BREAKING: 17 Shot, Many Dead… Media Covering It Up

May 20, 2017 10:26 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – If it bleeds, it leads. That is supposed to be the motto of our craven media. However, some blood is more precious than others.

Over the last 15 hours, the city of Chicago has reported 17 separate homicides. That’s the bloodiest on record. However, the national media has not made a big issue about it. Why? Because it is mostly blacks killing blacks or Hispanics killing Hispanics, via Chicago Tribune.

The endemic violence in Chicago calls into question many liberal myths, as well.

First of all, “sanctuary cities” are indeed more dangerous than cities that follow the law. Chicago is a fine example of this — a sanctuary city that is one of the most violent metropolises in the entire country. (via American Thinker)

Chicago also has some of the strictest gun laws on the books. Of course, the city’s criminals support this, for this allows them to pick off unarmed civilians at their leisure.

According to most reports, all 17 murders seem to be gang-related. In one instance, Sarah Brazzle and her friend were shot at because they walked right into a carjacking in progress, via Chicago Tribune.

Brazzle’s friend was shot in the back as he tried to flee. These were just two victims of a night-long rampage that mostly struck the city’s south and southwest. Chicago police are going to have a hard time processing and investigating all of these crimes.

Chicago has long been one of America’s most violent cities. However, under the rule of President Obama, its violence started climbing every year. The former community organizer in Chicago did absolutely nothing to help his city.

His lax immigration policies helped gangs like MS-13, Latin Kings, and others to explode in size and power. Even more frightening, the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas, a paramilitary-style organization responsible for numerous kidnappings, murders, and terror attacks, has set up shop in the city, via Topix.

Obama’s racial agitation and his support for Black Lives Matter also helped the city to become a cesspool of anti-white violence. For reference, see how the Left used violence to shut down a Trump rally last year, via YouTube.

Chicago is also the city where four black thugs kidnapped and tortured a white teenager with special needs. The entire disgusting incident was streamed on Facebook Live, via The Daily Caller.

Under Obama, Chicago has descended into anarchy. President Donald Trump, who called out the crime in Chicago during his campaign, is set to publicly address the issue. This is the real crime problem in America: wanton and random criminal violence in “sanctuary cities.”

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