BREAKING: CIA Official Comes Forward, EXPOSES Obama’s Plot to Destroy America

May 18, 2017 9:47 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – The Obama era set our country back years, and we are more at risk now than ever before because of Obama’s failed policies and Islamic sympathies. How did we even survive?

A former CIA employee exposed Obama’s hidden agenda. Clare M. Lopez has revealed that Obama had hired radical Islam sympathizers to his intelligence agencies. Wow, what a disgrace! (via Yes, I’m Right)

We need to hold the former administration accountable for their behavior. Obama undermined our global war on terrorism — he was even in bed with terrorists.

After all of the under-reported scandals and shady dealings, we are lucky that our country is still in one piece. Trump needs to fire these deep state officials.

The deep state and Obama holdovers have been leaking classified information to the press. It is almost like we are living in a television show. A political crime drama, to be specific. Suddenly those “wacky” conspiracy theorists are seeming a lot less crazy.

When will the Obama administration be held to account for their shady dealings? Obama has divided our country and even actively pursued anti-American policies. Was he EVER a patriot, or was he against us from the start? (We know the answer.)

Because of Obama, our global security has been weakened. We were once respected and feared, but after Obama’s famous apology tour, we were the laughing stock of the world. Thank goodness we elected Donald Trump to right the ship.

With Donald Trump in office, we will drain the swamp and fire the Obama holdovers. The deep state needs to leave our government. We want a government run by elected officials, not some shady shadow government. We don’t need Obama behind the curtain, pulling the strings, like the fictional conman known as the “Wizard of OZ.”

The corrupt Democrats, the radical Left, the deep state, and the RINOs are not going to abandon the swamp without a fight. The swamp is launching a full assault on Trump. Just look at all of these leaks. We know that Donald Trump isn’t an incompetent leader — he is just surrounded by enemies.

Our government is clearly in danger of being overtaken by the deep state. Obama allowed these anti-American operatives to flood our government. Obama not only filled the swamp with these creatures, he provided the mud for them to flourish in.

Donald Trump will reduce the size of the government, and then we can get rid of these Obama holdovers; Comey was just the beginning. We cannot allow our country to be invaded by shady, unelected officials.

Trump will drain the swamp, and then we will be able to once again rely on a smaller and more efficient government. We will never allow corrupt bureaucrats to stop our president. We need to support Trump by electing more TRUE conservatives into office.

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