Breaking: Data Scientists Reveal “Weird” Spike In Incomplete Nevada Voter Registrations, Suspicious “Home” Addresses Listed

( Exclusive) – Much of the focus of the legal election challenges have been centered in Pennsylvania and Georgia as of late, but don’t forget that allegations of fraud have been widespread in every single key election swing state, even those that have been called for weeks.

Nevada is one such state.

Republicans in the newly purple state have filed an affidavit which cites a data scientist demonstrating that there was an allegedly inexplicable spike in voter registrations in the state, The Epoch Times reports.

Dorothy Morgan, the scientist referenced in the filing, said that she had noticed a “historically strange” increase in voter registrations that lacked the sex and age of the voter as well as registrations that listed either casinos or RV parks as “their home or mailing addresses” in the Third Congressional District, where a significant portion of Clark County and Las Vegas are located.

Pointing to previous presidential races for reference, Morgan explained that there were 68 voter registrations that were missing this key data in 2016. That’s a pretty scant amount.

But what about 2020?


That is a huge, and very suspicious difference.

Morgan found that roughly 74 percent of the allegedly incomplete registrations took place between July 2020 and September 2020, the affidavit claims.

“This investigation found over 13,000 voters whose voter registration information revealed no sex or date of birth. Not only does this mean we cannot verify whether these voters are old enough to vote, it is also historically strange: While one does not expect voter registration information to be perfect, it is very strange that there were very, very few of these kinds of imperfect records with missing or invalid information until this year—when there are 13,372 of them,” she said according to the filing, which was obtained by the Washington Examiner.

Morgan pointed to the suspicious addresses, which included casinos and RV parks.

“I have also identified dozens of voters who listed as their home or mailing addresses a temporary RV park and casino,” she wrote.

Speaking to the Examiner, Morgan explained that she had found this data “weird.”

That’s one word for it.

She explained that there were “just a lot of people who have zero birthdays, zero birth month, and then, unknown sex.”

She said if you have just a few people with these errors jump to 13,000 making this “error,” “that’s just not right.”

Morgan also said that what she’s discovered only scratches the surface.

“Based on the results I have found in the limited time I have had to analyze this dataset, I expect to find additional oddities in the election data as I conduct further analysis,” she wrote.

As of Friday, the Nevada Secretary of State’s office had not responded to request for comment from the media on these explosive revelations.

Officially, Joe Biden has a 30K+ lead over President Donald Trump in the Silver State, results that were certified by Nevada’s Supreme Court earlier this week.

Trump campaign attorney Jesse Binnall has vowed to prove that there were many fraudulent votes cast in the state and that he believes Trump was the real winner.

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  1. What has happened the the idea of the USA being a country of laws. The Democrats have been breaking laws and getting away with it for years. Including up to murder (remember Mary Jo Kopechne?). I wonder if the death of Biden’s first wife was truly and extensively investigated since we now know the truck drivers was not drunk and Biden was having an affair with the person who is now his wife. We all (well except for the Democrats who are too ignorant to read anything by what the party tells them to) now know the Russia Hoax was just that. I don’t think I need to go on.

    When did we become a system of divided law. One for the conservatives and one of the liberals? One for the very wealthy and another for the average person. This has to stop!!!

  2. Now, lets think about this. the dems created out of thin air accusations of crimes against Flynn, with NO credible evidence, but dragged him and slimed him for four years till the DOJ said it was a false accusation. The democrats accused President Trump of working with the Russians and initiated an illegal investigation without any “predicate” action on the part of the president of any wrong doing. Muller report was a scam and this was out in the open known by the accusers . Pelosi initiated another false impeachment for an action that the president is required to do with a phone call. All three were false accusations.

    Now with a MOUNTAIN of concrete evidence of what we watched coming for over 2 years and a confession by Biden during an interview on TV that an organization orchestrated by Obama for voter fraud, the only defense is the same strategy used before, the calling of names and sliming. This is the same as the democrats have been doing for years. The democrats want us to accept their sliming as credible even with out ANY EVIDENCE same as the previous accusations from the corrupt democratsWhen the documents and witnesses are massive.

  3. “Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight is warning that the United States will be “in great danger” if Joe Biden becomes president, adding that the left is trying to steal the election with fraudulent votes.”

    Here we have a out in the open, revealed to be willing to suppress the voice of citizens and ignore and cancel out our constitutional legal votes with, as Biden openly stated a planned voter fraud organization, put together by a illegal shadow president, Obama. Nothing good can come from an administration who again gives authority and power of the U.S. government to an openly recognized corrupt criminal enterprise members of the former administration who according to law should be in prison or according to the judgement of the American citizens abandoned on a desert island where they can no longer influence or harm or play us.

  4. Democrats have been working from home cheating folks for decades, need I share that with you.
    I’ll bet you enjoy welfare and food stamps too …ObamafoodStampPresident.


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