to impeach every damn Democrat and the RINO Republicans. It’s just too bad the electric can’t start impeachment proceedings.
    Hmmm it seems time for a convention of states.


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