Both Victims Of This Morning’s Shooting In CHAZ/CHOP Are Underage Black Teens, 16-Year-Old Dead, 14-Year-Old In Critical Condition

(Gateway Pundit) – Black lives matter, right?

As previously reported, there was another shooting in the CHAZ/CHOP “autonomous zone” of Seattle around 3 a.m. on Monday morning — this is the fifth one since rioters took over the area.

Early this morning it was reported that two people were shot, one to the head.

A person who was on the scene tweeted that “2 gunmen in the SUV shot multiple times each after driving into #CHAZ past barricades. Both critical. 2 chop vehicles transported 1 each to ER. I assisted w & rode w 1st victim 2 harborview ED.”

At least one of the victims was transported to the hospital in a private vehicle by the time police arrived.

The Seattle Police Chief confirmed later Monday morning that both victims of the shooting in CHAZ/CHOP were black males.

One black male is dead and the other is fighting for his life.

Update: Both victims are underage teen males.

This is the second murder in CHAZ/CHOP in the last week.

The Mayor of Seattle should be charged with murder for allowing Black Lives Matter militants and Antifa domestic terrorists to set up an “autonomous zone.”


  1. so im reading about this girls soccer team bragging about their treasonous act of dis respecting our country by dropping to their knees, one can only assume they are used to that position. supporting the blm communist based filthy murdering shit bags, then skip to the next headline where the blm led groups shot and killed a 16 yr old and critically wounded a 14 yr old, what does it take to get these idiots attention. groups like blm are destroying america and making more racist than we ever had, it isn’t safe to even sit out in your front yard anymore with out a weapon at ready. and the gun control fanatics think we don’t need high capacity magazines, what a pitiful joke.

  2. America has always had it’s ‘No Go Zones’, they’re just now officially out in the sunlight. Not getting better, getting worse. One should consider themselves lucky not to live in such places like areas in Chicago or Baltimore …….

  3. Underage teens driving around at 3 am. Is that normal behavior for teens in Seattle? Where are their parents? Obviously no supervision led to their fate. BLM sure is a great ‘movement’, right? Total idiots.

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