BREAKING: Ashli Babbitt Coverup Triggers Federal Action

( Exclusive) – New developments are popping in the murder of patriot Ashli Babbitt who was shot during the January 6th riots at the Capitol building, as the Justice Department has been slammed with a lawsuit for failing to provide public access to its records concerning the case.

According to a new report from WND, Babbitt was the California woman and 14-year Air Force veteran, who was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer despite being unarmed, when things got crazy at the Capitol back in January.

Folks in the Democratic Party, who are always prone to theatrics and melodrama, have repeatedly made the claim that what happened that day was worse than what took place on 9/11 and was a true threat to the future of the American government.

Keep in mind that 3,000 Americans died during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. There were only a couple of deaths, including Babbitt, that happened during the riots last January.

Babbitt was shot and killed as she attempted to climb through an interior window.

Congress, along with federal and local law enforcement authorities, went to great lengths to prevent the name of the officer who shot Babbitt from being released to the public. It was discovered by alternative media outlets and later confirmed by officials to be U.S. Capitol Officer Michael Byrd. They went on to confirm he would be facing no consequences for murdering her.

“Now government watchdog Judicial Watch has confirmed it filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for its records relating to her death,” the report says, adding, “Earlier, the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, the Civil Rights Division, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation all failed to provide the records responsive to Judicial Watch’s April 14, 2021 and May 20, 2021, FOIA requests.”

The records being requested were of the shooting, which includes video footage, and communications related to the case and much more.

“The illicit secrecy and stonewalling on the police killing of Ashli Babbitt is obviously political and undermines the rule of law,” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch went on to say.

Judicial Watch’s investigation is also going to include a records request to the District of Columbia. That government has officially asked the court to issue a delay in the deadline it has been given to respond.

The organization also filed a motion for discovery against the Capitol Police, due to the fact that the agency has made the argument that its records are not “public records.”

Judicial Watch has gone on to report that some of the circumstances related to the case need some serious explanation.

“It got documentation that the D.C. Medical Examiner submitted a request to cremate Babbitt two days after gaining custody of her body,” the report continued.

The report also says, “the documents also showed that Babbitt’s fingerprints were emailed to a person supposedly working for the D.C. government, which resulted in Microsoft ‘undeliverable’ messages written in Chinese characters being returned.”

Babbitt’s husband, Aaron Babbitt, lit into Officer Michael Byrd after he whined about receiving death threats for taking action to murder Babbitt in cold blood.

“Suck it up,” Aaron Babbitt said to the Capitol Police officer.

“I don’t even want to hear him talk about how he’s getting death threats and he’s scared,” Aaron Babbitt stated during a conversation he had with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

This officer does not deserve a lick of respect or sympathy for what’s happening to him. He chose to act in an unprofessional manner and ended the life of an American patriot. You reap what you sow.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. How about some Federal action for Harris in a film clip shown in chrches yesterday the 17th advocating to vote for the democratic candidate. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF THE HATCH ACT clear and plain.

    The laws are of no consequence to the democrats our voices are silenced by their corruption and fraud. This week end the VP made a 2 min recording that was used in the service of 300 selected churches promoting Terry McAuliffe.

    The IS A VIOLATION OF THE HATCH ACT, but no one will do anything. CALL YOUR CONGRESS PERSON AND MAKE A COMPLAINT NOW! We have no law and no advocate for laws being adhered to,

    • It doesn’t take much to trigger that little queer man. He’s an oBama worshipper you know ? Real bright for liberal trash .

  2. Since when does the government not enforce the laws that have governed this country my entire life? The United States of America has become a third world country in my opinion. Ever since the Clinton crime family have infiltrated and corrupted the institutions of this once moral country. These political dynasties, the Bushes and Clinton and now Obama’s VP and his criminal son extorting monies from international sources. Selling access to his father whom is now president. Because our law enforcement agencies are all corrupt and politically motivated. We will never see the justice for victims like Babbitt. It’s a very sad day in American history. I hope only that the citizens wake up and take back control from the unethical immoral, “woke” criminals whom have enriched themselves at we the people expense. Which includes most of Congress and the senate. Before it is to late.

