Breaking: FBI Utilized Crack Addict Stefan Halper As Its Key Source To Spy Illegally On Trump Team In Its Attempted Coup Of The President – Wow!

(Gateway Pundit) – Breaking: Investigative reports show that Stefan Halper (pictured above) was the spy working for the FBI in the Trump campaign.

This big man and indicted cocaine addict was who the FBI relied on in its attempted coup of the President of the United States.

We know that Stefan Halper had an addiction to crack cocaine and records surrounding his arrest in Virginia in the 1990’s have been destroyed:

This didn’t stop the FBI from using Halper as a spy. Halper is widely suspected of being Source 2 in the IG’s report on FISA abuse. According to the Federalist reported that the FBI used data from Halper claiming it was reliable until the final Carter Page FISA renewal:

On the third and final renewal application, the FBI finally divulged that its informant, Halper, had previously been terminated because the FBI questioned his motivation for informing. The terms “opened” and “closed” in this case mean “hired” and “fired,” respectively.

“In or about December 2008, Source #2 was opened as an FBI source. In or about January 2011, Source #2 was closed as an FBI source for, among other things, motivation for reporting, but not for validity of reporting. Source #2 was reopened in or about March 2011. Since that time, Source #2 has routinely provided reliable information,” IG investigators wrote. The IG found no supporting documentation for this claim either.

On page 352 of the report, an agent told investigators Halper had been “closed for cause” in 2011, resulting in “interpersonal conflict.” The agent also said when he hired Halper again for the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, Halper was told this was his “‘last opportunity’ and that the FBI would not tolerate the issues that had arisen in the past.”

Again, this source, whom the FBI apparently had multiple personnel issues with in the past, was the source the FBI cited in its applications to obtain permission to wiretap Trump campaign associates.

The IG Report actually says this about Halper’s firing in 2011:

Source 2 was closed by the FBI in 2011 for “aggressiveness toward handling agents as a result of what [Source 2] perceived as not enough compensation” and “questionable allegiance to the [intelligence] targets” with which Source 2 maintained contact. However, Source 2 was re-opened 2 months later by Case Agent 1, and was handled by Case Agent 1 from 2011 through 2016 as part of Case Agent l’s regular investigative activities at an FBI field office. The FBI conducted human source validation reviews on Source 2 in 2011, 2013, and 2017.

So the FBI’s source to take down the President of the United States was a cocaine addict who had been fired from the FBI in 2008 for interpersonal conflict (drug addiction?), aggressiveness toward handling agents (related to drug addiction?), allegiance to the target of his spying (a drug dealer?), and then rehired on the basis that the FBI would not tolerate the issues that had arisen in the past.

It looks like Halper was likely still doing drugs into the 2000’s and the FBI was not going to tolerate it when he was rehired in 2011.

The DOJ IG went on to discuss various other points about Source 2 in the FISA report:

Halper was tasked with monitoring Page and Papadopoulos, and all these conversations were wiretapped:

CH team tasked CHSs to interact with Page and Papadopoulos both during the time Page and Papadopoulos were advisors for the Trump campaign, and after Page and Papadopoulos were no longer affiliated with the Trump campaign. All of the CHS interactions were consensually monitored by the FBI.

(Note when the IG says the interactions were ‘consensually monitored’, it’s been said that the IG means that the FBI’s source was aware of wiretapping, not the target.)

Halper did not have allegiances to intelligence targets:

Case Agent 1 said that when he reopened Source 2, he told Source 2 that this was the “last opportunity” and that the FBI would not tolerate the issues that had arisen in the past. According to Case Agent 1, since that time Case Agent 1 has not experienced any aggressiveness, and has not seen any indication that Source 2 has questionable allegiances to intelligence targets.

(Note it’s unknown what issues arose in the past other than his indictment for cocaine use.)

The Crossfire Hurricane (CH) Team engaged Halper this date:

Crossfire Hurricane Team’s Initial Meeting with Source 2 on August 11, 2016 Source 2’s involvement in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation arose out of Case Agent l’s pre-existing relationship with Source 2.

On August 11, 2016, Case Agent 1, Case Agent 2, and a Staff Operations Specialist (SOS) met with Source 2.

Papadopoulos’s name was brought up during this meeting:

Case Agent 1 told the OIG that the plan going into the meeting was to talk generally with Source 2 about Russian “interference in the election, what [Source 2] may know, and… to bring up Papadopoulos.”

Case Agent 1 added that the team used media reports concerning the release of emails and allegations of Russian hacking to frame the discussion.

The FBI conducted several HSVR’s on Halper, while it appears that none were performed on Steele?

The FBI conducted human source validation reviews on Source 2 in 2011, 2013, and 2017.

Halper had never heard of Papadopoulos before the August meeting, but he was tasked during that meeting to monitor Papadopoulos:

Case Agent 1 told the OIG that the team asked Source 2 about Papadopoulos, but Source 2 said he had never heard of him. The EC documenting the meeting reflects that Source 2 agreed to work with the Crossfire Hurricane team by reaching out to Papadopoulos which would allow the Crossfire Hurricane team to collect assessment information on Papadopoulos and potentially conduct an operation.

Halper brought up Carter Page to the CH Team during the meeting; it wasn’t the FBI who brought up the name:

Case Agent 1 told the OIG that Source 2 then asked whether the team had any interest in an individual named Carter Page. Case Agent 1 said that the members of the investigative team “didn’t react because at that point we didn’t know where we were going to go with it” but asked some questions about how Source 2 knew Carter Page. Source 2 explained that, in mid-July 2016, Carter Page attended a three-day conference, during which Page had approached Source 2 and asked Source 2 to be a foreign policy advisor for the Trump campaign.

