Breaking: E. Jean Carroll Offered People $17,000 To Have Sex With Trump With Their Eyes Closed In 2012

(Big League Politics) – E. Jean Carroll (pictured above) posted on Facebook in 2012 an offer for people to have sex with current President Donald Trump for $17,000.

“Would you have sex with Donald Trump for $17,000? (Even if you could A) give the money to Charity? B) Close your eyes? And he’s not allowed to speak?)

Carroll has accused President Trump of rape, without providing evidence, and spoke in an Anderson Cooper interview about rape “fantasies,” saying she thinks most people think rape is “sexy.”


Flashback: E. Jean Carroll Won’t Try To Press Charges, Says That Would Be Disrespectful To Border Rape Victims

E. Jean Carroll said in a bizarre MSNBC interview Friday that she will not try to press any charges against President Donald Trump for her supposed rape, for which no video evidence exists. Carroll, vague on details about her alleged assault, said that pressing charges would be disrespectful to the women on the border who are raped and have very little to protect them. This is an issue that President Donald Trump has routinely stressed in his bid to secure the southern border from human sex traffickers.

E. Jean Carroll, who offered an accusation that President Donald Trump attacked her with no video evidence, has praised Hillary Clinton and called herself a “radical feminist” in the same interview. Carroll notably did not make her accusation against Trump during the 2016 election or the first two years of Trump’s presidency.

President Trump responded to the New York magazine accusation:

Carroll weighed in on Amal Clooney taking George Clooney’s name in 2014, saying:

“Jesus, what woman would not take George Clooney’s name? I’ve been married several times. I’ve never taken a man’s name in my life, but I would never tell Amal what to do. I’m a radical, radical feminist, and it doesn’t bother me at all…”Look at Michelle Obama. Look at Hillary Clinton,” she says. “There’s a million things that keep women down — earning only 78% of what men earn, for example — but changing your name is not one of them.”

New York Daily News passage ends.

“I hate Bill O’Reilly!” Carroll said in another profile piece in which she described her dating game to break up couples by getting them to be mean-spirited to one another.

“If you lose a round, it’s because you didn’t think evilly enough,” Carroll said.

Featured image credit: Instagram/E. Jean Carroll


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