Bombshell: Georgia Secretary Of State Called On Dominion’s Anti-Trump VP To State’s Defense

( Exclusive) – There is no chance the 2020 presidential election was free of fraud and there is definitely no chance it was, as the mainstream media has asserted, the “most secure” in history.

Allegations of fraud and corruption have been nonstop since the election on Nov. 3rd and the evidence to support these allegations has been mounting at rapid-pace.

Now it looks like the voter fraud plot in Georgia has thickened as Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (pictured above) has been implicated as possibly being involved.

When the state of Georgia decided to make unusual last-minute changes to their vote-counting machines, Raffensperger called on Dominion Voting System Vice President Eric Coomer to lead the defense of that decision.

Dominion is knee-deep in controversy and their shady origins and past don’t help anything. Making matters worse is the fact that Coomer has been exposed as a ferocious anti-Trump activist.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Coomer made a “critical software change” to the machines but this was done “without proper testing or certification by the US Election Assistance Commission.”

Above: Eric Coomer

The changes were made just prior to early voting beginning in the state on Oct. 12. As a result of the change, the state was sued by attorneys who were requesting that the potentially risky machines be replaced with paper ballots.

It was at this time that Raffensperger got involved, calling on Coomer to testify on his behalf in the state’s defense. A decision that Raffensberger may be regretting now unless, of course, he’s in on the fix.

David Cross, an attorney for the plaintiffs, argued that the critical change in the voting counting software brought attention to the vulnerability of the system.

“This is much bigger than we thought,” Cross told District Judge Amy Totenberg. “It’s hard to imagine a more troubling scenario.”

Coomer is clearly a mentally unstable, Trump-hating sociopath. He was exposed in a video from 2017 giving instruction on how to alter votes in the Dominion election systems. According to twitter user @hppyjesusfreak, Coomer is quoted as having said, “Don’t worry about the election, Trump is not going to win. I made f***ing sure of that.”

In 2016, Sharon Meroni from the organization Defend the Vote, inquired Coomer as to the operation of Dominion’s machines and in response he told her that they could be manipulated.

Meroni asked about who could access and manipulate the election systems software and Coomer responded that “Vendors, election officials, and others who should be granted access.”

That sure sounds super secure.

Now, analysis of the results across multiple critical states has shown that hundreds of thousands of votes could have been switched from President Trump to Joe Biden via Dominion’s corrupt and compromised systems.

The allegations against Dominion are serious and until we get to the bottom of it, a winner of the 2020 presidential election must not be declared, though it is painfully obvious, at this point, that President Trump is the real winner.

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  1. To constantly repeat the process using Dominion systems is suicide for the country.

    In 2018 California had massive voter dumps in the wee hours of the morning and the candidates who were winning when we went to bed, long after the final votes were no longer the winners in the morning and the Republicans lost many seats in the House. Fast forward to what we are observing.

    Prior to the election the democrats were telling us what they were going to do when they said that President Trump would be winning late in the night but the votes that would be coming in over night would put Biden ahead. Now again let us remember what Biden said in an interview that Obama had put together a far reaching “voter fraud organization”.

    “On Sunday, Paul issued his speculation in a tweet, also questioning the “vote spikes” that favored former Vice President Joe Biden in the wee hours of November 4th, after voting was mysteriously paused and we all went to bed.”

    The hearing in Arizona was long and VERY informative.

    This is no longer a matter of just voter fraud this is a another massive coup against our country ,our legally elected President and the Constitution. The enemy told us what they would do ahead of time and we had to watch as nothing was done to stop them.

    It is reported by the witnesses that the governor of Arizona was informed about the history via expert witness of the corruption of the Dominion election machines prior to the election yet decided to use the system. The experts who examined the results in PA. and in Arizona both found the application of a weighted count which first can be seen that the voting results are in decimals. If it was one vote per person, how did the voting tally end with decimals. In Arizona they found in the Dominion manual a application that would value votes in percentages, which means that it electronically valued one vote for President Trump as 7/10 of a vote and Biden’s vote as 1 and 3/10 of a vote giving Biden 30 percent of Trumps votes, yet the governor certified the election, but he spent the taxpayer’s money to use them and corrupted the election results. The Governor refused to consider the witness’s massive first hand information of the observed corrupt election process and STILL CERTIFIED THE ELECTION RESULTS AS CORRECT WHICH IS A LIE

    • They got by with it in CA so why wouldn’t they want to use it for the Presidential election.
      You can blame our DOJ – DO NOTHING A$$HOLES!
      The liberals think that laws don’t pertain to them if they don’t benefit their agenda!

  2. If Dominion Voting System lawyered up and backed out of testifying before, what makes Raffensberger think that they will voluntarily come to Georgia and testify for him?!!!

  3. We have been corrupted individuals who have a lot of money and we have corrupted officials that have been bribed . Each of those who partook in such fraud from the top trickle down to the bottom need to put in prison for their corruption and treason . These people put asunder the Constitution of the USA for their own selfish gains .

  4. Chopper Pilot, you are helping the Dem gun grabbers and re-education dreamers with rants like that. Dem fraud needs to be exposed and legal action taken against those involved. Not threats and name calling that play into the Dems hands.

  5. Come on Congress Republicans…. get with the program. Demand recounts, especially for your representatives and take back the House! I bet John James really won his Senate seat. Look into that one you chicken shits!

  6. Chopper Pilot, please take your Meds. Your type of rant helps the Dem gun grabbers and re-education list makers; not those of us seriously concerned over what is happening. We need to keep the Senate and expose this garbage.

    • Art , please lick off like the queer you are. I never ask nor take advice from progressive liberal filth.. Don’t need it , did NOT ask for it .. so lick off queer.

  7. All those involved in this election fraud are guilty of treason and need to be executed. That includes the illegitimate communist ex president Obama. The major crime families of Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Harris for starters, are all guilty of treason, fraud, murder, and sedition. All democrat/communist governors, congress, and senators are to be included in the election fraud arrests.

  8. As I said many times prior to the election, no one with any brains could anticipate to win or would run a campaign as the democrats did with the TWO most disdainful incompetent candidates with a heavy track record of corruption associated with them and the most anti constitutional proposals UNLESS THEY EXPECTED TO STEAL THEIR WAY INTO THE WH. And they did! Biden confess to the crime that Obama was orchestrationg when he declared during an interview that Obama had established the most far reaching voter fraud organization, an NO ONE TOOK NOTICE OR POSSIBLEY TOOK A MENTALLY DECLINING MAN SERIOUSLY. But they want this corrupt mentally declining man as president. The thieves in chief think this is the way to take our country


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