Halper had no intention of joining Trump campaign:

Source 2 “stated that [he/she] had no intention of joining the campaign, but [Source 2] had not conveyed that to anyone related to the Trump campaign.” Source 2 further stated he/she “was willing to assist with the ongoing investigation and to not notify the Trump campaign about [Source 2’s] decision not to join.”

Halper offered up other names during the meeting as potential targets:

Source 2 told the Crossfire Hurricane team that Source 2 had known Trump’s then campaign manager, Manafort, for a number of years and that he had been previously acquainted with Michael Flynn. Case Agent 1 told the OIG that “quite honestly … we kind of stumbled upon [Source 2] knowing these folks.” He said that it was “serendipitous” and that the Crossfire Hurricane team “couldn’t believe [their] luck” that Source 2 had contacts with three of their four subjects, including Carter Page.

However, the IG report indicates that no CHS’s (confidential human sources) were deployed by the FBI before Crossfire Hurricane was formerly opened on July 31, 2016:

“In our review, we did not find any evidence that the FBI used CHSs or UCEs to interact with members of the Trump campaign prior to the opening of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.”…

The IG report also indicates that the Crossfire Hurricane (CH) Team allegedly engaged Halper this date:

Crossfire Hurricane Team’s Initial Meeting with Source 2 on August 11, 2016, Source 2’s involvement in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation arose out of Case Agent l’s pre-existing relationship with Source 2.

On August 11, 2016, Case Agent 1, Case Agent 2, and a Staff Operations Specialist (SOS) met with Source 2.

It is illegal to spy on American citizens without a warrant, and there can be no warrant if a case has not been formally opened based on probable cause. According to ZeroHedge:

“The revelation of purposeful contact initiated by alleged confidential human sources prior to any FBI investigation is troublesome,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), an ally of President Trump and chairman of a House subcommittee that’s taking an increasingly aggressive oversight role in the scandal, told me. “This new information begs the questions: Who were the informants working for, who were they reporting to and why has the [Department of Justice] and FBI gone to such great lengths to hide these contacts?”

Retired assistant FBI director for intelligence Kevin Brock also has questions. Brock supervised an agency update to their longstanding bureau rules governing the use of sources while working under then-director Robert Mueller. These rules prohibit the FBI from directing a human source to perform espionage on an American until a formal investigation has been opened – paperwork and all.

This is problematic for Halper and the FBI as well because there is ample evidence that Halper was spying on Americans long before the begging of the Crossfire Hurricane fraudulent investigation. For example, Halper invited General Michael Flynn to an event in 2014 and we know Halper had interactions with Carter Page in June 2016, before Crossfire Hurricane.

What a mess. The FBI attempted a coup of the President of the United States using a crack cocaine addict who was previously fired by the FBI for being aggressive to spy on the President and his team illegally. Wow!

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  1. I’m a retired Detective Supervisor with the LAPD. We always looked at the FBI as Fan Belt Inspectors. I worked with them in gangs. They knew absolutely nothing about street gangs and talked like morons when they tried to discuss the subject. We all wondered if street gangs was even mentioned in their training.
    We had a nickname for them when they left – fan belt inspectors.

  2. WOW! The more I read and see what the TOP FOLKS IN THE FBI DID, the more I don’t think anyone should trust them anymore or at least until all the “BAD APPLES” are purged.

    • I think we need to get rid of everyone in the FBI,DOJ AND CIA and start over these departments of our government are too corrupt to ever be fixed.

    • Do you remember the crime lab scandals? Look it up. How many innocent people were put in prison by criminals?

  3. Chopperpilot….You Nailed IT !!!!!!!!!
    All democRATs in Wash DC, ARE CRIMINALS…esp dear hildaBAGS !!!!!!
    Only about 90+- MURDERS on her hands;
    obummer…NOT an AMERICAN “CITIZEN” …!!!!
    Nothing but CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES….look at San Fran nancy….the bidens, kerry …. Everyone during the obummer “presidency”..

  4. FBI is another Corporation and all they do is CONTROL CONTROL the people all over the world, IT IS ALL FOR POLITICS ONLY. They don’t give a damn about you and I – it’s money and control and POWER I remember years back they were experimenting heavy drugs/PCP on their own and hired young people just to learn how to use it on others when they need it. There was so much more. Also remember when JFK was assassinated I was in Europe at that time and within a one wk we knew who did it. My family had a connection with the government so we got to know at 1st hand, yes the FBI and CIA and some were all involved. For my own security I can name anybody you can understand. But here in US you will never get the truth, just like everything else it’s all hush hush because of national security. This is how they hide – they can do what ever they want under the national security. It is all FRAUD AND LIES AND MORE LIES!!

  5. This is a COUP(“the sudden, forcible overthrow of a ruler , government, etc., sometimes with violence , by a small group of people already having some political or military authority”) why has the military not been called in to arrest the SCRUM demoRACIST for TREASON?

  6. Yep .. and Obama,Brennan,Biden,Clinton,Comey,Clapper,Kerry,Holder ,Lynch and the other cohorts knew absolutely nothing of these crimes of “ interfering “ of an national election ?

    Yep.. Trump is the existential threat to our democracy.. not the criminals listed above for their treasonous acts ..


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