Breaking Bombshell: Dominion Voting Software Behind “Glitches” Linked To Antifa

( Exclusive) – The aftermath of the 2020 general election has cemented in the minds of millions of Americans that our voting process is completely insecure and flawed.

At best.

Among many of the completely valid issues that the Trump campaign—and those who voted for the incumbent POTUS—has taken with the outcome of various state elections is the use of Dominion voting software that has shown more than one instance of mysterious “glitches” that only seem to have favored Democratic candidates.

Well, The Gateway Pundit has an explosive report that, according to a recent interview conducted by Michelle Malkin, Eric Coomer, one the Vice President of Dominion’s U.S. engineering and then Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security has some very radical views.

This is highly concerning.

Joe Oltman of Faith Education Commerce United explained how he managed to infiltrate Antifa and was told by members of the radical group that “Eric from Dominion” was allegedly part of a group chat during the week of September 27, 2020.

Oltman said that this “Eric” told members of Antifa that they needed to “keep up the pressure.”

When he asked who Eric was, someone replied, “Eric, he’s the Dominion guy.”

Later in the conversation, Oltman says, someone asked, “What are we gonna do if F*cking Trump wins?”

Oltman paraphrased how “Eric from Dominion” replied, which was essentially that Trump was not going to win because he, “Eric,” had made sure of it.

This is chilling.

When Oltman finished the call, he began to look into “Eric from Dominion.”

This was when he found Eric Coomer.

At the time, Oltman knew nothing about Dominion Voting Systems and said it didn’t make sense to him that it could be the same Eric.

TGP claims that Oltman was removed from Twitter this week as “His tweets on Eric Coomer upset big tech.”

He admitted that by revealing this information on Coomer, he’s now potentially placed himself in danger.

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  1. We the People will not stand for this. We are free and through God and perseverance our conservative ideals as archaic and out dated as some may find them, will in time be the grit that stops the flow of this evil. We will bond together to March against the lies and tyranny. We the People will fight for our freedom and choose that which fights with us over those which want to destroy us. As a man once said “oh they are just an idea”. We are the action that will put those ideas to bed. This is more than who will become president. We know who really won and today is not his birthday. Stop funding these ideas, do your homework and support the people. Together we will prevail. God bless and goodnight.

  2. Mathematical and statistical examination of the election data suggests unexplained anomalies in the election results of a number of states especially those classified as battleground states and democrat ones at that. There have been reports of whistleblowers reporting election mischief In various states. Democrats do not like whistleblowers unless they are against Trump or the GOP. Unless such anomalies are explained, at best Biden will have an asterisk next to his reported “win”.

  3. On sept 18th 2018 there was an exec order to secure elections from foreign intrusion. Go look it up

    This order cites several statutes that legitimize the order .

    Smartmatic was created and distributed world wide to rig elections for any despotic out there.

    It is a foreign operation which Dominion came from. There are other foreign operatives. Scytl
    Is the storage operation based in Europe.

    The legal foundation to prevent foreign activity is not in question and wevhave foreign activity be definition here. States can not hire a foreign opetation infultrated by rogue entities to count votes in this country.

    The math is all there. Beneford’s law models show mass voting fraud. That is just one impossible finding of election results. Watch Dr Shiva from MIT lay out the graphs showing the exact same time line for each state and county. The graphs demonstrates an exact line in the voting totals for each example. Its not mathematically possible.

    People can hang onto counting ballots and all other forms of validation for a corrupt and illegal election.

    The full story has not been presented.

    This system is rife with fraud and anyone who thinks otherwise is a delusional fool or a willing zealot for a corrupt outcome.

    If you look at the 06 case concerning 18000 ballots in Sarasota Fl you will see that voting mschinrs are notvto be trusted. That was a Crats suing over voter fraud!!!

    Only a hypocrit would say this election is pure

    • Smartmatic is controlled by …. you guessed it .. an Obiden supporter who happens to be a future cabinet member if this fraud is successful .
      That’s today’s progressive liberal trash for you .

    • Democrats are not sophisticated enough in general to understand mathematical and statistical results that show incredibly anomalous and unexplained variability in certain states and not others. Why would mathematical and statistical behavior be inconsistent especially in battleground and big city dominated democrat states. Fools that think they can game the electoral process are just that. I have not seem the Benford analysis of Virginia results, but time series analysis makes it highly suspect for fraud of some sort. Maybe there is no big fraud that can be pinpointed, but a bunch of little frauds is all that is needed to reverse a close margin. It may be more the human element causing the fraud rsther than a machine problem. It’s time to find out and take reports of election mischief seriously. If Biden beat Trump and square, I may not like it-but I will live with it.

  4. Programmed glitches to favor one candidate over another is a crime . Why would they cheat for their hero Obama’s right hand man Obiden as their candidate ?

    • It’s low iq again spewing gibberish … just wait a little more time, low iq. You and the garbage people running the Rat party are going to have an epiphany … you might be given another chance to experience what critical thinking means … your blind and stupid cheer-leading for the bozo who is losing his mind as we watch.

    • Easter Bunny did not commit these crimes low iq, your hero Ohomo and his thugs did .
      From welfare fraud to election fraud is today’s progressive liberal trash’s mantra …..right obamas buttboy?

  5. Many experts–including lifelong Republicans–have examined such charges and have found them all to be bogus. Have no fear. The election was fair. President Trump came very close to winning–gaining 10 million more votes than in 2016–a huge gain. Biden got slightly more votes, hence he won. But there was no fraud. The election wasn’t stolen in 2020–just like it wasn’t stolen in 2016.

    • Obiden got mostly illegal votes .. there I fixed it for you Irvin !
      It’s amazing you loons approve of any illegal voting including dead voters but obviously you do .
      It was stolen , and you’re just another progressive piece of trash.

    • No hope for fools and stooges with your attitude … Irwin. Too lazy to actually inform yourself and just carry on believing the liars of CNN etc.

    • Because there is nothing to the story. Claims of fraud are being made to promote fundraising by a number of groups. This money won’t be used to overturn the election but rather to advance the business interests of the various groups. Millions will be donated by unsuspecting conservatives. What a shame. That’s the real fraud–the tsunami of fundraising supposedly meant to keep President Trump in office.

    • Most reasonable responsible folks will agree with you mystiklady, then we have the low info , bottom feeding liberal trash who will always tow the line for the corrupt democrat party.

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