  3. The laws have changed. These are not the laws of preceding generations. Now killing an innocent person is acceptable if that person/s don’t agree with the opposition. I call it murder. (because I keep the laws of preceding generations that are true, tried and tested).But the devolving of previous values and mores of society has brought us to a time in which murder is acceptable if those in power by choice chooses to eliminate another.

  4. So can we now call the loser that killed her an armed terrorist? Can we shoot him on sight claiming we fear for our life? And really tire of not blaming the government for 911! As if Bush was ever a republican! His dad worked for Johnson! Bush claimed Clinton was his third son! His son called hillary his sister ! And the Democrats made billions promoting a war that never had to ever take place! Remember Bush let all the Binladin’s go free! They could fly when nobody else could cause they were friends of the Bush family! When you think war think Democrat! Remember they wanted no investigation! And promoted another BS investigation nobody believed!

    • We can now call william lovoie, the little queer man a loser for supporting another liberal murderer..

    • Yes we can
      He is a marked person
      Not a person of colored
      Rather a person of deep state and Soros ties
      Did he sell his soul already??

  5. chopper no not triggered about that failure of a president just trying to introduce reality to you but pretty sure you dont care about reality and will just insult me because you have ZERO REAL argument to make so insult away if it makes you feel like a “big man” with your cultist buddies

    • Sure gAyBoY, you’re not triggered and your hero oBama is honest as George Washington too .

      Happy LBGTQ month again little Low iq queer man.

    • Trump is and will always be one of the greatest president in American history and history will definitely be kind to him,Unlike the dementia case criminal with a taste for little girls and the illegal Muslim homosexual that’s married to a Tranny,History will not be so kind to those racist losers.

  6. What was left out is Byrd had many postings on Facebook or Twitter he had a motive before this day. Shot take down the protesters (trump s) but we all know there were several different organizations including fbi there. How can someone know who is who. Wearing false clothing,hats are so on. Also nancy was given a warning what to expect. There are several films not shown via media opening doors for the protesters . Was a set up.

    • He murdered an unarmed 14 Air Force veteran…period . But you’ll never convince today’s morons (william lovehole) who worships big corrupt government.


  7. John after 4 years of tRUMP fighting the media and all of his lies and you wonder why your cult doesnt trust the media NO AUDIT HAS PROVEN ANY FRAUD AS MUCH AS YOU CULTISTS REALLY WANT IT TO!!

    • Plenty of TRUMP years to come to little queer man william.. can you cultists/ losers survive another decade of Trump Derangement Syndrome…?

    • Impeached on 100% lies and 100% proven untruths,You liberal twits are so brainwashed by CNN & MSNBC That you cannot for the life of you think for yourself,So much so that you have to regurgitate everything you hear on your communist Cult news networks.,You turds are so predictable that you are looked upon as a complete joke now.

    • lavoi …. Don’t feel lonely, most all of Biden groupies like you … blatantly ignorant, uneducated, and dumb in the face of continuous catastrophe after catastrophe created to destroy America this crazy Joe Biden, and his idiot cabinet morons. Nothing says STUPID like supporting a criminal dimwit, AND BELIEVING TV NEWS.

  8. John it seems you are too far gone down the rabbit hole of lies and alternate reality to really know what is going on in the real world hopefully you can get some cult deprogramming maybe get a discount with chopper for a group rate

    • If you say so little queer man …LoL , you losers are all the same … NOT to BRIGHT are ya queer boy ?

    • Tell me, william lavoie, show me your insight on reality … firstly, who knows that Ashly Babbitt is a terrorist? You? Or CNN? Prove it.
      Where is it written that a warning was given before the murderer slaughtered this unarmed GIRL? No where!! Your indoctrination from CNN is complete.
      Every audit has proven fraud … obviously you believe the corporate media liars, and their propaganda: Can you read? HEADLINES: US ranks last among 46 countries in trust in media … Americans Remain Distrustful of Mass Media … Gallup: Trust In The Media Sinks to 36 Percent, Second Lowest Ever … Americans’ distrust in media at alarming levels, poll …

      You show me, Willy, a white paper that backs up, and verifies with authority your hearsay, secondhand media opinions and I’ll converse with you. Until then get educated, because you sound like a hateful, liberal hack.

