BREAKING: Former Notre Dame Professor Who Said, “Damn The Unvaccinated” Dies After Receiving 3rd Covid Shot

( Exclusive) – If you’re a believer in “you reap what you sow,” and you should be, because that’s just cosmic, godly justice, then you won’t be surprised to hear about the story of a former professor at Notre Dame who made a habit out of attacking folks who opted not to take the COVID vaccine, labeling such people as “selfish,” and died after she received her third dose of the vaccine.

According to Gateway Pundit, Karen Croake Heisler, 67, received the first dose of the vaccine back on January 13, 2021.

“Just got my first dose of the vaccine. Never been happier to be ‘old.’ Now let’s get these vaccines rolling for everyone!” she posted on Twitter.

Then, on April 9, the professor tweeted out that she had experienced zero side effects after she took the second Pfizer shot.

Earlier this month, Heisler once again took to Twitter to share she took the third dose of the vaccine.

Just a week after getting the shot, Heisler began to experience side effects, and yet, despite that, she still managed to curse the unvaccinated.

Heisler then went on to post that her cardiologist tried to get her admitted to a local hospital, but stated no rooms were available because of COVID.

Just two weeks after she received her third vaccine, Heisler died.

The official obituary for her stated that she died from “cancer-related complications” on September 19.

A few of the former professor’s students took to Twitter to share their reactions to the news of her passing.

Heisler leaves behind a husband, a sister, and two sons.

This is far from the first time we’ve heard bad news about the coronavirus vaccine.

According to a report from WND, a top medical professional, Dr. Peter McCullough, has come out and stated that these vaccines need to be pulled off the market right now.

“As both a researcher and a practicing physician, McCullough has come to the conclusion that most deaths attributed to COVID-19 could be prevented with early treatments that have been suppressed by policymakers,” the report stated.

“In a slide for his Aug. 20 presentation – which can be viewed below – he argued the ‘COVID-19 genetic vaccines have an unfavorable safety profile and are not clinically effective, thus they cannot be generally supported in clinical practice at this time,'” the report continued.

“McCullough, the editor-in-chief of two medical journals, is a practicing internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and professor of medicine at the Baylor University School of Medicine in Dallas,” it added.

“He has 600 peer-reviewed publications to his name. Many have appeared in top-tier journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet. He is the president of the Cardiorenal Society of America, the co-editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine and associate editor of the American Journal of Cardiology and Cardiorenal Medicine. He has led monitoring safety boards in major drug trials,” the report said, reviewing his credentials.

This is no quack, folks. McCullough is the real deal and his words come with a great deal of weight and should be carefully considered.

Back in May, McCullough explained why he thinks the vaccines are too risky, especially when you take into account the fact that most folks have a 99 percent survival rate if they contract the illness.

“He testified to the U.S. Senate last November against what he described as the federal government’s politicization of health care during the pandemic, curbing or blocking the availability of cheap, effective treatments for COVID-19 such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin,” WND said.

This sad story is precisely why so many folks are hesitant to take the vaccine. We don’t really have enough data to say this shot is safe. People are just putting foreign materials into their bodies just because the government tells them to.

Not only is that dangerous for a person’s health, but it’s basically a death blow to freedom too.

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  1. I know a lot of people who have died from cancer. It usually takes months. Never heard of anyone dying in 2 weeks. Sounds fishy.

    • There was a man who took the ” Death Jab “, and died within minutes… Depends on the individuals immune system, and how strong it is… Some die within minutes, some within days, some take weeks, or months, but all who took it will be dead within 2 years as per the World’s Top Virologist

  2. Control and enforcement to do something does not go down well. This old girl was very into coercion and control, that is why there are no tears shed for her in any of these tweets.

  3. It’s lucky that American Conservatives are not Christians. Some of the comments on here are disgraceful. Threats of violence? Enjoying and mocking someone’s death? When y’all have your little chat with Saint Pete Lucifer will be rubbing his hands in anticipation.

