Bombshell Report: CIA Operated As Opposition Research Team For Clinton Campaign

May 17, 2018 11:34 am  

( – It is absolutely insane to think that as the Mueller witch hunt drags lifelessly on, despite Democrats squeezing for all it’s worth and coming up empty-handed, there were political agents all throughout the federal government deliberately and intentionally breaking the law for the sake of getting Clinton elected.

And it didn’t even work.

So why has nobody been indicted? Why is no one even being investigated?! The largest political scandal in the history of our nation is constantly being further exposed and yet everyone in Washington seems to want to sit on their hands and drag their feet before ever actually getting anything done.

Look, we elected Trump and we need to stand by him through thick and thin if we want to see his agena continue to be successful–and it’s been extraordinarily successful thus far.

But it is far overdue for us to stand up and demand Hillary and Obama and all their cronies are indicted!!

“Under John Brennan, the CIA operated as an opposition research outfit for the Hillary Clinton campaign,” the American Spectator’s George Neumayr reports. “It appears from leaked news stories in the British press that Brennan’s oafish spying on Trump began around April 2016, right after Trump’s biggest primary victories. As it became urgently clear to Brennan that Trump was going to face off against Hillary, Brennan turned to “intelligence partners” in Europe for dirt on Trump. But they didn’t have any, save some pretty skimpy material on “contacts” between Trump campaign officials and Russians.”

“Whatever Brennan collected was so insubstantial that Robert Mueller hasn’t even interviewed him about it,” he continues.

“Consider that for a second: Mueller was supposedly appointed to complete the counterintelligence probe into Trumpworld, and he hasn’t felt the need to talk to the father of it. Brennan has tried to explain this astonishing discrepancy away by vaguely saying that whatever Mueller needs he could find in ‘“CIA files.’”

How much more proof do we need that the Mueller investigation is politically motivated and the real collusion was happening within our own government? That was literally exactly what Brennan was doing, knowing full well it was corrupt, Neumayr explains:

“Brennan dimly understood that there would be hell to pay if it came out that Hillary partisans in the U.S. government were spying on her opponent’s campaign, making use of opposition research that she had purchased. But Brennan, who was auditioning to be Hillary’s CIA director and choking on his anger at the thought of Trump as president, couldn’t help himself apparently. From April 2016 to July 2016, according to leaked stories in the British press, he assembled a multi-agency taskforce that served as the beginnings of a counterintelligence probe into the Trump campaign. During these months, he was “personally briefing” Obama on “Russian interference” — Brennan’s euphemism for spying on the Trump campaign — and was practically camped out at the White House. So in all likelihood Obama knew about and had given his blessing to Brennan’s dirt-digging.”

This coincides with literally everything else that has slowly come to light with the stones being overturned in this whole Mueller mess. The Democrats can only implicate themselves, and yet continue to fail to find any evidence that Trump worked with Russia or anyone else at all to rig our election.

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