    • You’re right Chopper … goofs like lavoie are an embarrassment to humanity, and I shouldn’t poke the weak minded fool.

  9. Once again LOW iq william the queer lovehole makes the same obnoxious comment concerning this murder of a 14 year veteran of the United States Air Force Ashli Babbitt

    This little queer man’s contribution to society…. Mooching off others efforts . Progressive liberal trash william lavole….

    • you want to live in denial go ahead still doesnt change the reality of that situation and insult all you want just goes to prove you have NO ARGUMENT TO REFUTE MY CLAIM and all you have is insults and homophobic slurs maybe your cultist buddies care but i dont give a rats ass about your “opinions”

    • Once again little queer man william whatshisname the Low iq is triggered by the mere mention of the greatest president ever Donald John Trump..

      It must be difficult being a lifetime loser Low iq , Low iq doc , and now Low iq william the toothdragger lovehole . Can’t wait till your new avatar..same nonsensical BS for sure .

    • plain and simple that even you can understand she was a DOMESTIC TERRORIST as were all of the people who were radicalized by tRUMPS BIG LIE of “fraud” that has not been shown to exist!!

    • Plain and simple describes the little queer man william lovehole to a T .

      How many avatars do you have anyway little queer man ?

    • Hey little willie lavoie … to bad your mother or barn yard animal that gave birth to you wasn’t a abortion freak. And nobody here gives a rat’s ass about your imbecilic left-field opinions. Your little bird brain creates nothing of value because you parrot disproven fake news propaganda. Everyone here knows you have no capability for rational thought … you are just another little no-body harboring the liberal-whacko hate mob of Neanderthals.

  10. once again for the cultist impaired she was a DOMESTIC TERRORIST who was radicalized just like the others who stormed the Capitol building in a failed attempt to overthrow a FAIR ELECTION that tRUMP LOST!!

    • Domestic terrorist? You must be a DBU grad. Democrat Brainwashing University. If she was a domestic terrorist then where is your condemnation of BLM and ANTIFA? Babbitt was unarmed, as were all the people in the Capitol. An unarmed 130 lb woman shot and killed by someone twice her size and you call her a terrorist. What alternate universe do you exist in?

    • There is no help for this idiot, little willie lavoie. A worshipper of fake news without a clue or just a troll … because he has yet to speak an intelligent word about reality. To much LSD no doubt because no one can write and believe childish gibberish, besides a moron like Biden.

    • First of all CNN brain,Nobody Stormed the capitol,They we’re ushered in by capital police and it is 100% on video,Do you even do 1 ounce of research before you regurgitate what you hear on CNN?,Obviously by your comments the obvious answer in NO,Get your facts straight before engaging in arguments that you cannot win,You haven’t proven anything you said as facts,We can back what we say up with 100% facts and video,What do you have?…..we’ll wait Liberal.

  11. Those in control of our lives have gone mad!
    Fauci and others in 2019 at a filmed conference with the back ground with the “Milken Institute” talked about how they would release a new virus that would give control, to side line laws and give control of world populations. He described exactly what has taken place. They describe how people would be forced to relinquish their freedoms and submit to vaccinations. Biden equates the other vaccinations, which are true vaccinations, with the so called vaccination required in his mandates. Science, true science identifies this so called vaccination as a shot that modifies the immune system so it is unable to function against illnesses. They have gone mad!

    Fauci in 2017 mentioned on film that this pandemic would take place during Trump’s administration, then he tells this group, in 2-19 “Milken Institute”, how they will do it .

    Now they have raise the debt limit which we the tax payer will have to pay to the amount that is the amount spent this year to support the illegals coming across our border. They have gone mad!

