Border Situation Getting So Desperate, We’re Sending Coast Guard To The Desert

January 3, 2019 3:14 pm  

( – The Coast Guard certainly has a role to play when it comes to protecting the borders of our nation, but, as the name would imply, they typically do so on, um, the coast.

But our country is so flooded with sick migrants who risk their life and limb just to break our laws, that border officials are so overwhelmed they’re reaching out to the Coast Guard to help hundreds of miles away from the nearest coast.

And even the mainstream media can’t turn a blind eye.

As USA Today reported this week, “Hundreds of migrants and their children seeking to enter the U.S. from Mexico are arriving with illnesses, forcing U.S. Customs and Border Protection to seek additional medical assistance and boost medical screenings.”

“The Border Patrol has been receiving assistance from the Coast Guard, which has sent medical teams to the border in the Yuma and Tucson, Arizona, and Rio Grande Valley sectors of the border.”

In case you haven’t brushed up on your geography of the Southeastern United States recently, Tuscon isn’t anywhere near a coast.

The fact that incoming migrants are flooding into our nation with illnesses contradicts the rest of the mainstream media’s narrative that migrants “don’t bring disease.”

“People who oppose immigration often argue that migrants bring disease with them, and that they then become a burden to health systems in their new countries because they’re so sick,” NBC’s Maggie Fox recently wrote. “But that’s not true.”

USA Today is no doubt playing up the narrative that more children are at risk of dying in Border Patrol’s custody, while Fox tries to make the case that we have nothing to worry about. Which is it?

“The ill migrants have been arriving with all kinds of ailments, many with flu or pneumonia that can be particularly pervasive and dangerous this time of year,” USA Today continues.

“Disclosure of the numbers of sick migrants come amid heightened concern about the medical condition of children in U.S. custody,” they continue. Maggie Fox must be somewhere scratching her head.

“Many (migrants) were ill before they departed their homes,” confirmed U.S. Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan to USA Today. In only one week, “the agency reported 451 cases referred to doctors or other providers, including 259 children,” the paper adds.

Whether migrants pour into the U.S. in desperate need of medical attention or not, either way, we need a stronger border. Leave the Coast Guard on the coast and build the wall!

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