    • It’s more lucky most Americans are NOT progressive liberal trash too fake teacher.
      Imagine a country with nothing but progressive liberal trash… where no one works and bums off others.

    • Hey look Chopperpilot, ol’ stupid is back … read what the dimwit has to say about mocking, HAHA … that’s all the moronic liberal whackos do … remember Rush Limbaugh, SEN Teacher? Go spread your ignorant slop to the flunkies who support China Joe and his clown show of freaks.

    • HEY SEN TEACHER with your uppity moral horseshit … A disgusting tweet from a veteran journalist mocking the murder of a top conservative politician has come under intense scrutiny.

      Liberal reporter Elizabeth Drew, a frequent guest on MSNBC, took to Twitter after the brutal stabbing murder of British conservative politician David Amess, with something she apparently thought was a joke.

      “A perfect last name for a pol who’s stabbed at a town meeting. British lawmaker dies after being stabbed multiple times while meeting with constituents, police say David Amess,” she said in a since deleted tweet.

      The man was brutally murder, laid in a pool of his own blood, and she somehow found humor in this.

    • Hey John , fake teacher and Joke Biden have something in common.. both can go preach their nonsensical BS to oBama’s cultists of queers and derelicts elsewhere.

    • Right on Chopper, if we could only weed out the crazies … life would be a beautiful thing for every person to experience. Pity though, greed and power fuels the psychopaths screwing up everything for all the rest of us. Example being toadies like the whacko liberal trash on this site … you know who they are.

  4. The following individuals are EXEMPT from taking any Covid-19 vaccine:
    1) All legislative branch and their staffs; 2) All judicial branch and their staffs; 3) All FDA employees; 4) All CDC employees; 5) All NIH employees; 6) all US Postal Service employees; 7) All Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson employees; AND ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!!!!!

    Is this NUFF said??

    • This tells us a hell of a lot, doesn’t it! they always want us to be accountable for what they won’t be accountable for!

  5. Maybe the CDC will get to use all those plastic coffins I have been hearing about! Democrats made and let this out and now they don’t have a clue what to do ! Of course they will throw some low level retard under the bus if the people call them out if people start dying! Or they will change the cause of death so they don’t get blamed. Like they did for this brainwashed idiot! That proved once again that professors really ain’t that smart! And are easily brainwashed!

  6. Now let me think about this. They are pushing a vaccine that is not a vaccine, but an experimental drug requiring all to submit.

    The information has been skimpy about the attributes or side affects of this shot, so let’s think about it.

    It does not prevent the covid-19 illness. Just as many cases of the illness, in spite of what the media say, are being reported either by the hospital , CDC or health departments.

    It does not prevent death of the fully vaccinated because these institutions are also reporting the deaths of fully vaccinated in generally equal numbers with the unvaccinated.

    This shot does not cure or prevent the spread of the virus. When contract as “vaccinated” people, because the vaccine does not allow our immune system to develop antibodies to destroy it, it stay in us and modifies our immune system making it unable to fight infections of other lethal illnesses. Researchers have found that vaccinated people are 20% more susceptible to cancer. And a vaccinated person is a spreader of the virus.

    Thus what does this shot do no matter which version of the shot you receive. it causes heart damage, inability to prevent blood clots, and as stated, it modifies the immune system so your body does not form antibodies to fight of other lethal diseases.

    So why the mandate? Do they want an army unhealthy so it is unable to defend out country? Do they want to put people out of work who question the validity of the shot so our economy and community services, such as medical services , fire fighters, and other local and national services fail?

    What do they (Biden) tell us? That it will keep us from getting sick. That doesn’t work.

    Keep the illness from spreading? That doesn’t work either.

    End the pandemic? That after 18 months hasn’t worked.

    Enable people to go back to work without fear ? That is not happening.

    Strengthen our Constitutional freedoms? Those freedoms are being evaporated or denied.

