Bombshell: Arizona Election Results Audit Finds ‘Significant Discrepancies,’ Ballots Off By Up To 17.5%, Joe Biden ‘Likely Did Not Win’

( Exclusive) – The currently ongoing audit of ballots that were cast in Maricopa County, Arizona has discovered “significant discrepancies” in the number of ballots versus the number of them that were supposed to exist. Which essentially means there’s shenanigans going on just as everyone suspected from the beginning.

According to a new report published by Infowars, Boris Epshteyn, a political strategist, went on to suggest the discrepancies might be as high as 17.5 percent and then dropped the bombshell that it’s “likely Joe Biden did not win Arizona.”

The Arizona Senate President sent a letter out to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, which addressed some pretty big issues that have already been discovered in the audit and offered to settle them without the need for more subpoenas or any sort of compulsory action.

Epshteyn made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s podcast recently where he stated the letter reveals, “Pallet five, batch 2976, 200 pink slip total, actual total 165. They are missing 35 ballots out of that batch.” He went on to add, “35 out of 100 is 17.5%. 10 out of 200 is 5%.”

“Do you know how shocking that is? 17.5% discrepancy in a batch is beyond belief.” He went on to say, “In one they’ve got 18 more than there’s supposed to be, which is a 9% discrepancy. Again, if we are to have any confidence in elections in this country, how can we possibly be okay with discrepancies of double digit percentages? It’s absolutely mind boggling, anything above a tiny fraction of a percentage is unacceptable, by the way, unacceptable according to the Federal Elections Commission.”

Epshteyn then went on to explain that several databases that were subpoenaed for the purpose of the audit have been removed, which includes files containing election results and how they were tallied up.

“There’s evidence these databases were removed as recently as March, right before handed over, and while being subject to a subpoena. That’s criminal activity,” he said.

“We now know why the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have been fighting this subpoena so hard, why Perkins Coie has come in, why the Democrats are pushing back, why you’ve got mainstream media melting down. Because they’re hiding this. They’re hiding the disaster in which they handled this election, and likely, the fact that Joe Biden did not win in Arizona,” he continued.

The official Twitter account for the Maricopa Arizona Audit, which is being run by Arizona’s former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, has confirmed the discrepancy.

Folks, it’s becoming clearer by the day. The Democratic Party committed widespread voter fraud in an attempt to swing the election away from former President Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden became the next commander-in-chief.

If we value our liberty and way of life, we must hold those individuals accountable who were involved in this fraud, taking action to correct the problems that were exploited for this scheme to work and ensuring that our elections remain free and fair.

Without free and fair elections, our entire way of life collapses.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. Taxpaying, Legal, American citizens wondered about Who in America would ever vote for a career politician with ties to Communism, Corruption, and also has a crack headed son. Gibbeting should be allowed for all traitors that allowed America’s Elections to be corrupted. No American Patriot would ever vote for a Commie Loving, BLM supporting, Police Defunding, Socialist Democrat, EVER. America First should be Supported by all American Politicians, in every political Arena, Forever.

  2. It has ben announced that Bezos is planning o take the first trip in space.

    “In an Instagram post early Monday, Bezos said he, his brother, and the winner of an ongoing auction will be aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft during its scheduled launch on July 20.”

    As far as the majority of Americans would vote, take him and Biden into space and leave them there. That would be a win for America.On the next flight take Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, pencil neck and AOC. and again leave them there .

  3. Here’s the prediction! Biden is done after 1 term or perhaps illness takes him out sooner. Kamala is avoiding the giant border crisis because , she is being set up by the same powers that be to run for President! The Crap she said about Biden in the debates! No other front runner would have chosen her for her slights. The Leftists want her in power next to keep furthering the socialist agenda. The most important thing any one of us can do now, is to get the Republicans we need into office in the 2022 midterms. If not the Supreme Court , the second amendment and perhaps the soul of our nation is doomed !

  4. I admit that i was skeptic at first as to how the Democrats could have pulled off such a massive scale of corruption and deceiT, But folks the evidence just keeps piling up, The only problem we have is getting something done about it we have a Judicial System DOJ that is completely biased, Democrats could care less about honesty and integrity, and a Republican party with NO BACKBONE, And we have a very large portion of the American people with their heads buried in the sand, We have to WAKE UP Those that want to fundementally change our country into something we dont even recognize are in OVERDRIVE moving their agenda forward, We have ONE LAST CHANCE to stop this insanity in 2022, We must get Democrats out of office all across our country that includes county city and state elections, We must remove the RINOS that have taken over the Republican party as well, We cant stand on the sidelines on election day We must start fighting to save this country and take it back from the irresponsible incompetent leadership we presently have all across our country, As a vet that served this country i still believe we live in the most blessed country in the world and i believe its still worth fighting for. But we must be committed to taking a stand against the evil and incompetence that is trying to destroy this nation.

    • It’s not that the GOP has no spine, it’s that they were and are fully complicit in the coup that occurred here. It’s really just that simple. They’re traitors too.

