Body Language Expert On President Trump’s SOTU Address: “You Can Honestly Say” That The Democrat Party Has Fractured!

February 11, 2019 9:40 am  

(Gateway Pundit) – The body language expert – “Body Language Ghost” – reviewed President Trump’s 2019 SOTU. What she discovered is that the Democrat Party is in tatters.

The Body Language Ghost on YouTube studied Congress during the 2019 SOTU speech given by President Trump. What she found was not surprising. Vice President Mike Pence comes across as a really good guy. Overall, many of the characters were very stressed at the event (perhaps because of the rift the Democrat Party has created in their attacks of the duly elected President Trump?).

But one item that stood out was the makeup of the current Democrat Party. The Democrats have never been so far left. They are now open socialists. This showed during the SOTU. According to the body language expert (see starting at the 18 minute mark) just after President Trump says that they all will govern as ‘not as two parties but as one nation’:

And there you go, you start to see the split. So they stand up. They don’t all stand up. We’re not seeing the police, that church police that gives you the cut eye when you’re doing something that doesn’t go with the congregation’s doctrine!

You can honestly say that the party has really just split. It might have fractured into many or two. We don’t know. Some that are extreme, some that are moderates, and some that are extreme the other way, the personal ones the normal people, the lunatics.

The Democrats now have far – far left socialists and far – far left Trump – Russia lunatics and far – far left politicians who don’t know that they’re one or the other or both. What a messed up political party!

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