    Well is there any other therapy for this virus? Yes. India eradicated covid-19 with the treatment of Ivemectin which was developed for people before it was used for parasite treatment in animals. Also hydroxychloquine has been used for people with lupus for years and they are not dropping dead in the streets.Speaking of parasites who are mandating this shot. . . ., but we are not allowed to seek it out. Our doctors and hospitals are political science followers and refuse to administer even with a court order( in one case) allowing the patient to die .

    So what is the benefit of this shot? Good question!

    Allow tyranny to flourish? WOW! That has been the only aspect of this shot that is working!

  7. Really all???
    Dead is dead and we are all going to die! Some sooner than others! Let her lie/lay in her death! One thing is for sure, she won’t be voicing her opinion on the living anymore! Rest assured that there will be a replacement that will take up her venom and berate the unva

  8. Really all???
    Dead is dead and we are all going to die! Some sooner than others! Let her lie/lay in her death! One thing is for sure, she won’t be voicing her opinion on the living anymore! Rest assured that there will be a replacement that will take up her venom and berate the unvaxxed as much or more than she did!

  9. Chopperpilot; why do you always bring up Obama? I agree with you, he’s a crook. As far as I’m concerned you can take him, the Clintons and all the rest of them and lock them in jail right next to Trump, Trump’s kids, Bannon, Jones Graham, Bush, Barr and all the other criminals. I mean really? Obama? Please, lock him up. Stop raising names of wankers you think might trigger me to avoid actually ever giving any opinions or engaging in any debate yourself. My point stands: the death report says cancer, this article says vaccines is why the lady died, but then offers no evidence or proof to back this up. I’m all for alternative voices being heard, but there are some basic rules you have to follow concerning evidence, facts, accurate reporting of what actually happened. After that you are free to have whatever opinions you like about the facts, but you have to report accurately in the first place or it just becomes meaningless.

    • President Donald John Trump did NOT commit any crimes fake teacher.
      President Trump’s children did NOT commit any crimes fake teacher.

      If you have any proof of these so called crimes , WHICH you do not , please share them from your castle of wisdom.

      Btw, she died from the Chinese flu (covid) ,so what ..another dead liberal is a good it not fake teacher ?

    • Simply brain dead … tell us about the great Christian called Hunter Biden, Sen Teacher. We wonder how much crack Brain Dead Biden smoked with his racketeer punk of a son … how many were there ??? Prostitutes papa Biden bought, and paid for his trashy family of scum bags … and that includes the one called ‘Doctor’.

  10. Implement Controls: Send out clear guidance to all DOD healthcare professionals on risks of-vaccination myocarditis. Compulsory SARs-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination program should be immediately suspended until research can be done to determine the true magnitude of risk of myocarditis in individuals who have been vaccinated. We must evaluate and immediately implement alternatives to mRNA vaccines, to include Ivermectin (FDA approved 1996), Remdesivir (FDA approved 2020), Hydroxychloroquine (FDA approved 1955), Regeneron (FDA EU approved 2020). Review VAERS data for deaths from COVID for age-matched data and data from active duty COVID deaths within the DOD to perform a risk/benefit analysis.
    Lt. Colonel Theresa Long, MD, MPH, FS

  11. The article says she died of cancer related complications. Why assume she died because of vaccines? It goes straight from cancer to ‘she died of taking the vaccine’ in one leap. There are issues with vaccines, issues with coercion etc, but loose and easily takedownable articles like this don’t help the cause at all.

    • Similar to articles claiming your hero Hussein oBama is honest and trustworthy. We all know that’s not true don’t we fake teacher ?
      He is one helluva liar though, can we agree with that fake teacher ?

    • You are dim SEN Teacher … For starters, genius, no one with intelligence believes the TV news, they are LIARS … like the CDC, and quack Fauci the mass murderer. You are so gullible we laugh at you.

