BREAKING: ESPN Anchor’s NASTY Attack On America Should Get Him Fired, Agree?

June 19, 2017 12:03 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – ESPN is great at whining and stirring up controversy. Their “go-to” controversy guy is former 49ers player, Colin Kaepernick.

Max Kellerman, the host of the ESPN’s First Take, compared Kaepernick to one of the most famous boxers to ever live, Muhammad Ali. According to BreitbartKellerman stated neither Ali nor Kaepernick wanted to incite a protest. His next claim was that Kaepernick did put politics into the NFL, but that the NFL “injects politics by playing the National Anthem.”

Can we take a moment and realize how insane that sounds? Apparently, supporting your country is considered as “injecting politics”. When we support our country no one cares if you are Left, or Right, hate war, love war, NONE of that matters. It is just a matter of being an American and being proud of where you come from, and your journey through this great nation.

If ESPN wants to try and say Kaepernick didn’t bring politics into the mix, we have some big news for them. Kaepernick sat during the national anthem as a way to support the Black Lives Matter movement, according to VIBE. So, tell us again, who made this situation political?

Kaepernick spoke about the issue on MULTIPLE occasions. He said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” OPPRESSES BLACK PEOPLE?

Colin, if America was truly SO horrifying for black people how do you make more money than most of us can even fathom? Celebrity Net Worth has you listed as $25 million net worth, and formally on a SALARY of $19 million. What was that about oppression?

Don’t even get us started about the fact we JUST came off of the tenure of a black president who INCITED this racial tension. Before Obama racial tensions were NOT BAD. People got along!

Now people are rioting in the streets for Black Lives Matter while statistically black people are out there killing EACH OTHER! Why isn’t that issue ever brought up? The gun violence with black-on-black crimes is where BLM SHOULD start.

As you can see, it was ALL about politics and attention for Kaepernick. You SHOULD want to honor your country, but we have been corrupted to a great degree. People believe that they are entitled to everything, and even if you make 25 million dollars a year, you are still oppressed. It is absolute insanity.

Here is the way that it works. Everyone was asked to stand for the national anthem; Colin decided not to stand. In the same way that he made his decision, the people who watched him ignore the national anthem decided to say something about it. You do not get special rights because you believe that your opinion is more valid than others. Your actions are subject to scrutiny as much as the next person.

One thing is for sure; you can’t be mad that no one wants you on their team, Colin. You turned yourself into a walking SJW NFL Billboard. No one wants that kind of attention on their team. You did this to YOURSELF; now you have to deal with the fallout.

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