Bombshell: Peter Strzok Failed Polygraph…Retained Security Clearance!

July 12, 2018 5:52 pm  

( – As the evidence continues to mount indicating a blatant bias (at best) in Comey’s FBI indicating clear favoritism of corrupt traitor Hillary Clinton and a weaponized Russia investigation, the agency has a lot to answer for.

And yet, for the most part, we’re hearing crickets out of Washington.

It is an absolute outrage that no one has been indicted for the deliberate rigging of the 2016 election or the continuous assault on the Trump White House ever since.

Someone must pay for this high treason, and yet no one is doing anything.

What on earth is going on?

Peter Strzok, at the very, very least, absolutely needs to be arrested and tried for his open admission to botching the Hillary investigation for the sake of security the presidency for her. It has been well-established that this was his clear intent, and last month’s IG report only served to confirm what we already know.

So why isn’t anyone doing anything?!

The Conservative Treehouse reports on one of the most stunning aspects of the Strzok story that no one is talking about: he failed his polygraph test and yet retained security clearance:

This was discussed during the Rosenstein testimony and overlooked by most.

After Strzok was recently removed from official responsibility within the FBI, his security clearances were retroactively revoked. That revocation was due to OPR review and was a retroactive revocation action initiated by career officials within the FBI to cover-up (ie. CYA) the two-and-a-half years he was allowed to work when he should not have been.

Current FBI officials, including Trump appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray, are covering up the scandal within the FBI in a misguided effort to save the institution.

This is the same reason the FBI hid the Strzok/Page memos and emails away from IG review and congressional oversight.

There is a massive, ongoing, ‘institutional’ cover-up within the DOJ and FBI. These are simply examples highlighting the severity therein. Peter Strzok and his legal team are counting on the need for the institution to be protected as their shield from any prosecution.


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