    • If Lindell’s information is as solid as it appears to be, our election in all 50 states was hacked by the CCP and several other foreign countries with help from our Justice Dept and FBI, and millions of votes were changed. If our votes cast on these electronic machines which were online can be changedthen no voter is laws or mail in ballot limits matter at all. If our votes can be changed there is no need to vote at all – voting doesn’t matter. The Dominion and Smartmatic machines must be eliminated or we will never have another fair election. To make matters worse, anyone who thinks the Republicans in Congress are our friends is a complete fool. Name just one elected official in Washington, DC, who has ever even mentioned election fraud. There are none. Republicans are equally as fearful as their Dem counterparts of this disclosure because so many have availed themselves of these machines to get themselves re-elected and/or received kickbacks for helping these companies to sell those machines in their states.DC is corrupt from top to bottom – the elected officials, the appointees, the bureaucrats, the Civil Service employees, etc. We have let the federal govt outgrow the capacity of the people to pay for it. Why else do you think they borrow and print money with impunity? And guess who is to blame? Go look in the mirror. We have failed to hold our representatives accountable. Each of us or at least the great great majority never involves himself in local politics including County Council meetings, tow council meetings, school board meetings, party reorg meetings, etc. We’re all asleep at the wheel. We should all be giving regular email and phone messages to our federal, state, and local representatives telling them what we expect of them. Well this might fall on deaf ears but my wife and I are waking up and getting involved. Gotta say it was Gen Michael Flynn who woke me up. Guys like he and Lindell will never quit fighting for our Country. They inspire me and I stand with them. Visit and see the evidence for yourself.


  6. These treasonous culprits that are polluting our DOJ , FBI and National Media New outlets have spent the last 5 years politicizing our Justice Department in broad daylight and with smirks on there faces . They have framed an American President for Russian collusion and spent 3 years on a phony and illegal investigation . They framed an American war hero and bragged about it on live television while feeling 100% ok about it ! Do you really think that they are not capable and willing to commit massive voter fraud ? Trump should have declared martial law and forced the audit immediately . The DC Democrat political machine has been taken over by facists and communists with a mission to destroy our country . We must STOP them !!

    • BTW, and for clarification…. COLLUSION IS NOT A CRIME IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. It it were, then EVERY agreement, contract, etc. whether verbal or written (car purchase, home, credit card, all of it) would be considered a criminal act. Let that sink in.

  7. When we have “leaders” of the country that have edited God and His values out of their lives, we get the kind of disaster that we are in real time observing with Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Soros, and Biden and his socialist political mafia.
    The stability that president Trump provided has been shattered and we are sinking, but the fools of Biden’s group do not think, if he has the ability to think, that he and his criminal mafia will also go down with the ship.

  8. With over 5000 National Guard troops surrounding the capital for months on end it appears Biden isn’t the legitimate potus . Most reasonable folks know this , the low iq trash do NOT.

  9. When our country was founded traitors were taken to the gallows and hung for treason. Now is the time to take Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and Cortez out to the gallows and hang the traitors.

    • You are right ! I was kicked off twitter because I posted the same thing about Traitors. Nice that someone else is saying this

  10. When our country was founded a number of traitors were taken to the gallows and hung for treason. It is time to take Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and Cortez to the gallows as their just deserts for trying to destroy America.

    • That certainly would be the correct action with an equal justice system. Unfortunately we now have a two tier justice system.

    • Weren’t they waiting the outcome of the Az. audit to see if it was needed to also do two or three other states?

  11. iq it takes a cultists to know one. Someone failed to teach you to respect the President of the United States of America. We are not gullible we are intelligent Americans, you have no iq. It is all over ONE AMERICA NEWS AND YOU CAN SEE WHAT IS GOING ON . THE PROOF THAT OBIDEN DID NOT WIN IS THERE.

  12. Does this mean the thief who robbed and stole the jewels has been caught and now gets to keep them or will they be returned to the rightful owner?

    • Trump is always right , that’s why today’s low iq progressive liberal trash hate his guts and anyone who disagrees.
      Is that a fair statement ?

    • lol you cultists are so guillable you believe anything that would put the orange cheeto back in office lol lol

    • Yeah, low iq is a mere child, oblivious to rational thinking. The low information drones like iq are just haters, and screamers, and safe-space stooges of the dumb kind.

    • Right, as we all watched the numbers CHANGE on national tv during the ongoing election. Faux news declared bidumb the winner of VA, while the chryon at the bottom of the screen was showing Trump UP by a mere 16.8%. An insurmountable lead, yet declaring Trump lost the state? That was the moment I knew the fraud was happening. That was at 8:50 p.m. on 3-Nov-20. CNN MOVED 20,000 votes from Trump to Bidumb on subsequent notifications on screen. WE HAVE SCREEN SHOTS TO PROVE IT. The list is absolutely endless showing the fraud and treason committed. But, don’t believe your lying eyes. 300% turnout is just another Tuesday in many precincts across the country. More votes cast than registered voters is not indicative of fraud. 67% error rate is not indicative of fraud, when the legal allowable limit is .0004%. And the list is quite literally endless.

    • You are correct John. Trump EVISCERATED Bidumb in the most epic landslide in US history. He made the most corrupt human being in memory look good. That is WHY the fraud is so easy to expose. There was SO much needed to overcome the epic disaster there was no time to cover it up. That continues now. Thousands have earned their time before the firing squad, which is what the Constitution of the United States lays out as punishment for TREASON.

    • Hey !!!! Low IQ !!!! Do you REALLY think that ANYTHING you post is taken seriously here ???? Your the same source of laughter now as when you posted here using a different name. Your STILL a nobody. I gotta axe y’all a question. What do you actually think your accomplishing by posting your propaganda here ???? Other than making an ass out of yourself more and more. Chopperpilot definetly has your number kid….


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