Brainwashing Kids To Hate: High School Course On White Privilege Offered In New Jersey

(Gateway Pundit) – A new elective course for high school students in Westfield, New Jersey is being introduced; “Power, Privilege & Imbalance in America.”

Rooted in the Frankfurt school’s marxist-centric “critical race theory,” the class will be “providing curricula that emphasize the role of race in every aspect of American society. Throughout the semester students examine the historical contexts that created the inequalities. Unit topics give voice to groups who have suffered from systemic oppression, and develop theoretical and practical ways for students to deconstruct the power structures.”

Central questions will include: How do we define privilege? How was white supremacy established in American society and in what ways does it continue today? Which social class and ethnic groups benefited the least from the social, economic, cultural, and technological changes in America from colonial times to current day? In what ways has American society been structured to oppress _____________ (insert marginalized group here)?

Students will explore such concepts as Critical Consciousness, Multiculturalism and Diversity, Mass Incarceration and Police Brutality, “Colorblindness” (which is now considered racist), immigration, DACA, Black Lives Matter movement, the writings of W.E.B. Du Bois, “Model Minority” myth of Asians, the creation of whiteness, “The White Man’s Burden,” and more!

Above: Westfield Board of Education, image credit: Roman Chiarello

Union County News, via Tap Into, reports:

Amy Root, the Westfiled BOE’s curriculum committee chair, said the course is meant to replace a previous African American Studies course offered at Westfield High School that stopped when the teacher who taught it retired.

“The purpose of the class is to educate and foster discussion among students about the history of minority groups in America,” Root said, adding that the format of the course was developed within the district.

“I have a high degree of comfort that this is the right circumstance and setting for this type of discussion with students,” she added. “I think it’s a very good thing that we have teachers involved that want to curate those discussions in a controlled format.”

A course content outlines shows that the course addresses housing discrimination, school segregation, incarceration of minorities, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The purpose of this course is to understand the barriers encountered by people of ethnic minorities and how those barriers were created and have changed America,” a description of the class states. “Students will utilize course materials to develop insights as to socio-economic status and the role this classification plays in everyday life in America.”

Among titles included in the list are “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack,” “White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide” and “The Origins of Privilege.”

Basically, blame whitey.

The school board passed the proposal’s second reading at their recent meeting on a vote of 6-3.

Video of the December 3rd board meeting can be seen here. They start the discussion on this course at the 1:10:20 mark. Note the smug arrogance of the board members as they ram the proposal through. Around the 1:24:00 mark starts the public comments. One guy wants to see the course expanded. One of the board members brings up concerns that “critical race theory” can be construed as anti Semitic and racist against Asians. One woman wants to clarify that “critical race theory” opposes the Constitution. One guy points out that all of these guilty white liberals have chosen to live in an area that is 90% white instead of one of the more “diverse” towns. Another asks if books by Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell will be read in the class. Another woman seems to think that stirring up all the hate towards white people is somehow NOT going to get the kids angry at white kids.

Perhaps the most outspoken one pointed out the contradictions in the program compared to what Martin Luther King said in his speeches. We also had the perpetual victim student who just wanted to whine about everything. One black woman points out that when she was a kid, she never faced any racism from her mixed group of friends, but now suddenly racism seems to be everywhere. One woman says that the instructor of the class should be liberal. Another wants the course to be mandatory. One crazed leftist rambles on about how the whole school board is white. A young SJW took to the podium to rant about individualism and white people who have struggled and don’t feel privileged.



    How often does hatred lead to violence ? Versus how often does love / ambivalence lead to violence ?

    In our public schools and colleges students are being taught to hate each other. i.e. victimology.

    Black studies, white privilege, women studies, hate America history, social justice, etc. all are teaching students that they are victims.

    The natural human response to accepting victim status is resentment. Over time resentment turns to hatred and then is very likely to result in acting out or violence. Not in all cases certainly, but apparently in some cases extreme violence ( like school shootings ).

    So, the student is taught that he is a victim. This engenders feelings of resentment. Resentment is a negative emotion. Is there a positive here ? Why are we taking the time money and effort to indoctrinate an otherwise oblivious child to the ( spurious ) notion that he is a victim. If left to their own devices most kids would saturate their day with FIPS ( face in phone syndrome ) trying to keep up with what’s new in music and fashion and acne remedies; but, absent the negative indoctrination, most kids would be healthy happy ultimately shallow people; BUT HAPPY !

    Certainly not resentful until and unless they are given something to feel resentful about. Why would anyone want do that ?

  2. “White privilege” really put me where I am. My parents paid $300.00 for two years at Parks College. Then I paid for my own courses at 7 different colleges. I worked in a canning factory, bucked bales, drove trucks, worked as a desk clerk/night auditor, restaurant manager, did retail sales, finally was a minister and teacher. When I went back to college at age 45 I was working two jobs while doing my grad work I also worked three jobs. So it looks like my “white privilege” was enormous. I am so surprised that I received so much special help.

