BOOM! President Trump Just Hit Liberal Welfare Leeches With AWFUL News

March 17, 2017 11:47 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – For years under the presidency of Barack Obama, there were tens of thousands of people committing welfare fraud on a regular basis, but that is about to change!

President Trump is set to sign a new law that will see many more unemployed Americans subject to drug tests in order to continue receiving welfare benefits, via Fox6Now. Trump is putting measures in place to help stop welfare fraud and punish those who have robbed thousands of dollars from hardworking taxpayers.

This resolution was approved by the Senate last Tuesday after it had successfully made its way through the House of Representatives in February. It will get rid of the old rule Obama implemented, which curtailed the number of people who could be drug tested while on welfare. It effectively meant that only people who were looking for jobs that received regular drug testing would be subject to welfare drug screening.

The resolution narrowly got through the Senate at 51-48 thanks largely to the Congressional Review Act. This act allows Congress to get rid of some federal regulations that were introduced recently by the outgoing president.

The measure had passed through the House 236-189, so it looks like there is a sufficient amount of support for it on both sides.

Now, all that needs to be done is getting the final approval from the president before it goes into effect. While it is believed Trump will sign it, it’s not yet known exactly when this may happen.

Republicans argued that the standing Obama regulation on drug testing gave excess oversight to the federal government on an issue that is more of a priority for the state level.

Some Democrats are already complaining that this new law relies on the stereotype that people who are unemployed are more likely to abuse drugs, but this little sly strategy was not enough to persuade other Democrats to oppose the proposed change.

This is not the first Obama regulation that has been changed under the Congressional Review Act — it is actually the eighth one. Other disposed regulations include a measure that prevented certain disabled Americans who have mental health issues from purchasing firearms.

As soon as this is signed by the president, a new set of regulations will have to be introduced. Many states have said they are interested in increasing the number of drug tests administered, so this could lead to aggressive anti-drug policies.

While many jobless men and women will not welcome this change, it’s what is best for this nation. Too many people are taking advantage of a flawed welfare system, which Obama let grow into an uncontrollable mess, and they are not contributing to society, and it needs to come to an end.

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