    • Here is Faux Chi Moreon and friends discussing how many people they must MURDER in order to create enough panic to force mass vaccination of the globe !!!!!
      thegatewaypundit dot com/2021/10/explosive-video-emerges-fauci-hhs-officials-plotting-new-avian-flu-virus-enforce-universal-flu-vaccination-video/

  12. Michael Byrd is pure and simply a ” MURDERER of ASHLI BABBITT ” with a demonCRAP ” COVER-UP ” by Beijing biden’s doj; capital police and piglousey.
    8 MONTHS of HIDING this KILLER ??? !!!! His Name & Identity should have been made PUBLIC ASAP as are all other police incidents…………..
    Now we have to await Aaron Babbitt’s Lawsuit and Judicial Watch’s continued law suits to obtain requested records and FACTS & The TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

    • We already know the truth. She was, sadly, a “sacrifice” in an attempt to portray those there as “really scary” folk. Her death was straight up murder. There is not one single “use of lethal force” law in the universe that would allow for lethal force to be used in this instance. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE.
      He’s admitted to shooting her. Now, hopefully one day, we’ll see him indicted. I won’t hold my breath, but hopefully one day.

  13. Thank you for this brillant kind benevolent guy you voted for. He has ruined the entire country and he only been in office 8 months. Can hardly wait to see what is next.

  14. once again for the cultist impaired she was DOMESTIC TERRORIST who was warned by the Capitol police to not go any further and she was shot. All of the responsibility falls to her and tRUMP and his cohorts who radicalized her and all the others who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th to stop a LEGAL COUNTING OF ALL THE ELECTORAL VOTES!!

    • She was murdered little gay man .. where’s your compassion for this murdered Air-force veteran American little gay man ?

    • She was murdered, he violated every use of force law in the country. She was guilty of trespassing not terrorism like thousands of BLM ANTIFA thugs. I look forward to the day we can openly shoot leftist jack asses like you

    • So you obviously believe then , that when a Police officer gives a Black man a command that he fails to obey , then that officer is justified in shooting and killing that individual . Right ?

    • So if we just started dusting you retards can we use your brainwashed excuse? You are the typical brainwashed idiot!

    • William lavoie: She was an unarmed woman, a veteran, standing up against the wall not knowing what to do next. She was done climbing through the window and actually she was pulled over by a stranger guy dressed in black and told to go through the window. An arm came through behind the door with no warning from a policeman as is what a policeman is supposed to do, give a warning and she was shot. If you notice none of the Antifa people infiltrated by the FBI dressed in black were shot at and they had attack items on them. Antifa always comes for a fight. And who “requested’ her body be cremated. That is her husband’s job (the nearest relative) to request a cremation and he wasn’t even asked. In a shooting, murder or not, victim’s bodies are kept for autopsies not cremated unless a relative demands an immediate cremation usally indicating the victim was murdered by the person demanding or rushing the cremation through. In my state any shooting has to have an autopsy and any death in a home even if the person has been seriously sick. Anything can happen in a home even with witnesses. We had to wait for ten days for my Brother who died at home to have an autopsy and was finally released for burial. And nobody even a woman veteran deserves to be killed during an unplanned what would be considered a trespassing which now is looking like a planned set up admitted by the FBI and other govt groups like the capital police themselves.

    • Then you better learn to live or should I say hide from all of us domestic terrorists who call ourselves Americans. I can’t think of anything American you can call yourself. Talk about a cult, only a cult could go along with the stolen election that has yielded the greatest moron to have ever sat in the White House, the moron in Chief, Joe Biden. You seem to have forgotten that this country is not a communist country and could only be such over a lot of dead Americans. That seems to be what you and your moronic party expect to achieve with your coup. Treason and a traitors punishment is all you can reasonably expect as your leaders will find out and I’m sure, you too. I really detest trolls and I think that’s exactly what you are.

    • You are a real Liberal COMMIE POS and may you suffer the same exact consequences as Ashli Babbit who did not deserve what happened to her.

    • You ate a Liberal Commie ANTI-Trump POS and may you suffer the same consequences that Ashli Babbit encountered.

    • She was NOT an imminent threat to ANYONE as she was unarmed and had a wall between her and the shooter. There is NO law, ANYWHERE that allows for the use of lethal force in that instance. NOT. A SINGLE. ONE. This was pure and simple MURDER. There is no way in the universe you can spin it any other way, but good luck trying.

    • I was going to think of some really nasty things to say to William L. but it seems to be ground fully covered already. So William all I can say is your really stupid.

    • Hey Lavoie, why do you keep coming around here when you KNOW we all here are quite aware of the fact your just a lying propagandist? Not only that but your beginning to write as if you were programmed to repeat. You write with the same language over and over and over.


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