  12. Dam those that condemn for not taking the jab!! I read that Johnson & Johnson are saying do not give the shot to children!! What does that tell you??

  13. If people really knew the contents of the Vaccines, they would NOT have taken the JAB. The motive for Covid19, etc. is DEPOPULATION! Many have already died. Many will die in 3 months, many in 5 months, etc. None who took the JAB will be normal. Their mistake was trusting those who kept the necessity of it in their heads with every the FALSEHOOD available. The elites want one half of our population GONE so they can inherit the Earth. Their gripe is needing more distance for THEMSELVES. Many professionals who have BRAINS have already been revealing the TRUTH to those who SHOULD KNOW what they have allowed to take everything away from them by DEATH.

  14. Good another fraud loudmouth forcing their will on everybody else got karma served cold and fair and square another 100 million would be fine with me 2 starting with the unconstitutional democraps in our country and finishing with the rest of the nwo deepstatesmen

    • Wondering if Pete Butthead the transportation secretary freak is a Christian? On maternity leave with pay! What a sick bunch of worthless twits in the regime destroying America. What chance does the innocent children have growing up normal? What would Jesus say about that, SEN Teacher? BTW, this shows that not all professors are intelligent, like the one who just got her own karma handed too her.

    • Peter loving Buttigieg , Obiden’s derelict little queer and the Secretary of Transportation is on paternity leave with his queer spouse /wife whatshisname….

      Two men having children…YIKES !

  15. Why can’t this be discussed openly on social media? ‘Truth’ Investigations take time and require honesty and integrity. Understandable that it will take years to know the possible side effects of the vax. J&J doc says don’t give their vax to kids. What has happened to our medical professionals and the #1A in pursuit of truth?

  16. The original thought of the virus was to get rid of the old and infirm. that in itself tells you it is a probable killer. I refuse it, I am fine, I do not have “the covid” and I do not want or need the vaccine that I believe Fauci brought here so he could become a “hero?”. I do not want it nor will I take it. I believe it is going to be mandatory when Obama gets around to Biden signing the edict. I am not going to die at a young age, I am 78 years young. I have a certain list of vitamins and such that will help protect me. We have a Constitution that Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Waters and a few others have decided they have gotten theirs so they want to halt anyone else from succeeding in life so they can be the elite. GOD BLESS AND SAVE THE USA in spite of certain people who want to destroy us.


  18. Did anyone see the size of the needle that was put in plugs arm….and how fast they pushed it in?….things that make you go hmmmmm!

  19. I still refuse the chemical soup in a needle. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with a hypodermic. I may contract covid and die next week, but I’ll die free and not on my knees. How many people have willingly given up their freedoms for a little security ( or what they thought was security). Here’s my truth: I will not shame anyone for taking the jab. It’s their choice, but at the same time I expect the same respect in my choice. *Screw you Don Lemon. Shame all you want. You’re the real fool.

  20. KARMA A B***H!!! The Unvaccinated has nothing to do with you AH that are getting sick from the Covid or are dying from your shots!!! First off you FN vaccinated ppl are giving everyone the Delta Variant FACT!!!! You don’t hear us complaining boo hoo

    • The article doesn’t say that. It says she died of cancer complications. It doesn’t actually say she died because of the third vaccine dose, just that she’s had it. Obviously she had cancer.

  21. How ironic is that? What I find interesting is they reported her death due to cancer, heaven forbid it would be from the vaccine. But how many deaths from cancer were certified as COVID deaths? What liars!

    • Didn’t you hear? CDC is NOT reporting any deaths within the first 14 days of the jab as “covid related”…. why? They don’t want the DIRECT correlation between the jab, and the death. In other words, it’s a yuge cover up.
      70/day are dying from the vaccine.

    • It’s a criminal offence to intentionally misreport a cause of death and easily proven that you’ve done so. Why would the Corona risk it? Isn’t it the more likely scenario that she actually did die of cancer? Why add layers of complication?


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