  3. this is terrible! my grandson would not attend that class! that class teaches HATE! what happened to America’s education system? devil is working hard to destroy our country! this makes me sick to my stomach!

  4. The so called white privilege !

    Among the many memes that the Globalist minions have been putting out there, in an attempt to destroy our country and culture, is the meme of “White Privilege”, which says that because White People are privileged in some undefined way, they cannot understand, or relate to non-whites. On the one hand, these same minions claim we are “All One”, yet, on the other hand, white people, because of “White Privilege”, are different and should be prevented from being a part of the decisions made for all. After all, we are “privileged”.

    The goal of this meme, it seems, is to have White People hate themselves for being White.
    Far Leftists, in my experience, often hate themselves. I’ve never been able to understand why, but they do, just as the children of rich parents sometimes hate themselves because they come from rich families. They cannot seem to accept themselves, or where they came from.

    Some Far Leftists have even called for the extermination of Whites, while being White themselves. Talk about a massive contradiction! They are so confused and self-loathing they can’t even see the contradiction! They are, to put it mildly, irrational. They can’t think rationally, and thus grab onto thoughts put out by others that coincide with their self-loathing; their “feelings”, and put on a mantra of self-righteousness and condemn their very selves, and countless others in the process.

    They want to condemn white people for working hard to achieve their goals. There have been many blacks and other ethnic groups that have worked hard and have achieved the same goals. Look at Asians they are achievers by nature and you never hear any complaints out of them.

    The minions have no one to blame but themselves.

    Pass this on to everyone you know.

  5. If they covered all of black history thru the centuries 4 years wouldn’t be enough to show all the disasters they have achieved.

  6. They need to have a course on how the countries controlled by blacks are doing and that would show what a disaster they have achieved.

  7. They need to have a course on how great the countries controlled by blacks are doing and that would show what a disaster their leadership is.

  8. Actually, reading the course description it sounds pretty good. Teaching kids to question the way things are and how they got that way is a good start for outside-the-box problem solving. How this is actually implemented, of course, will affect the outcome. Someone could theoretically misuse the class, of course, but unlikely.

    • It is unlikely that the public schools system could screw up STEM courses, yet, look where the USA stands in that area!!!!
      How about less to no emphasis on race baiting and brainwashing and concentrate on the STEM subjects and make USA Student’s the absolute BEST in that?

  9. Looks like a good class to discuss the racial imbalance in this country. I am aware that many times I have personally benefited from white privilege. It is good to study the how’s and why’s related to this topic.

  10. Indoctrinating children with the lower standards of education by radical teachers is a crime. This is why we have so many failed students. There should be testing for the teachers to see if they know anything about what they are doing and that it is wrong outright wrong with their liberal teaching to turn chukdren into the uneducated products they produce.

  11. Sounds like a course to hate whitey and that all whites are racist. Very simple. God screwed up and made too many of us Americas Caucasian. We supremacists need to be ashamed for our “whiteness”. It’s all our fault that there are too minorities in jail, not taking responsibility for their families, have high drop out rates, and that most of the Latino countries-Mexico, C. & S. America-are a mess and corrupt and that they want to come here. They also blame us for most of the African countries being s**tholes and that the Muslims have been warring for centuries. Right. I really feel bad-NOT.

  12. This course will really help kids get a better job and be a positive influence in their life? What a bunch of BS. And parents still send their kids to government public schools to be indoctrinated! Pure child abuse!

  13. This is so wrong to let the kids think that this is what America is about. It’s no where near what our history is and I pray that God will stop this constant bashing of our country. We are the greatest country that God put on earth and people in schools should quit telling lies about us. God made all the countries in the world and made them to accommodate one ethnic group on each,then He sent the Europeans over here to settle America and it was made as He wanted but it was the Communists that decided we were going to change what God had made. People are now brought in from all over and it’s done to change our make-up as a country whether God wanted it or not. They now tell those that are brought over to make their own little countries within our country and it’s all done so they can then holler about iniquity,it was never meant to hold every ethnic group as God says in Genesis. God wanted the groups separated so we wouldn’t have this kind of friction that they have now turned to hate. Anyone here can lift themselves up higher it just takes work and that is a good thing as idle hands are the devil’s workshop. God has said that we are all alike in His eyes but knowing man He didn’t want all races crammed into one country so people could then talk about inequality. This is all put into the minds of those that are vulnerable so they can then turn out haters of others.Seems no one wants to face the truth that is in God’s word about man being so quick to cause trouble if it benefits them as dumbed down people benefit the Communists so they can then manipulate all those they have used to be haters and constantly cause division.

  14. Very sick, and certain to create more racial polarization. If I still had a child in school I would opt for a private school, for sure. Worth the money to keep your kids from being indoctrinated into leftist victim ideology.

    • The idea that all whites are wealthy racists who hate blacks is in itself a racist concept. Maybe its time to get yourself out into the real world a bit more.


    • Abolish the Federal Dept. of Education(indoctrination) and have the STATES handle education as it SHOULD be, the Feds should NEVER have taken over education, PERIOD!


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