Brand New Emails Reveal Top Biden Officials DEMANDING Facebook Censor President Trump Before The Election

( Exclusive) – Newly released emails have revealed that during the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election last November, individuals working for the Biden campaign actually tried to apply pressure to Facebook to silence him, while he was still in the White House.

Folks, the radical leftist element in this country is absolutely out of their gourd. They aren’t even trying to hide what they are doing anymore. They are doing everything in their power to try and shut down conservative, liberty-minded thought and belief.

According to Gateway Pundit, Democrats were so worried about “violent rhetoric” and “misinformation” coming from President Trump’s campaign Facebook accounts that they launched complaint after complaint against him in a bid to get the social media giant to shut down the president’s account.

Timothy Durigan, a typical leftist supporter of Biden’s, was given the job of flagging conservatives posting on Facebook.

He said, “Facebook is ground zero for the Big Lie and the Capitol insurrection. Facebook chose to put election misinformation in front of millions of Americans, systematically relaxed its rules for the insurrection’s leader, Donald Trump, and provided an organizing platform for insurrectionists.”

In one of the emails, which was sent out by a senior Biden official on September 22, he actually demanded the removal of a video posted up featuring Donald Trump Jr. discussing mail-in ballots.

“The fact that this video is still on your platform — and is being used to recruit some sort of, and I quote, ‘army for Trump’s election security effort’ — is astounding. It is impossible to reconcile this with any of the policies regarding voting and voter suppression that Facebook has released over the past 3 years and emphasized to us privately in several dozen conversations,” the email said.

An official working for Facebook replied to the email and said the video would be allowed to stay up, but since there was a complaint, the company would add a bogus ‘fact check.’

This was not the outcome the Biden team wanted. In fact, they went on to scorch Facebook for the “mental gymnastics” they had to go through in order to keep the video on their platform. The only thing that would satisfy these folks was a complete and total ban of Trump from Facebook.

“The Trump Campaign has received the message that they may put videos on your platform saying that millions of fraudulent votes will be used to steal the election. And the solution to that is for ‘able-bodied people’ to enlist in an ‘army.’ So, their shrieks of fraud compound and their calls to ‘enlist’ multiply. Good gracious, I struggle to believe that is the precedent you are intending to set,” the Biden official said.

“We implore you to approach this problem with seriousness and a sense of mission. We have found that to be lacking thus far. If the effort and mental gymnastics undertaken to allow this post to remain on your platform were instead devoted to carrying out your acknowledged responsibility to democracy, we might see some progress,” he went on to say.

“This is just another example of the deep state colluding with big tech to push a particular political ideology while punishing dissent. Reports show that the repeated pressure put on by democrats and the Biden campaign resulted in wide-scale suppression of conservatives and infringement of their right to engage in public discussion,” he concluded.

Back during the early part of January, Facebook started to purge any and all content that contained the phrase, “Stop the Steal” from their platform, sending the message that it was not okay to challenge the official results.

Twitter also joined in on the crusade against free and fair elections by banning questioning of the results as well.

If Democrats were willing to try and have people silenced on social media, the public square of the modern day, why is it so hard to think they might have rigged the election from the start? If we’re really people seeking the truth, we’ll follow where it leads, no matter what.

It’s clear. The left wants to shut you up. It’s up to you whether or not you allow them to succeed.

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  1. Interesting how the cognitive two year old speaker of the house is throwing another tantrum because she is not getting the Senate to do what she wants them to do. AND TO HELL WIT WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT THEIR PAID EMPLOYEE, THE SPEAKER TO DO !

    She will take her gavel and go home if they do not do what she wants, shutting down passing any of the Peoples Work of government.

    Does she think that she is the ‘queen of hearts” and can we are her subjects?


    • YES! It is called sedition and treason. It criminals providing governance it becomes a criminal enterprise not an administration. We had our government stolen by the criminal enterprise. Schumer wants MORE tactical groups to protect them and their interests. While he pushes defunding and transforms the military to not defend the country or the people but to attack the citizens who support the Constitution and the rule of law. They change the meaning of words. They are pretenders of their reality and the rest of us need to not accept their pretend reality. A less than 2 % of the population are free to cancel, discard and tread over the rights of the remaining 98 %, so our children girls have to accept DNA boys, perverted in mind from their birth gender, in the female locker and bath rooms. If they want to pretend and force their true choice to be accepted as normal of their pretend gender which IS NOT obviously natural as acceptable, DO NOT FORCE THEIR PERVERSIONS ON THE OTHER 98%. This is demented. A student in Virginia can deny the rest of his fellow students the decency of a same BIRTH gender bathroom or shower because he wants to deny his birth gender and deny all others their rights. This is their reality and the embracing a behavior that even the lower cognitive animals DO NOT participate in. These few are twisting the law. really screwing it up till the laws are a perverted joke and The truth cannot be recognized .

  3. Is there any question that the democrat libs are lying commies? Nope, they cannot win on their merits honestly. Even have to use the intelligence agencies, and lifetime bureaucrats as traitorous stooges for them.

    • By most definitions this is collusion committed by very own employees in our federal government.
      They know Biden is their stooge just like their hero Hussein Obama.


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